Unique Natural Gifts Under $35

Are you looking for a special gift for someone special that will stand out from the rest? Check out some cool and unique natural and eco-friendly gifts for your loved ones that will make an impact. Also, make sure to tune into Daybreak this Thursday to see us talk about them!

Yarok Hair
Yarok’s focus is to make the greatest positive impact on hair and scalp health with the least negative impact on the natural environment. Whether it’s their packaging, product formulations or day-to-day operations, their strategic partnerships are dedicated to supporting environmental causes. The Yarok Fun Bun Hair Accessories are perfect for sexy, versatile and classic updos and are make from 25 percent recycled plastic. The set features nine tortoise shell easy-to-use hair pins to help achieve great hair in mere minutes.  www.yarokhair.com

Finn + Emma
Finn + Emma features fresh prints, modern colors, and heirloom quality construction to create a new world for the organically grown baby. In this world boring designs and toxic chemicals are a thing of the past, and adorable, wearable, remarkable organic cotton is abundant. Make sure to check out their beyond cute toys that have that that handmade look your loved ones will treasure. www.finnandemma.com

Design Ideas
There’s a special delight to finding value or beauty in something others overlooked. For over 25 years, Design Ideas® has been seeking out recycled, repurposed and sustainably-produced materials to create the re:generation™ series of fun, functional, affordable and fashionable products that provide just that sense of satisfaction. Their Rover The Doodles Dog is a fun, handmade stainless steel dog with ingenious joints that enable him to strike any pose. He’s perfect to sit upon a desk to brighten up a workspace. www.designideas.net

Nummies are easy therapy wraps and pads that deliver therapeutic most-heat to relax sore joints, warm up muscles and help with everyday tension and stress relief. They can also help to calm headaches and and clear up sinus congestion. They are made from a mix of natural white rice and give a natural moist-heat. Due to the water in the grain, rice is a bacteria/mold-free grain and contours to your body for total comfort. Also, the slipcovers are 100 percent cotton/flannel fabrics, sustainable and eco-friendly. www.nummie-dreamdesigns.com