The Best On-The-Go Products

We are so excited to introduce you to products carefully designed to make eating, drinking and snacking on the go a breeze! Kid Basix by New Wave Enviro features a full line of eco-FUNctional™ food and beverage products made of durable, environmentally friendly materials like stainless steel.

Products are easy to clean and offer lock-in-place lids to protect food and drinks. Not just for kiddos, the Safe Sporters and Safe Snackers are great for any active adult on-the-go.

For instance, we love to use the Safe Snacker to stash a healthy daily snack. Developing a small habit of carrying around a snack in your workout bag or purse can save you tons of money. Plus, it helps you to eat healthier during your busy day!

Kid Basix Products come in vibrant colors to coordinate with each family member to get you quickly out the door. The line includes a Safe Sippy Cup, a Safe Sippy 2, a Safe Sporter 12 oz, a Safe Sporter 16 oz, a Safe Snacker 23 oz, a Safe Snacker 13 oz, and a Safe Snacker 7 oz.

Safe Sippy

Stainless sippy cups, so basic, yet full of unique features that make the cups easy for your little ones to hold. The Safe Sippy 2, the first convertible sippy to a straw cup.

Safe Sporter

Stainless water bottles with easy-pull sport tops in two convenient sizes, 12oz for the little ones and 16oz.

Safe Snacker

Favorite features include a single flap collared lid that is easy to open and close, lid attached on one side, and won’t get lost, the lid is also removable for easy washing, stainless steel base, and silicone gasket. Check out the video to see the products in action!

About New Wave Enviro

New Wave Enviro was established in 1993 with the idea of providing high quality water filtration products. The company focuses on sustainability, knowledge, quality, and customer service. From stainless steel food containers to spa-experience shower filters, New Wave Enviro has something for everyone.