How I Attracted Love, Protection and Success with Crystals

By: Chelsea Vurciaga

Few know about crystal healing, yet those who use crystals to heal and attract good things into their lives report powerful experiences. If this is something that interests you, approach it with an open mind and you might be surprised at the positive results. While using crystals may feel foreign to Westerners, it’s something that people throughout the world have been doing for thousands of years.

This article is a results of my personal success using the crystal Rose Quartz. This story demonstrates the power of crystal healing and might make you want to delve further into the possibilities of using crystals in your own life. The story goes like this: Around 20 years ago I went to a crystal shop and decided to purchase two matching rose quartz crystals. I was attracted to rose quartz because of its connection with love and self fulfillment. For some unknown reason I felt that I had to purchase two identical carved rose quartz stones. This was a feeling that I had that I couldn’t really explain.

After purchasing the stones for a small amount of money I soon forgot about them and carelessly packed them while moving to different apartments throughout the years until I could no longer remember where I had put them. Since the crystals weren’t expensive, it was of little concern to me. Eventually, I forgot about them completely.

Then nearly a decade later I was involved in a horrible accident that could have easily taken my life, but I miraculously escaped, nearly unscathed. While cleaning out my totaled car, I discovered one of the rose quartz crystals in the heaps of metal and broken glass. It was completely intact. This shocked me for a number of reasons, but mainly because I had four different cars throughout the ten years and never remembers placing the crystal in my car to begin with. Still, I soon forgot about the crystal again after putting it in a bag with other items from the crash.

Five more years passed and I was looking through my belongings and found the crystal I had placed in the bag after the crash. Suddenly, I was struck by a feeling that I needed the crystal and should hold onto it. I wondered what happened to the twin crystal I had purchased, but thought that it was long gone after so many years of not keeping track of it. This bothered me, since I had the feeling that I needed that crystal, too. I even went to a crystal shop to try and purchase another one, but couldn’t find a replacement. Then, as if guided by a force I can’t quite describe I stumbled upon an old purse I hadn’t carried in a number of years way, way, WAY in the back of my closet and inside was the matching crystal.

When I held the two crystals together for the first time in several years, I had a strong feeling of love and peace that is hard to describe. I felt like they were somehow protecting me all these years and I didn’t even realize it. I also felt like I could use them together to help me find what I was looking for in my life. Sometimes when I am looking for an answer, I hold them in my hands and the answer comes to me. This has led to new career success. Also, recently I’ve met new people who have brought a lot of love and opportunity into my life. They say that you can never really lose a crystal, and they will come to you when you need them and now I truly believe that.

Now, I have several different crystals and use them as a part of my daily life. You will see various crystal kits for sale on this site at special prices that will enable you to experiment with crystals and find your own love, money and success.

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