5 Secrets to Younger Skin Giveaway

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Lemon Water

You probably know that hydration is important for healthy skin, but did you know that drinking lemon water can enhance the positive effects? Lemon water is loaded with Vitamin C which removes toxins and fights free radicals. Instead of coffee, try drinking an invigorating cup of hot lemon water in the morning a few days a week. Another little known secret is that drinking hot beverages on a hot day can actually help cool the body off due to the receptors in our tongues!

Bentonite Clay

Nothing feels quite like a bentonite clay mask on your face! This pulsating mask goes deep into the pores to remove impurities and has been used for centuries to promote beautiful skin. Bentonite is a naturally occurring volcanic ash chalk full of a high concentration of minerals including silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and potassium. Make sure to mix the clay with a little apple cider vinegar before applying to your face to get the best results. Users report that they have cleared long-term adult acne and other annoying skin issues with bentonite clay!

Skin Microbiome

You probably are thinking…what is a skin microbiome? Simply put, this is the healthy bacteria that lives on your skin. This may be a new concept to you, as many of us our taught to rigorously clean our faces. Turns out that we need healthy bacteria and probiotics on the surface of our skin in a similar way that we need healthy bacteria in our gut. Lately, an array of targeted probiotic products for the skin are starting to make a mark.


Not only is yoga a vital tool for overall health, it is also a wonderful way to increase circulation to the face for a healthier complexion. In fact, the term “yoga glow” is a real thing as simple inverted exercises can improve circulation for better skin elasticity and tone. Plus, you don’t have to be a yoga pro to get the benefits. Start with beginner postures like forward-fold and downward dog to get the blood flowing.

Collagen and Resveratrol

Have you wanted to find a clinically-proven, yet natural way to fight aging? Collagen and Resveratrol are two beauty-breakthrough ingredients that are game-changers when it come to natural beauty. As we age, we experience the gradual decline of collagen, which is found abundantly in healthy skin and joints. Biocell collagen is a premium collagen complex that helps renew components of skin’s precious collagen matrix for NEW results. Resveratrol, found in red grapes, rejuvenates skin on a cellular level to activate the ‘longevity’ gene. This provides unparalleled protection against the effects of cellular aging.

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