Natural products for dry summer hair

The dry summer weather compounded by everyday blowdrying, styling and coloring can really take it’s toll on our hair. Thankfully, there are natural solutions that can help you achieve the silky, shiny hair that you crave.  Here are some of our favorite natural hair products, supplements and do-it-yourself ideas to get luxurious and healthy hair. Make sure to check us out on Everyday this Thursday, June 26 to see us chat about them!

Did you know that beer is great for dry hair? It’s true! BRÖÖ is an unique product line that utilizes the nutrients from beer to heal and nourish your hair. BRÖÖ  is the super drink for hair because it is filled with  B vitamins, proteins and minerals to make your hair strong, healthy and shiny. Special beer blends like the volumizing pale ale help to strengthen hair and give a weightless gloss that you’ll love. Plus products are color-friendly and 100 percent vegan.

John Masters Organics
A celebrity favorite, John Masters Organics grew out of a desire to create a luxury beauty line that respects the Earth. The result is an exceptional line that represents the culmination of hard work and dedication to utilizing organic and wild-crafted ingredients. The Hair Line includes a variety of wonderful products to get your hair looking exactly how you want. For instance, the extra-strength Bourbon Vanilla and Tangerine Hair Texturizer is perfect for shaping hair into any desired style, from the “bed-head” look to smooth and silky, without drying. Plus the Shine On leave-in hair treatment uses organic kelp in place of synthetic silicone to smooth the hair shaft, leaving hair shiny and soft all day long. A great natural-shine alternative to petroleum-based products. Both are safe for color-tre
ated hair.

 Rosemary Hair Oil
You can also utilize rosemary oil to help improve the health of your hair. Rosemary has been used since Roman times for improving health and beautifying hair. It is believed that rosemary helps to stimulate hair follicles, which helps hair grow thicker and stronger. This in turn can help slow down hair loss and premature graying. You can buy rosemary oil, or you can make your own. Simply take some fresh rosemary and remove from the stem (about four stems worth). Next, beat the rosemary with the end of a rolling pin to unleash and activate the herbal benefits. Finally, put the rosemary in a mason jar and cover with about a half cup of Almond oil. Leave the mason jar in a sunny window for about four weeks and you have a great natural hair treatment. To use it, drain it and then heat a little by warming in your hands and working through your scalp. Even though we have not experienced this firsthand, some say that rosemary can darken the hair, so keep this in mind. In fact, some suggest utilizing rosemary and sage together as a natural way to cover gray.

Silica is an important mineral found in all of us that contributes to healthy joints, nails, muscles and hair. The overall health of your hair can be compromised if you are low on this vital mineral. The degradation of our soil and prevalence of junk food diets can put us at risk. Thus, regardless of what you are putting on your hair, it can still still be weak and limp and grow slowly if you do not have enough silica in your body. There are many ways to get more silica including  purchasing a Colloidal mineral supplement featuring silica, getting a supplement like Hair Nutrients or checking out a bamboo or horsetail supplement, like Irwin Naturals, or eating more brown rice and oats.