Natural products for a healthy meal in 15 minutes or less

It can be a challenge to create a quick and healthy meal without compromising on ingredients. Here are some of our favorite natural products that will help you whip up a standout meal in minutes. Make sure to tune into Daybreak this Thursday to see us chat about them!

Simply Organic
There are so many things to love about Simply Organic. They offer a variety of spices and  mixes for quick sauces, salad dressings, chilis and more. Plus, they embrace small organic farmers, helping them improve their agricultural methods and profits through programs like Fair Trade and Well Earth®. Two of our favorite products include the organic Chili Mix which can be prepped in minutes with  common pantry items and the delectable Fish Taco seasoning.

Colorado’s Own Big Red Marinara Sauce
This is natural marinara sauce at its finest:  simple, traditional recipe; no shortcuts. Serve it over pasta, meat, seafood or use as a quick and tasty pizza sauce.  It’s delicious flavor goes a long way to make a healthy dish in minutes. One interesting way that we like to use it is to mix with canned beans to make amazing tasting nachos! Wowsa! They do not have a Web site, but you can find more Colorado’s Own Big Red Marinara Sauce here

Maya Kaimal
This widely loved line brings the taste of authentic Indian food to your kitchen. Created by renowned chef Maya Kaimal, the line offers a number of tasty products that are easy to utilize for a gourmet meal in no time. For instance, you can simmer the Chicken Tikka Masala with chicken, meat, seafood, tofu or vegetables for a delicious curry. The rich blend of tomato, yogurt and warming garam masala spices, like cumin, cinnamon and clove,work well to create a memorable meal.

Earth’s Best Kidz
Earth’s Best offers products such as organic milk and Sesame Street breakfasts, meals and snacks that kids love. Look for on-the-go options, like individually packaged apple sauces and whole grain bars, perfect for busy families. For lunch or dinner, we especially like the easy Chicken Nuggets and Fish Sticks that can be served with some steamed veggies. The new Earth’s Best Kidz BBQ Chicken Nuggets have whole grain breading and 50% less fat than the leading competitor. Plus the chicken is raised without antibiotics and there are no synthetic colors or preservatives.