Natural ways to beat the heat

As the temperatures continue to rise, you may feel like the the heat is consuming you and affecting how you feel as well as your appearance. Not to fear, there are simple strategies you can take to rehydrate and feel refreshed and renewed. Check them out and make sure to check us out this Thursday on Daybreak to see us chat about them!

Hot Tea
No, this is not a typo, you are actually reading that hot tea can help to cool you off. It may surprise you, but various cultures such as British and Indian cultures, drink hot tea in very warm weather to cool off. In fact, when you drink hot tea the receptors in your tongue called the TRPV1 receptor get a heat signal and then send a message to the brain to cool the body off. There are many hot teas to check out to refresh yourself during the summer including yummy peppermint, chamomile, rooibos and nettle. One amazing tea that we have found is the Pukka Love Tea. It features a combination of organic rose, chamomile and lavender to warm your heart.

Superberry Hydrating Mask
You can give your skin soothing relief from excess sun by creating a superberry hydrating mask. This intensely-hydrating masque features a variety of potent superberries to cool and rehydrate even the driest skin. Simply take 4 tsp of natural clay and mix it with acai and goji berry power and a touch of water to make a paste. Add a touch of coconut oil to your mixture and apply to the skin. The powerful antioxiants in these berries feed tired and sun-dried skin to give it new life. I

Electrolyte Replenishment 
Electrolyte is a “medical/scientific” term for salts, specifically the ions that your body needs to function at its best. If you are out in the sun a lot, it is important to replenish your electrolytes. You might think that your best bet is common sports drinks, but they can be filled with chemicals, refined sugars, food dyes and artificial flavorings. The good news is that you can find natural options or even make your own electrolyte drink.  Lemon Recharge is a great option. Their ingredients help provide clean essential energy and hydration, muscle recovery and antioxidant support. If you want to make your own, simply take a half cup of lemon juice, a half cup of orange juice, honey, 1/18 cup water and a few tablespoons of coarse salt and mix to make your very own electrolyte drink.

Wheat Germ and Avocado Oil Hair Conditioning Treatment
Wheat germ oil, otherwise known as “triticum vulgare” on labels, is a very nutrient-rich plant-derived oil that contains longer-chain fatty acids and saturated fatty alcohols such as octacosanol, and vitamins and minerals. It is especially valued for its high content of tocopherols (Vitamin E), known to provide many health benefits.When used in combination with avocado oil, which also contains vitamin E and proteins to soothe frizz, it can give sun-damaged hair much needed nutrients. To make your own your own hair mask, just mix equal parts wheat germ oil and avocado oil and apply to your hair to help rescue it from the effects of the sun.