Upcycled Jewelry

Looking for unique, eco-friendly jewelry that will make an impact? Upcycled jewelry turns forgotten and discarded products such as guitar strings, used skateboards, antique dice, naturally shed deer and elk antlers and even aircraft materials  into new beautiful, jewelry that is better for the environment. Check out some of our favorite, original (and affordable!) pieces from Colorado designers.

ReVibe Upcycled Guitar String Jewelry
Founded in 2011, the guitar strings needed to make the jewelry comes from local music stores that instead of throwing the strings in the garbage when working on an instrument, toss them in a bin so that the jewelry artist can utilize them. Known for the beautiful coil shape, the “gold” strings used in the jewelry are phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings and the “silver” strings are nickel/stainless steel electric guitar/bass

Dancing Elk Designs
Since 1989, Jeff and Jyan Sorensen of Dancing Elk Designs have been creating jewelry using naturally shed deer and elk antlers. Their design technique enhances the natural shapes, colors and textures of this unique medium. Each piece of jewelry reveals the best quality of that slice of antler. Additional design elements include stones, porcupine quills, sterling silver and goldfill accents. Dancing Elk Designs on Etsy.

Mukee uses reclaimed skateboard decks as the foundation material in jewelry and belt buckles. Each piece is a dynamic one-of-a-kind expression and vibe of the skateboard. The unique distress found on each piece serves as a reminder of the original item and gives it more flair. You’ll find cool earrings in various shapes and sizes including stick, raindrop and pear. Shop MuKee at Etsy.