Probiotics and prebiotics for better health

When we think of bacteria, we often think of the bad bacteria that can make us sick. However, there is actually good bacteria that can help us feel our very best. According to the Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide,  a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that you can treat and even prevent some illnesses with foods and supplements containing certain kinds of live bacteria known as probiotics. Benefits include curbing pathogens (harmful microorganisms), helping aid digestion and increasing immune function. Prebiotics work in tandem with probiotics to fuel positive probiotic growth. Here are some of the most exciting pre and probiotics products on the market today (there is even Pizza!). Check us out on Daybreak this Weds as we discuss these awesome products!

GoLive™  Probiotics
GoLive features a distinct combination of probiotics and prebiotics to have an impact on the body’s digestive, metabolic and immune functions. GoLive products are freeze-dried and packaged in foil to keep the probiotics in stasis until time of consumption. This preserves the bacteria until you are ready to consume them and ensures that the number of colony forming units added at the time of manufacture are still viable (and, in fact, growing) at the time of consumption.

NUDE Skin Care
Developed by Bono’s wife Ali, NUDE features n-probiotic™ which helps to trigger the skin to produce its own anti-aging ingredients, including collagen, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. The probiotic works symbiotically with three complimentary cell nutrients – a prebiotic, peptide and flavanol – for optimized cellular activity within the skin. We especially love the clarifying product (for around $25) that helps to decongest  the skin. Try using it within your current beauty routine after cleansing.

GoodBelly’s delicious organic fruit juice drinks deliver a powerful daily dose of live and active probiotic cultures of Lactobacillus plantarum299v, a patented probiotic strain formulated for daily digestive health. GoodBelly’s probiotic strain survives the stomach’s acidic environment in order to reach the rest of the intestinal tract. GoodBelly Probiotic Drinks are available in several great tasting varieties and unique flavor combinations and are always dairy-free, soy-free and vegan.

Nature’s Plus
Nature’s Plus provides probiotic supplements for both kids and adults. Animal Parade® Tooth Fairy™ Children’s Chewable is a new supplement with live M8 probiotic cells, L. acidophilus, tooth-building vitamin D3 and calcium, and xylitol to support dental health. Nature’s Plus, Ultra Probiotics is an adult supplement that provides maximum strength, full-spectrum support. It’s nutritionally designed to support healthy digestion and overall well-being. Plus, the ViaShield guarantees self viability at the time of purchase.