Vitamin D3 Key to Fighting Cancer?

A landmark study conducted by Creighton University School of Medicine found that one singular vitamin may be a key to preventing cancer. The four-year study, conducted between 2000 and 2005, followed 1,179 healthy postmenopausal women from rural eastern Nebraska.

The study found that participants who took calcium and a large dose of vitamin D3—nearly three times the US government’s Recommended Daily Amount (RDA)—showed an amazing 60 percent (yes 60%!) reduction in cancer risk compared to women who did not take the vitamin.

“The findings are very exciting. They confirm what a number of vitamin D proponents have suspected for some time but that, until now, have not been substantiated through clinical trial,” said principal investigator Joan Lappe, Ph.D., R.N., Creighton professor of medicine. “Vitamin D is a critical tool in fighting cancer as well as many other diseases.”

Additional research is needed to further substantiate the findings and determine if the positive results apply to other demographics.

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