The Important Healing Benefits of Bitters

Healing Bitters Drink RecipeDoing a lot of cleaning at home these days? How about doing some internal cleaning as well?! Maybe you should consider integrating the healing benefits of bitters!

The old saying “you have to take the bitter with the sweet,” may have deeper meaning than first thought.

For thousands of years the healing group of bitter herbs has helped promote good health. Particularly, the healing benefits of bitters can combat the negative effects of American diets focused too much on sweets.

What are Bitters?

Bitter herbal remedies can vary, but commonly utilize naturally cleansing herbs traditional to liver and blood cleansing. Some examples are Dandelion, Blessed Thistle, Artichoke, Orange Peel, Yarrow, Gentian, Fennel, Ginger, Chamomile and Wormwood.

You can utilize any or all of these herbs in a variety of ways. From teas, tinctures, capsules, elixirs or tablets, you can enjoy the benefits that bitters offer in whatever way you find to be most convenient and effective.

How to Use Bitters

Bitter formulas passed down throughout the ages are often used in the dietary supplements you see on your health food grocery store shelves. The 19th century apothecaries utilized the powerful intestinal comforting benefits of these bitters in cocktails and mixed drinks. Throughout the ages, these bitters found their way into many drink concoctions and medicinal configurations to help prepare the palette and digestive system for optimal digestion.

What Can Bitters Do For Me?

Many bitter herbs provide ample anti-inflammatory properties, to help relieve bloating and swelling within the body. For instance, orange peel and dandelion assist the body in lowering blood pressure and help balance cholesterol, boosting healthy cholesterol levels. Dandelion also works with the bodies’ chemistry to help reduce or even eliminate the factors that cause acne and PMS. The herb Fennel provides aids digestion and is known to reduce anxiety, respiratory issues and depression.

Bitters to Fight Parasites

Bitters can also be helpful when it comes to fighting parasites. While it is common knowledge that our pets can have parasites, people can get them, too. And, unfortunately you don’t have to travel to an exotic place to get parasites. Thankfully, nature has given us tools we can use to fight these unwelcome guests. Bitters are antiparasitic, which means that this group of herbs naturally removes parasites and the harmful toxins that they emit in the body. If you are interested in delving more into removing parasites, discover how you can get rid of parasites.

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The Best Bitters

Bitter herbs are widely available in easy-to-take solutions. Two products worth checking out that boast high ratings and a track record for success include NatureWorks Swedish Bitters and Herbal Bitters from Urban Moonshine.

We love NatureWorks Swedish Bitters because of the healing history of the product. In fact, NatureWorks Swedish Bitters has been utilized by millions of Europeans and is a favorite herbal elixir.

Herbal Bitters from Urban Moonshine is gaining a powerful reputation for producing a quality product that makes a healthy difference. It inspires your body’s own production of digestive juices and enzymes and helps keep healthy blood sugar levels in the normal range. 

***We provide information, not medical advice. Remember to speak with your health provider before adding any new herbs or supplements to your daily routine.

Detox Your Hair and Skin for Summer

Are you looking for natural ways to revive your hair and skin just in time for the warm weather? Check out these easy-to-use products that help to cleanse, feed and replenish to detox your hair and skin for summer.

Aviva Advanced Hair Nutrition
This drug-free supplement helps to nourish your natural hair growth cycle for longer, healthier and stronger hair. It contains 18 essential nutrients like Biotin, Vitamin B5, Folic Acid and Zinc to help your hair reach its full potential by improving texture, increasing shine, and reducing shedding.

Acure Argan Oil Products
Argan oil provides an easy and versatile way to detox both hair and skin naturally. Argan is super rich in Vitamin E, proteins and essential fatty acids to help to fight aging and repair damage. You can find it in a oil to put on hair or skin or even in handy cleansing towelettes and you can take on the go to gently remove dirt, sweat, makeup and environmental toxins from your face and body.

NatureWorks Swedish Bitters
NatureWorks Swedish Bitters is the legendary herbal digestive blend that was originally developed in the 16th century. It contains a number of “bitter” herbal extracts like myrrh, carline thistle, camphor, valerian and cinnamon to help to detox the body, improve digestion and aid in overall health. Since good digestion and skin health are so closely intertwined, Bitters can help give your body a boost internally when it comes to beautifying the skin. Intestinal problems can often surface as rashes, acne, wrinkles and dull hair.

Hyland’s Cell Salts
Cell salts are 12 mineral salts found in our cells that were first discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler in the late 1800s. Taking cell salts helps to feed our bodies on a cellular level and correct mineral imbalances in the body. You can replenish and restore these essential minerals by taking a supplement like Bioplasma Sport that features all 12 salts—or you can take them individually depending on your needs. When it comes specifically to hair and skin, Silicea Cell Salt (one of the 12) helps revive connective tissues to nourish brittle skin and hair.


Easy spring cleansing

With springtime just right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to do a little internal spring cleaning. Learn ways to detox the digestive system, remove toxins and use foods to cleanse and heal. Also, make sure to check us out on Daybreak this Thursday when we talk about these products.

Digestive Cleansing
One simple way to clean out your system is to cleanse the digestive track. Check out Lily of the Desert’s Aloe Herbal Stomach Formula with certified organic aloe vera and trusted herbs that have been known to help maintain overall healthy digestion. This Stomach Formula works with your own stomach acid to maintain a healthy pH balance while offering relief from occasional heartburn and acid indigestion.

Tools to Remove Toxins
You can also utilize supplements to help clear the body of metals and toxins. Supplements such as Swedish Bitters, Metal X, Dyna Pro NIT and Chlororhyll help to remove various environmental toxins and stimulate the body to heal. Swedish Bitters combines bitter herbs to stimulate the body to remove waste, while Metal X contains a blend of  pumpkin seed, okra, rhubarb,  cayenne, peppermint and dulse to support the body’s natural resistance to heavy metals.

Using Foods to Cleanse
Beyond supplements, you can utilize foods to cleanse your body. Soups provide a great base for a cleanse because they are easy for the body to digest. Try replacing your dinner meal with soup for an entire week to encourage the body to remove toxins. Make sure to choose a natural soup and drink plenty of water.  Another idea is to integrate a raw meal into your daily routine.

If you are looking to try a dedicated cleansing diet, consider the ancient Seneca Indian Cleansing Diet which is a four-day diet designed to rid the body of toxins. During the cleanse, drinking pure water and utilizing organic local veggies and fruit is encouraged.

Day #1
The first day of the diet focuses on cleansing the colon by eating all the fruits that you want except for bananas.

Day #2
The entire second day of the diet is devoted to drinking herbal teas to remove built up toxins and mineral deposits from the system. Avoid stimulating teas like black and green tea.

Day #3
On the third day you can eat all the vegetables that you want. This helps to replenish beneficial minerals that the body needs.

Day #4
On the last day of the diet, you drink a vegetable broth all day to continue to deliver beneficial minerals to the body and feed the lymphatic system, nerves, blood and glands. Make your own broth with veggies such as cabbage, broccoli, carrots, onions and tomatoes.

Please note: Since everyone is different, check with your healthcare provider before cleansing or adding any new supplement.