Detox Your Hair and Skin for Summer

Are you looking for natural ways to revive your hair and skin just in time for the warm weather? Check out these easy-to-use products that help to cleanse, feed and replenish to detox your hair and skin for summer.

Aviva Advanced Hair Nutrition
This drug-free supplement helps to nourish your natural hair growth cycle for longer, healthier and stronger hair. It contains 18 essential nutrients like Biotin, Vitamin B5, Folic Acid and Zinc to help your hair reach its full potential by improving texture, increasing shine, and reducing shedding.

Acure Argan Oil Products
Argan oil provides an easy and versatile way to detox both hair and skin naturally. Argan is super rich in Vitamin E, proteins and essential fatty acids to help to fight aging and repair damage. You can find it in a oil to put on hair or skin or even in handy cleansing towelettes and you can take on the go to gently remove dirt, sweat, makeup and environmental toxins from your face and body.

NatureWorks Swedish Bitters
NatureWorks Swedish Bitters is the legendary herbal digestive blend that was originally developed in the 16th century. It contains a number of “bitter” herbal extracts like myrrh, carline thistle, camphor, valerian and cinnamon to help to detox the body, improve digestion and aid in overall health. Since good digestion and skin health are so closely intertwined, Bitters can help give your body a boost internally when it comes to beautifying the skin. Intestinal problems can often surface as rashes, acne, wrinkles and dull hair.

Hyland’s Cell Salts
Cell salts are 12 mineral salts found in our cells that were first discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler in the late 1800s. Taking cell salts helps to feed our bodies on a cellular level and correct mineral imbalances in the body. You can replenish and restore these essential minerals by taking a supplement like Bioplasma Sport that features all 12 salts—or you can take them individually depending on your needs. When it comes specifically to hair and skin, Silicea Cell Salt (one of the 12) helps revive connective tissues to nourish brittle skin and hair.