Attract Money and Success with Natural Remedies

How to Attract money and success with natural remediesChelsea here, Founder of the Natural Products Network :) Using natural remedies to attract money is one of my primary areas of study. In fact, it’s something that I’ve studied nearly my entire life. 

Unfortunately, many who want to use natural remedies to attract money and success have already encountered wrong info or methods.

The focus of these wrong methods always revolves around changing your mindset, manifesting money or thinking about the law of attraction.

While it might sound great to simply wish for money and have it drop into your lap, there is more to it than just thinking about it.

So how do I know how to use natural remedies to attract money and success?

Well, I was fortunate to grow up learning from some of the world’s most prominent natural wellness experts.

This was long before an Instagram feed, when healers and wellness pioneers were driven by an authentic desire to help people and not by a desire for fame.

I’m so thankful to study with various masters and experts and share these teachings!

The Basics of Using Natural Remedies to Attract Money and Success

The first thing that you need to know about attracting money and success is that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Also, you need to know the key element is ALIGNMENT.

I know that this is a confusing idea for all who have heard “gurus” claiming that once you think about money the “right way” it will simply come to you.

In my experience and research, this isn’t the case.

I’ve found the key to attracting money is to focus on your own individual path and use natural remedies to enhance, heal and propel you on your OWN powerful road to success.

This is when you create the most powerful synergy and alignment with your money.

Now you might be thinking: hey that sounds like work, I just want money to fall into my lap…NOW!

It might be hard to believe, but getting money that isn’t aligned with you can be really destructive to your life, happiness and future.

The Truth About the Wrong Kind of Money…

Did you know that many lottery winners actually go broke and/or regret that they won in the first place?

While it might seem great to suddenly find yourself with a lot of money, when the money does not align with your purpose, potential and greater good it can actually bring you down.

Another example of the wrong kind of money is money that is gotten by illegal means or shady activities. Now you might be thinking that you would never do anything truly illegal to get money, but sometimes we find ourselves pushing moral boundaries when it comes to getting money.

I know that if you are reading this, you might be in a hard place and need money NOW to make ends meet.

Please do not be discouraged by what I’m sharing, as aligning your money and success with your integrity, path and purpose is not difficult…nor does it take a lot of time!

Using natural remedies to attract money

A wonderful thing about natural remedies is that simple tools can be super effective. You just need to find the right tools for you!

At the same time, natural remedies are often judged too harshly. It’s like “I did that once and now I’m not immortal…I guess natural remedies don’t work.” Wait a second! Give natural tools and methods a chance to work for you!

Start by thinking about how you feel about money. What are the emotions that come to your mind?

Quickly write down the emotions that you feel surrounding money.

Now think about what you love doing, think about your talents and everything about you that makes you the wonderful person you are.

Sadly, we are often brainwashed to only think of our supposed flaws!

Push yourself to recognize your strengths, what you are good at, and what you bring to the table. Now, jot this down. Make this exercise quick and simple.

You might feel so beat down that it is hard for you to think good things about yourself. Many people feel like this at this moment. Take some time to delve in and rediscover yourself. You got this!

Once you write down your emotions about money and your unique strengths, you have created your roadmap.

Now, use this roadmap to identify the right natural remedies to help you align YOUR STRENGTHS with money and success and fight negative emotions or MONETARY BLOCKS.

Natural Remedies to Attract Money: Healing the Pineal Gland

Although I don’t know exactly what emotions you wrote down about money, I have a good idea that your emotions revolve around fear.

Fear of not paying bills, fear of not having enough money to live, fear of not being in control…

Living in fear paralyzes us from realizing alignment and obtaining abundance.

However, I have found that healing the pineal gland can be an amazing way to combat fear and take back control.

You might have never really thought about your pineal gland. If so, you are not alone.

The truth is that science doesn’t fully understand the pineal gland or the true impact it has on our bodies.

However, what science DOES know is that the pineal impacts important elements of our mood, awareness and intuition.

The Pineal and Our Inner Self

Particularly, scientific studies have found a link between the pineal gland and mood and stress disorders.

Basically, what science says is that the interplay of dopamine within the pineal gland has an impact on how we feel.

Interestingly, the Pineal Gland is the only other part of our body beyond our eyes that perceives light.

Melatonin is also produced by the pineal gland, which affects our sleep patterns, internal rhythms and hormones.

The pineal gland is often referred to as the “third eye” and thought of as an important center for intuition, emotional wellness, grounding and perception beyond visual sight.

I’ve found that healing the pineal can have an immediate and powerful positive impact on my confidence to make money.

What is even more fascinating is that the actual pineal gland is often depicted in ancient art as an all-knowing eye. Here is a photo of a cross section of the pineal gland within the brain next to art that it seems to have inspired.

When the pineal gland is “closed,” or not functioning properly, it can result in a feeling of confusion, a lack of perception, fear and overall stress.

Thankfully, there is a lot of natural ways to heal and activate the pineal gland and in turn activate our alignment.

Healing Your Pineal Gland

So how does one ensure that their pineal gland is in good working order?

People refer to healing the pineal gland as “decalcifying the pineal,” which means to remove excess fluoride from the pineal gland.

There are different natural methods to help your pineal gland.

Raw organic apple cider contains malic acid that works to detoxify the pineal gland.

Also, foods high in chlorophyl such as dark leafy vegetables help to detox the pineal.

Another way to positively impact the pineal gland is through focused meditation. Simply visualize bright lights of blue and yellow swirling at the center of your third eye as a healing meditation for your pineal.

Herbs known to detoxify the pineal include milk thistle, ginkgo biloba and guta kola. Make sure to check with your doctor before starting a new supplement.

Also, take a look at the beauty, bath and oral care products you are using and consider products that feature non-toxic, natural and fluoride free ingredients.

Lastly, you might opt for a high quality, but affordable water pitcher that reduces fluoride and toxins in your drinking water.

Once you work on your pineal gland, you might notice a positive shift in your stress and fear about money.

Cleanse and Detox to Align and Attract…

Chances are that when I asked you to write down what you love about yourself, you struggled or immediately thought instead about what you do not like about you.

Often, we are so programmed against ourselves that it can make it difficult to find our passion, purpose and power.

Think about it: How can you attract that money and success you desire if you don’t love yourself or recognize your strengths?

Cleansing and detoxing can really help to get back in touch with your inner strength, resources, drive and determination.

I’ve found that doing my favorite parasite cleanse really helps me to get my motivation and self-love back.

Often, when I feel stagnant and stuck in my life it is because my body is actually stagnant and stuck!

When I need a cleanse and detox, symptoms might include a backed up digestive system, dull skin and hair, bloating, fatigue, fuzzy thinking and trouble concentrating on tasks.

Also, I’ve found that another common symptom I have when I need a cleanse is not having the right amount of self confidence about my work.

And the great news is that cleansing does not have to be difficult. In fact, harsh cleansing and detox diets can actually do more harm than good!

The fact is that you should never feel deprived, hungry or weak while cleansing or detoxing your body. And even if you get through a harsh cleanse you are bound to over-indulge once you are finished…

It’s like, “Give me an extra cheeseburger NOW!”

How does starving yourself and then overeating cleanse or detox your body?!

That’s why I recommend a cleanse the facilitates a constant state of healing that makes you feel GOOD both during and after the cleanse!

Simply doing a gentle, yet effective cleanse can help you rediscover yourself and find “ah-ha” breakthroughs when it comes to your money and success!

It can also help you get back in touch with those positive qualities you just wrote down about yourself!

Energetic Tools for Money and Success

Another easy natural tool that I’ve found to help me effectively align my path and purpose with money and success are crystals and stones.

I’ve found that just about anyone can learn how to use crystals, and you don’t have to be a ‘healer” to use them.

Keep in mind, several cultures utilize crystals in powerful ways dating back thousands of years.

Plus, you don’t have to invest in an expensive course, pour through ancient books or try to build elaborate crystal grids to learn the right approach.

If you are thinking that crystals and stones are too “out there” for you to take seriously, there is scientific evidence of how crystal power works.

I’m sure that you have heard of the quartz moment in most watches, but never really thought much about it. Quartz crystal watch moment depends on crystal energy.

This is the piezoelectric effect.

While the piezoelectric effect doesn’t completely describe how crystals energize our life path and purpose, it gives us a scientific glimpse into their raw energetic potential.

When it comes specifically to using crystals to align your power and purpose, there are Seven Steps to Crystal Success

I can introduce you to the EXACT roadmap to fully understand how to use crystal to clear energetic blocks, energize your monetary goals and create alignment.

I especially love to use crystals to help me build my intuition when it comes to money and opportunities.

The key is to learn the components of frequency healing and specific crystal methods. Sometimes you have to unlearn all the crap that is found online about crystals…there is so much wrong info out there!

Once you learn the right techniques it can make a HUGE difference in what you get out of your crystals and stones.

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Complete Crystal Healing Guide for Beginners

Discover Crystal Healing for Beginners. This is the #1 Guide to How to Use Crystals and Stones! Learn the EXACT Steps from a Crystal Expert with a Lifetime of Experience…

Hey all! I’m Chelsea, the Founder of the Natural Products Network!

For nearly my entire life I’ve studied natural wellness including how to use crystals and stones to attract the right energy to my goals, break negative patterns and get on the right path.

I’ve found that crystals and stones are a powerful way to attract success, love, new career opportunities, prosperity and more!

In fact, I use crystals to help me attract more TV and media appearances…which ironically includes appearances where I actually talk about crystals!

Here is me on one of my most popular TV segments talking about crystals for love and romance.

I have appeared on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC and THE CW sharing information about natural products and wellness strategies. Pretty cool, right?!

However, when using crystals and stones it is important to know what you are doing…

Unfortunately, nearly all the online crystal information I’ve come across is JUST PLAIN WRONG.

I realized that there wasn’t an easy-to-follow guide that teaches the exact steps for crystal success—so I decided to create one!

So how do I know these exact steps to crystal success?

Not only have I studied with prominent wellness experts, I have had the rare opportunity to study with crystal gurus who are truly masters in this field.

These are true leaders who represent an authentic approach to crystal healing. I am fortunate that I have been able to learn this vital crystal healing information firsthand…it’s something I have been studying nearly my entire life!

Discover the Ancient Secrets in Seven Targeted Steps

I’m so excited to bring you this complete and easy-to-follow guide on how to use crystals and stones to attract what you want in life.

It is out of a true passion and purpose that I created this guide to using crystals and stones to attract success and abundance.

It honors the dedicated experts I have learned from in my life and my own experiences attracting success, romance, new career opportunities, money and more using crystals and stones!

What is Included in the Seven Steps to Crystal Success

The Seven Steps to Crystal Success is the most efficient and complete way to learn the crucial information you need to succeed with crystals and stones!

This digital course is fast paced, exciting and easy to implement in your own life! I promise you, no “woo-woo” or “out-there” language, just real world and complete steps based on decades of learning and results!

I’m so thrilled about the initial feedback I’m getting and how people are using the course to attract new positive outcomes! Here is an example of the feedback I’m getting!

“I used crystals for years, but never really knew what I was doing! Wow, what a difference it makes to actually learn how to use them effectively! I especially love learning how to attract the right crystals to ME for my goals! Here are two crystals that have come to me since learning how to attract the right crystals and now I’m getting more new deals and business! I love it!” – Kathy E.

The course covers all the Seven Steps to Crystal Success and includes four downloadable guides within the course that you can use to propel your crystal healing forward:

How to Set an Intention Step by Step Guide – Learn how to set an intention within your crystal practice. Most people miss key aspects of this, which makes it impossible to get results.

Cleanse, Detox and Align Crystal Energy – Learn how to prepare your crystals before you use them and align them with your own goals. Your crystals must be aligned to YOU to get the best results.

Clearing Energy Chakras – Learn a modern approach to clearing energy chakras to remove energetic blocks. Removing energetic blocks is instrumental to getting un-stuck and on your path.

Money Magnet Crystal Energy – Find out how to use your crystals to shift and create positive energy surrounding money. It is very important to learn what to do AND NOT DO when using crystals to attract money.

The Seven Steps for Crystal Success is the COMPLETE crystal guide for beginners. Click here to See The Seven Steps to Crystal Success Now!

Find out how to get started with crystals and stones even if you are a total beginner!

Build Your Intuition and Fuel Your Positive Energy Toward Reaching Your Goals

♥Learn exactly how to use crystals in seven complete steps including the ancient insider secrets you won’t find elsewhere!
♥Find out how to use crystals and stones to build your intuition to fuel your results!
♥Discover how to use your crystals and stones to remove negative energetic patterns holding you back.

Learn the KEY Secrets of Using Crystals and Stones You’ll ONLY find in this guide:

♥Find out why you need to be VERY CAREFUL about giving and receiving crystals and stones.
♥Find out why going to a crystal “expert” for a reading could be the worst thing you can do and HOW TO BE YOUR OWN EXPERT! Seriously!
♥Learn what to do if you are using crystals and stones and it’s NOT WORKING and how to easily readjust your practice!


Find out the INSIDER crystal secrets from my lifetime of crystal experience.

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How to Use Crystals to Attract Prosperity

Chelsea here, Founder of the Natural Products Network. One of the most common natural wellness questions that I get asked is, “How do I use crystals to attract prosperity?”

This is a great question because most of the online crystal information I encounter is either too advanced for a beginner or it is just plain wrong.

In fact, sadly most of the online information I find even goes against the energetic principles of using crystals and stones.

Why Crystal and Stones Are One of My Favorite Healing Tools

I love using crystals and stones because they are inexpensive and effective and help me attract so many great things into my life!

Thus, I’m excited to share the vital information you need to use crystals and stones.

This crystal information comes from a lifetime studying with experts and from my own powerful experiences attracting success, romance, new career opportunities, money and more!

The Most Important Rule for Using Crystals to Attract Prosperity

When most people first get started with crystals and stones, they spend countless hours googling various stones to discover ones that “have qualities” for whatever they want to attract.

For instance, people might google “money stones” and then purchase stones that they find online.

This is the completely wrong approach as this can actually lead you to acquiring a bunch of stones that aren’t really resonating with you or your purpose.

Also, a lot of times, people have conflicting energy around what they want, which can make googling various stones even more confusing.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t buy stones to attract prosperity online…what it means is that you need to be clear about your goals BEFORE you begin to find the stones and crystals for your purpose.

You might think, “Well my purpose is that I just need money…I’ll just google stones for that.”

Wanting money is never a purpose…it is a RESULT of a purpose. Do you see the difference?

How to Use Crystals to Attract Prosperity Into Your Life…

In order to use crystals to attract prosperity, you first must have a clear intention of your purpose or intention.

This is where MOST PEOPLE miss out on the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of using crystals and stones.

Your purpose or intention matters and it has to be clear and non-conflicting before you begin!

For instance, if you don’t really know how you want to get money or what is a good way to get money for your greater good, you lack the right energy and understanding.

I think that is where the phrase “Crystal Clear” really comes from! You need to be very clear with yourself and the universe to empower and utilize crystals and stones.

Unfortunately, most crystals guides fail to teach this! I’m dedicated to giving you the specific information you need to be successful with crystals and stones!

Sharing the Ancient Secrets in Seven Targeted Steps

I was lucky to grow up with some of the world’s most prominent natural healers. I started attending healing classes with my mom when I was just a kid.

Since then, I have devoted my life to studying and advocating for natural products and natural healing.

I worked hard to create a guide that is as concise and straightforward as possible, while delivering the KEY information for success.

I’m so, so, SO excited to share the Seven Steps to Crystal Success with you!

Here, you can learn the exact steps to using crystals and stones. Even if you are a complete beginner! Here I am talking about crystals and stones on one of my popular crystal TV segments! I find it funny that I used crystals to help me manifest talking about crystals ON TV. So cool!

Start Immediately in the Right Direction…

Most people have absolutely no idea where to begin with crystals and stones. Thus, it’s common to spend time shifting through random information online and never actually find any real guidance.  Your time is valuable and you deserve the right information right now so that you don’t have to keep searching for it!

  • Find out how to get started with crystals and stones by setting an intention. This is trickier than you think UNLESS YOU KNOW THIS KEY INFORMATION!
  • Learn what to do and what TO AVOID if you want to utilize crystals and stones to attract money or love.
  • Learn why common practices like building crystals grids are NOT EFFECTIVE and more effective ways to use crystals and stones!
  • Discover how you can get your stones and crystals to CHOOSE YOU to help you with your goals. This may seem hard to grasp, but it will make perfect sense once you read the Seven Steps guide!

Understand How to Build Your Intuition and Attract Success with Crystals and Stones

It is important to harness crystal energy and align this energy to attract what you want. After all, how can you use crystals and stones to attract anything if they aren’t even aligned with your energy?!

  • Find out how to align your crystals and stones with your own unique energy. I HAVE NOT SEEN ANOTHER CRYSTAL GUIDE TEACHING THIS VITAL STEP!
  • Learn how to meditate with your crystals and stones and use them to clear stubborn energy blocks to reach your goals.
  • Learn how to use crystals and stones to tap into your intuition and uncover the answers you ALREADY have within!
  • Discover how to use your crystals and stones to create an energetic shift to REMOVE NEGATIVE PATTERNS in your life AND DEVELOP POSITIVE PATTERNS INSTEAD.

Learn Key Info Only Found in the Seven Steps!

It’s disheartening to me that so much crystal wisdom has been lost over time, so I’m happy to share what I have learned to keep the valuable ancient secrets alive!

  • Find out why you need to be VERY CAREFUL about giving and receiving crystals and stones.
  • Find out why going to a crystal “expert” for a reading could be the worst thing you can do and why YOU are BETTER than an expert!
  • Learn how to integrate other common natural healing tools into your crystals and stones practice.
  • Learn what to do if you are using crystals and stones and it’s NOT WORKING and how to easily adjust your practice!
  • Get FOUR PRINTABLE GUIDES and a wealth of insider knowledge that you’ll ONLY find here!


Do you want to learn how to use crystals and stones?

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Since 2009, Natural Products Network has been a vital source for information about easy natural ways to improve your life. We have appeared on over 100 TV segments on major networks, worked with more than 300 natural product companies and reached more than 10 million people.

What we have found is that most online crystal courses are very cumbersome, overwhelming or just don’t offer the specific information people need to succeed with crystals. That is why we put together a targeted guide to helping you use seven key steps to integrate crystals into your life THE RIGHT WAY.

Our founder, Chelsea, has a lifetime of experience in natural healing including how to utilize crystals and stones effectively. Here she is on the Everyday Morning Show talking about using crystals for love and romance.

This is just a fraction of KEY information you’ll learn in Seven Steps to Crystals and Stones Success . . .

Wondering how to get started with crystals and stones? Learn how to properly get started by setting an intention. This can be more tricky than you think!

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Discover key secrets that you can utilize get your stones and crystals to CHOOSE YOU and WHY YOU DON’T NEED EXPENSIVE CRYSTALS OR STONES TO GET RESULTS.
What to NEVER do if you want to utilize crystals and stones to attract money.

Where to place crystals and stones, how to wear them and how to meditate with them for success even if you are a complete beginner.
How to quickly identify if a crystal or stone is attuned to your energy and how to FIX IT if it is not.
Read inspiring stories about how people like you have used crystals to achieve their goals.
How to DETOX YOUR BODY while you CLEANSE YOUR STONES for the best results (don’t worry the detox and cleanse is easy to do!)

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