Natural products for after sun care

We all know the importance of protecting our skin while outdoors, but what do we do AFTER we are out in the sun to protect our bodies? The good news is that there are an array of natural products that can help us restore and renew after a long day playing under the rays. Check out some of our favorites and make sure to check us out this Wednesday on Daybreak to see us talk about them.

Internal After Sun Strategies
There are a variety of easy products that you can take internally to help you to recharge and renew after a day in the sun. According to WebMD, research has found that Vitamin C, Vitamin E and selenium, can help protect and nourish skin and reverse some discoloration and wrinkles after sun exposure. In fact, according to Karen E. Burke, MD, PhD, of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine’s department of dermatology these powerful antioxidants work because they help to speed up our skin’s ability to repair.

Unsightly sun spots can be another consequence of being out in the sun. These little brownish marks can tar our complexion and cause us to look older. While some only slather on creams to fight sun spots, you can fight them internally as well. Beets contain betacyanin, which gives them their color. This powerful antioxidant helps to fuel the body and also helps fight sun spots. You can get the nutrition of three red beets by drinking a shot of Red Ace, a groovy new organic beet performance supplement.

External After Sun Strategies
One thing that everyone craves after a long day in the sun, is a great all-around lotion. Mountain Ocean’s Skin Trip original coconut moisturizer smells and feels like a beachy vacation in a bottle. It’s extremely fast absorbing, non-greasy formula featuring coconut oil, aloe vera and lanolin soothes, protects and quickly replenishes needed moisture to dry skin and is perfect to soothe on after a day in the sun.

Looking to use something that you might already have handy? Try making your very own Aloe Vera mask made from your very own plant. Simply cut off a plump leaf and cut it open to apply directly to the skin. Aloe gel has anti-inflammatory benefits and has been used since ancient Egyptian times to soothe burned skin. You can even combine your aloe with a little honey to make it go on smoother. Also, honey contains natural antihistamines that can help fight the itchy feeling that comes with a sunburn.

Disclosure: For information only. Please consult your individual health care provider for medical advice.