Natural perfumes and fragrances

According to the Environmental Working Group, an average of 14 chemicals secretly lurk in common fragrances; some of which have been linked to hormone disruption and allergic reactions while others have not even been assessed for safety in personal care products. Thankfully, there are natural options that smell delicious and feel good on your skin. Check out some of our favorites and tune into Everyday this Monday to see us talk about them.

ZENTS products are a sensual choice that feature the purest ingredients like organic shea butter and nourishing botanicals like chamomile and green tea. Each product is carefully crafted without parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl/eth sulfate, propylene glycol, or dyes. We especially love the romantic Eau de Toilette scents. Crafted with love, each Eau de Toilette is a liquid memory of life’s most cherished experiences. Drawing on the powerful connection between scent and memory, the scent intertwines with each dear moment in your life, capturing your journey like a memoir, becoming yours and yours

Aura Cacia
Balance emotional and spiritual energy flow with Aura Cacia. These essences, tied to each of the seven chakras, can be used alone or combined with others depending on which chakra centers need to be balanced. The beautifully alluring organic essences also double as unique perfumes. Use them to create a personalized aromatic style.

Herban Cowboy Cologne
For the guy in your life, or even for those adventurous girls out there, check out Herban Cowboy Cologne. Their Dusk scent is sexy, classic and earthy while being free of harsh dyes and synthetics. The company has taken special care to design products to be nourishing to the skin, effective and eco-friendly. This amazingly versatile cologne is also vegan, 100 percent US made and recyclable. Make sure to check out the soy print on the cool recyclable packaging!

Kuumba Made
Devoted customers have been enjoying Kuumba Made’s precious fragrance oil, herbal healing products and botanical body care products for 30 years and counting. They gather herbs, resins, plant extracts and essentials oils from around the globe to create distinctive full bodied and complex blends. You’ll find clean, rich, pure scents that are long lasting. In fact, just a few drops goes a long way. Try layering the scents to create your own signature fragrance.