Healthy after school snack ideas

Now that the school year is in full swing, the kids are coming home from school ready for an amazing after school snack (no pressure!). Fuel their growing bodies and minds with delicious, healthy natural products that they will love!

Gluten Free Bistro – Bistro Bites
It can be challenging to find healthy snacks that kids like, especially when you are going gluten-free. Bistro Bites are small pizza bites made with a signature flour blended into a mini deep dish pizza. They utilize a secret combination of eco-farmed brown rice, whole-grain sorghum, buckwheat flour, tapioca flour and organic coconut flour to deliver an amazing tasting gluten free crust. They are the only gluten-free product with rBST/rBGH free cheese and 100% whole grain flours.

Healthy Snack Time Quesadilla
Another quick and healthy idea is to make your kiddos a delicious peanut butter, honey and banana quesadilla. Simply take about three tablespoons of your favorite Wild Oats Marketplace Peanut Butter, spoon in a tablespoon of local honey, add some banana slices, spread on the inside of a whole wheat tortilla and fold in half. Your kids will love it and you will love the price of Wild Oats products! You’ll find affordable natural and organic options from Wild Oats at your neighborhood Walmart!

The Original Cosmo’s Classic Ranch with Veggies
Did you know that classic ranch can be full of artificial flavors and preservatives? No so with The Original Cosmo’s Classic Ranch. This stand-out ranch is hand crafted in small batches in Colorado and made with the freshest natural ingredients.  Try serving it alongside an array of raw vegetables as a delicious and healthful snack. Not only is the ranch great, but your kids are also getting valuable enzymes from the raw veggies that are lost in the the cooking process.

Bare Snacks
With Bare Snacks, you get a whole lot more when you add a whole lot less. Just like the philosophy of too many chefs in the kitchen, Bare Snacks believes that too many ingredients can take away from what they like to call bare bliss. That’s why in their amazing baked fruit products you’ll find 7 ingredients or less, ingredients you can pronounce and nothing artificial EVER. Best of all, their special baking process enables the natural sugars on the fruit to crystalize for the best tasting dried fruit out there!

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