Natural back-to-school essentials

It’s time to start shifting from summer to back-to-school mode. Get this school year off to a great start by giving your kids all the natural essentials they need. Here are some fresh ideas for you to pack a healthier, delicious lunch and natural ways to boost focus and concentration. Check it out and check out Daybreak this Thursday morning to see us talk about them.

Healthy Lunch Essentials
Build a nutritious lunch that your kids will want to eat by opting for tasty natural products. Start with seeded bread packed with whole grain goodness, protein and fiber. Rudi’s Organic Bakery sprouted breads offer the nutrients you are looking for with the soft, tasty texture you crave. Next, choose lunch meat that is free of antibiotics and no added nitrates or nitrites.One of our favorites is the Natural Honey & Maple Turkey Breast from Applegate. The subtle sweetness and juicy flavor make it a great choice for kids. Instead of using boring cheese, for older kids try opting for an exciting natural spread like the Basil Pesto from Ciolo or Pimento Cheese Spread from Ciolo to give sandwiches more zing. Next, put together your own dry fruit mix that is easy to pack. Some of our favorite dried fruits to use include papaya, mango and dried berries. The Bare Fruit 100% Organic Bake-Dried Mangos are a delicious and healthy dried fruit that tastes fantastic and is easy to eat on-the-go. In place of potato chips, try some healthier chips from Snikiddy. Their Eat Your Vegetable chips taste great and  contain a full serving of vegetables in just one ounce. Make sure to check out the new Eat Your Vegetables with Kale that is hitting the shelves in August.

Natural Lunch Packing Essentials
Once you have your great lunch, you need something to put it in. Find an easy divided stainless steel container such as the Seriously Safe Stainless Food Container with Divider that is perfect for lunch boxes. It features a dishwater safe container that makes cleaning a breeze. Plus, it is a non-leaching product, which means no chemicals, no toxins, no plastic taste and it’s resistant to stains and corrosion. To refrigerate school lunches, check out Crocodile Creek Eco Kids Lunch Box Ice Packs. These reusable lunch box ice packs keep food cool and fresh and are non-toxic and BPA free.

Natural Supplements for Focus
The Bach Flower Remedies is a natural stress and emotional relief, safe enough for children. The Bach Flower Remedies for Kids help children deal with everyday fears, daydreaming, self-esteem, worries, depression and self-acceptance. Other great natural supplements to help kids focus are Kroeger Plumbum (means lead) and New Light Kit. These products encourage the body to naturally remove toxins, like lead, to help improve concentration.