Five different ways to use apples to improve your health

We all know the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but not many people have ever stopped to explore all the things that apples can do to promote good health. For instance, did you know that apples can help with inflammation and digestion, cleanse the liver, promote weight loss, kill bacteria and much more? Here are five different ways to use apples to cleanse, nourish and heal your body. Some many surprise you! Also, make sure to tune into Daybreak this Weds as we discuss the powerful ways to use apples to improve your health.

First, please note that it is always best to utilize organic apples because of apples tendency to absorb pesticides. Beyond the pesticide residue on the actual fruit, the amount of pesticides (it is estimated 1.2 billion pounds are used across the U.S. each year) put us at risk for ground and water contamination. A recent study from the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology discovered a disturbing link between pesticides in tap water and food allergies.

Grated Apple
Grated Apple, sometimes referred to as “Apple Poultice” can be utilized externally to soothe inflamed areas of the body.  Simply grate the apple and apply to inflamed areas such as sprains and swollen eyes (you put it over closed swollen eyes, not in eyes) and wrap with a cloth to hold in place.  The fruit fiber, or pectin, and flavonoids from apples helps to fight inflammation. You can also eat fresh apple poultice to help soothe digestion.

Apple Juice
Organic Apple Juice can be used to cleanse the liver and remove old waste. Make sure to purchase real, organic apple juice or make your own. This is not the light colored apple juice cocktail from juice concentrate that is often mistaken for authentic apple juice–check the label and make sure that the only ingredient is organic apples and not added sugar or chemical preservatives. The malic acid in apple juice helps to gently detox the liver and gallbladder. It is even thought to bond with metallic toxins such as lead and aluminum and to help dispel them from the body.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar can be used for everything from salad dressing, cleaning, a healthy tonic and even to heal the skin. Made from whole organic apples, aged in wood, Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar is raw, unfiltered, undiluted and contains no preservatives. Plus, a 16 oz bottle costs just $3.49! Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, in 400 BC treated his patients with natural apple cider vinegar for it’s powerful cleansing, healing and germ fighting qualities.

Apple Skins
The peels of raw apples can be saved and used to prepare a wonderful tea. Simply, simmer your apple peels in a cup or two of water and then drink the liquid. You can add a little cinnamon and honey for taste if you like. According to Jeanelle Boyer and Rui Hai Liu from Cornell University, apple skins contain phytochemicals and quercetin, which can be linked to a reduced risk for cardiovascular disease, asthma and diabetes.

Lots of people are looking for healthy ways to drop a few pounds before spring. One idea is to utilize applesauce as a replacement for sugary desserts. It is light, satisfying, nutritious and has the creamy texture that we often associate with desserts. Simply purchase individual cups of organic applesauce (make sure to check out the cinnamon apple version which tastes great!) and eat it every time that you feel like a sweet treat. Not only does applesauce contain potassium and vitamin C and have few calories and no fat, studies show that the pectin in apples helps to naturally suppress your appetite so you feel full.