Natural fixings for Thanksgiving

Prepping for the holidays can be super hectic and unhealthy. Thankfully, there are some natural, nutritious and tasty options that can make you feel better about feasting over Thanksgiving. Check out some of our favorites and check us out on Daybreak this Thursday to hear us talk about them!
Red Bird Farms
Red Bird Farms has been providing fresh and natural chicken to the people of Colorado since the 1940s. Since it’s inception, Red Bird Farms has grown to a regional brand with plants in both Phoenix and Denver. As they have grown, Red Bird Farms has maintained its commitment to quality and integrity and has forged a commitment to raising chickens without the use of antibiotics or animal byproducts. For the holiday season, look for Red Bird Turkeys that are free of added hormones or steroids.

Frontier and Simply Organic
Spice up your holidays with organic, high-quality herbs and seasoning from Frontier and Simply Organic.  Good spices can make a dish or a dessert, or even a entire meal, really pop. This time of year people who go “all in” and start using different spices to make a special meal. Frontier and Simply Organic are different because spices are not irradiated like all the other brands. In fact, spices are steam sterilized, which involves sterilizing them in a vacuum chamber which allows sterilization to happen at lower temperatures. In turn, this process ensures quality, preserves natural flavor and provides maximum effect on your meal.

Rudi’s NEW Gluten-Free Savory Herb Stuffing
Any holiday table simply isn’t complete without the stuffing, and now everyone can get in on the good stuff—even if you’re gluten-free. Rudi’s NEW Gluten-Free Savory Herb Stuffing is made from our Original and Multigrain bread and carefully seasoned with savory herbs and spices to create a flavor so festive…a taste so tantalizing…a texture so tempting that no one will ever know the gluten’s gone. Plus, it’s ready in just 5 minutes.

Happy Cakes Denver Holiday Pies
Happy Cakes is best known for their amazing cupcakes (ranked #8 in the nation by the Today Show!)  that are made every morning, from scratch for sale that day. They use natural ingredients with no preservatives, and these delicious cupcakes are best enjoyed immediately! But, many don’t know that they also make delicious pies using premium ingredients that are perfect for the holidays! You’ll find apple, cherry, pumpkin, sweet potato pie all for $18/pie. They need 48 hour notice to place an order and they are open the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Plus, another great thing about Happy Cakes is that they are Certifiably Green, which means they make a special effort to recycle, conserve water and use less energy.