How I Attract Love, Protection and Success with Crystals

Hi all! I’m Chelsea, Founder of the Natural Products Network! I consistently meet people who want to attract love and success with crystals. This doesn’t surprise me as using crystals correctly can have amazing results.

I’ve been very fortunate to grow up with some of the world’s most prominent wellness experts. This has given me a lifetime of experience learning the best ways to use crystals and stones to enhance my life.

I love using crystals and stones because they are inexpensive and effective and help build my intuition, instincts and bring powerful energy to help me achieve my goals.

I use crystals and stones regularly (especially now!) to drive my passions and purpose forward.

How Rose Quartz Protected Me

This story demonstrates the power of crystal healing and might make you want to delve further into the possibilities of using crystals in your own life.

The story goes like this: Years ago, my energy aligned with two matching rose quartz crystals. I attracted these rose quartz crystals because I was seeking love, self fulfillment, protection and new opportunities.

This is one of the most important aspects of crystal healing. Your stones need to choose you!

This may seem difficult to grasp, but it’s easy to attract the right crystals once you know how. 

Later, I was involved in a horrible car accident that could have easily taken my life, but I miraculously escaped, nearly unscathed. While cleaning out my totaled car, I discovered one of the rose quartz crystals in the heaps of metal and broken glass. It was completely intact.

After the crash, I was guided to find the twin crystal and I located it in one of my purses.

I know that these rose quartz crystals helped provide me with the protection I needed at the time. Notice that there is nothing fancy about these stones, nor were they expensive. That is another thing I love about crystal healing, simple stones can be very powerful. The key is to align the right crystals with your energy, goals and intentions. 

Attract love and success with crystals

How I Attract Love and Success with Crystals

I also use crystals to attract new career opportunities. In fact, using crystals helped opened up the opportunity for me to appear on TV segments all over the country speaking about natural products and wellness. To date, I have appeared on well over 100 TV segments.

Sometimes when I am looking for an answer with my business, money or to just need to unblock energy I use crystal meditation to help me.

Recently, I’ve used crystals and stones to meet new people to bring new love, romance and friendship into my life.

I’ve also used crystals and stones to find beautiful soulmates along the way.

My life experience has shown me that I can use crystals and stones to attract so many positive things!

However, I know that I’m very lucky because I grew up learning the core rules and steps to using crystals and stones from the ancient teachings.

Do You Want to Learn How to Use Crystals for Beginners?

It can be frustrating because there is SO MUCH crystal information online, but most of what I’ve seen is misleading or downright wrong!

I’ve talked about using crystals on various TV segments and found that these are some of my most popular segments. People are intrigued by crystals and stones…even if they have never used them.

After years of being asked about crystals, I’ve decided to teach the core principles and steps that I’ve learned from some of the world’s top experts.

For instance, there is a VITAL first step you need to take for your crystal success! This is crucial to get you started in the right direction!

Learn all the key secrets and steps to using crystals and stones from my lifetime of experience. 


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