Best natural frozen foods

When it comes to stocking your freezer with tasty products, make sure to add some natural foods to the mix. Not only are they easy to prepare when you are short on time, they are also a healthy choice because they are free of artificial ingredients. Here are some of our favorite natural freezer finds to look for and make sure to tune into Daybreak to see us chat about them.

EVOL Foods
EVOL, or love spelled backward, is a line of carefully crafted foods that tastes as delicious as they are convenient. The company started by producing the first deli-style burritos created for the grab-and-go section of grocery stores, convenience stores and universities. Besides making the burritos taste as fresh as possible, they also focus on utilizing natural ingredients including rBGH free cheese and sustainably and humanly sourced proteins. Today, EVOL is known not only for their superstar cast of burritos, but have also expanded into meals, flatbreads and pizzas.

Engine 2 Foods
THE ENGINE 2 DIET was created and implemented by Rip Esselstyn, a former world-class professional tri-athlete and the son, grandson and great-grandson of renowned physicians, after he discovered the dangerously high cholesterol level (344!) of one of his fellow firefighters at the Austin (TX) Engine 2 Station. The results of his revolutionary, plant-based diet were so dramatic – and the food so delicious and easy-to-prepare – that Rip started a food line. Make sure to check out their new delicious veggie burgers in stand-out blends like Curried Lentil and Poblano Black Bean. You’ll find them in the Whole Foods freezer case. Yum!

Boomerang’s Handheld Aussie Pies
Boomerang’s offers a fast-casual experience with a unique product. Aussie meat pies are handheld, flaky pastries filled with delicious meats and vegetables and are an Australian favorite. Hours of preparation go into creating each pie to ensure the best product is immediately available to hungry customers. The light, flaky crust is made from scratch and only the freshest vegetables and ingredients are used.  Products do not contain trans-fat, artificial flavors, colors, MSG or preservatives and they use only unbleached, untreated flour when making their delicious dough.