Natural love life enhancers: Ways to boost your libido without a prescription

by: Dayna Copeland Schaef

There seems to be a pill for everything, these days, from insomnia and obesity to restless leg syndrome and while there are some ailments that surely warrant a doctors prescription, other health issues can be solved with everyday products found on the shelves of the neighborhood grocery store.

One such ailment that often times can be cured with a natural remedy is a low libido. This might not necessarily seem like a “health issue” to those with a thriving one, but for those who suffer from a low or nonexistent libido, few things could be more troubling. It can cause a rift in a marriage, depression and anxiety, low self esteem and more, and there are certainly no shortage of prescriptions one can take to augment ones hormones and blood flow, adrenaline levels and a number of other factors that cause the libido to drop.

The lack of sexual drive can be devastating to ones well being, but for those who are not ready or willing to turn to the pharmacist for answers, there are many all-natural ways to enhance your love life and at an affordable cost.

Doctors often point to a persons malfunctioning adrenal glands when assigning blame for a low libido. Low levels of adrenaline in a person, or “adrenal fatigue” can cause a chain reaction of symptoms such as: lethargy, low metabolism, stress, anxiety, depression and more, all of which can contribute to a poor love life. Products like: Libido formula, by Emerita or the less subtle, Horny Goat Weed, can be purchased at any vitamin store and contain a mixture of herbs and minerals – black cohosh, gingko biloba and ginseng, all of which aid in properly functioning adrenal glands, increase blood flow and increase energy.

In addition to taking natural supplements to increase bedroom activity, diet, exercise and adequate sleep as well as healthy communication between partners, all contribute greatly to a healthy sex life, which, overall, contributes to a happier, healthier you.

We provide information and not medical advice. Please consult your doctor when taking any new supplement.