Natural products for dry hair and skin

When the seasons change it can be particularly hard on our hair and skin. Thankfully, there are natural products that deliver much needed moisture to help produce luxurious, silky hair and soft, glowing skin. Make sure to tune into Daybreak September 30 to see us talk about them!

Did you know that beer is great for dry hair? It’s true! BRÖÖ is an unique product line that utilizes the nutrients from beer to heal and nourish your hair. BRÖÖ  is the super drink for hair because it is filled with B vitamins, proteins and minerals to make your hair strong, healthy and shiny. Special beer blends like the volumizing pale ale help to strengthen hair and give a weightless gloss that you’ll love. Plus products are color-friendly and 100 percent vegan.

Since 1912, SheaMositure has been creating products to help nourish the skin and hair. Every one of their eco-friendly and organic formulas harness the healing power of Shea Butter and additional healing nutrients straight from Mother Nature. Their Olive Oil and Green Tea products contain the healing power of vitamin E and Fatty acids to hydrate, repair and heal skin.

Life-flo Pure Hazelnut Oil
Hazelnut Oil has excellent penetrating abilities and emollient qualities to moisturize and soothe skin and hair.  It contains Vitamin E, phytosterols, and linoleic (Omega-6) essential fatty acid to help rehydrate and replenish dryness. You can soothe it into skin and also use it on hair to help to fight dryness, produce shine and manage fly-aways. Also, try using it for body massage and as a great addition to lotions and creams. Cold pressed and food grade.

Beetroot Supplements
Beetroot supplements (simply the roots of beets) contain powerful nutrients specifically for the skin and hair including  carotenoids, manganese, proteins and vitamins  to help maintain skin elasticity and  glossy hair texture. It can also help with dry scalp due to it’s anti-pruritic properties. Simply mix it with a little apple cider vinegar and soothe into the scalp to help with dryness and itchiness.

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