Everyday essentials for Earth Day

Looking for easy ways that you can go green and help protect the planet? Check out some Earth Day essentials that make your life easier while helping to conserve our vital resources for Earth Day and beyond!

eCo-cover Phone Cover
The eCo-ver is the first “rubber-like” compostable smartphone cover made from non-gmo corn and wheat. It is manufactured in the US and offers a green alternative from the synthetic materials found in other phone covers. Plus, it works well, too! The smooth and durable design protects your phone from falls and is easy to grip. www.eco-bundance.us 

BETTER LIFE Cleaning Products
BETTER LIFE products were developed by a formulations chemist dedicated to driving forward a line of green products that work well and are good for people and the planet. To this end, they set out with a mission to create  high performing cleaning products that are completely safe for families. Check out their amazing Starter Kit that features some of their top selling products and microfiber cleaning cloths.

USB Cell Rechargeable Batteries
This genius battery offers a simple way to recharge batteries so that you can use them hundreds of times. To charge, you simply plug them into any USB port so you can keep on using them! There is no charger needed! www.usbcell.com

Q&Q Smile Solar Watches
Turn light into energy with this simple and stylish solar watch that is fun and virtually maintenance free. There is no battery to charge and the watches are made using recycled materials. Plus, the company is dedicated to giving back so you are getting a green watch and helping people at the same time! https://www.smile-qq.com/en