Reasons to eat more raw foods and easy ways you can get some, today

Most Americans are familiar with the general makeup of the food pyramid. We have been taught what the FDA deems “appropriate dietary standards” since we were young, but in the past decade, there has been increasing controversy over exactly where the FDA’s recommendations are coming from. Many health professionals and vegetarian advocates argue that meat is not an essential part of a healthy diet, and even accuse the Food and Drug administration of making recommendations based on monetary gain and not on actual scientific facts.

Regardless of the controversy in congress, and whether you choose to eat animal products or not, it is difficult to deny the fact that eating more raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds is anything but beneficial to your overall health. Read how incorporating more raw foods into your daily diet can  make you feel better.

3 Reasons to Eat More Raw Foods, Today

1.Weight loss – By trading the processed foods in your diet for more natural, raw foods, minor to noticeable weight loss is inevitable and usually a welcome perk to this dietary change.

2.More nutrients per bite – We’ve all heard that cooking our vegetables depletes their nutrients. Before steaming those carrots, try eating them raw. Dip them in a little bit of hummus and reap the nutritional benefits.

3.More nutrients means more energy – By eating more raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, instead of processed foods laced with sugar, modified ingredients and unwanted fat, raw foodies experience a new found energy in lieu of their usual afternoon crash. Many raw food converts find that they no longer need coffee or soda to give them a boost of energy, and even confess that their headaches, body aches and digestive issues have all subsided.

Try this recipe for a deliciously energizing raw food smoothie:

In a blender, add:

-1 banana

-a handful of seasonal, organic berries

-a few cubes of fresh pineapple

-2 skinned kiwis

-a handful of fresh, organic spinach

-a handful of fresh, organic Kale

-1/2 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice

-1/2 cup of carrot juice


By: Dayna Copeland Schaef