Real Life Youth Serums

You might think that the fountain of youth is just something that exists in the movies, but as natural beauty product evolve, there are some targeted products that are getting unbelievable results. Here are some of our age-defying favorites!

May Lindstrom
The Youth Dew from May Lindstrom is an outrageously effective product that features a power packed bouquet of 20 specially chosen plant and botanical-based ingredients. This carefully constructed product works to deliver the time-stopping effects of CoQ10 to leave skin youthful and renewed.

Suki Skincare
The power-packed Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser features SSS technology™ in a uniquely, “safe for sensitivities” format which means no caustic, “VSA” (Volatile Synthetic Active™) or side effects such as peeling, irritation or inflammation. This makes it a one-of-kind, age-defying scrub that profoundly calms and soothes skin issues

Pangea Organics
A luxurious and complex blend of precious, plant-based ingredients, Pangea’s Balancing Oil delivers the most impactful, restorative and hydrating effects possible. Argan is rich with antioxidants and Omega-6 fatty acids. Because it absorbs so quickly, it radically boosts cell production, which is necessary in a true long-term anti-aging regimen.

Evan Healy
The Pomegranate Repair Serum is the perfect solution for blemished, mature, dry, sensitive and sun damaged skin. This revitalizing blend of fruit, seed and berry oils offers significant levels of essential fatty acids, carotenes, tocopherols and phytosterols – all important elements to fight aging and maintain healthy skin.

Natural anti-aging ingredients that work

What do Coconut oil, Cacao, Argan, Mandarin and Rose Hips all have in common? These natural ingredients are some of the most powerful tools to help fight aging. Find out which beauty products are using effective natural ingredients like these to help you turn back time for a more vibrant, healthy look. Also, make sure to check us out this Weds on Colorado’s Best as we talk about these fabulous products!

John Masters
A celebrity favorite, John Masters utilizes wholesome natural  ingredients such as pomegranate, mandarin, calendula and cacao to effectively nourish skin.  For instance, the Mandarin Maximum Moisture Treatment works to smooth away age spots and dull skin to give you a younger, revitalized complexion. Also, the new Hand & Body Butter combines cacao, shea and cupuacu butters to smooth and nourish even the driest skin.

Wish Gardens
When it comes to your beauty routine, think internally as well! Targeted plant-based tinctures offer another powerful way to fight aging. Wish Gardens signature formulations have a unique synergy which shows through in their effectiveness, essence and improved taste. For instance, the popular Hebal Cal combines high calcium plants like Chamomile flower, Corn silk, Horsetail aerials, Nettle leaf, Oat tops and Raspberry leaf to support bone and tissue health–one of the keys to fighting aging.

This buzzed about beauty line is earning raves for their fabulous Illuminators.  This younger-looking-skin-secret features Rose Hip Oil to highlight the face’s best features, create a youthful, dewy glow and add dimension and vitality to the face.  Apply to cheekbones, brow bones, inner corner of eyes, bridge or nose and pout of lower lip for a fresh, dewy glow.  ILIA Illuminator is available in two shades: Polka Dots & Moonbeams, a subtle highlighter; and Sway, a sun kissed bronzer.

Yum Scrub
Yum Scrub serums are concentrated formulas meticulously created with all-organic ingredients. They are super easy to use; just apply one to two pumps to clean, dry skin. The best-selling Argan Acne Serum offers a perfect blend of Certified Organic Argan and essential oils to help unclog and re-balance pores. Also, guys love the Manly Lavender After-shave featuring lavender to smooth and calm skin burns and help with shave nicks.

Artisana Coconut Oil
Coconut oil helps to fight wrinkles and prevent premature aging and degenerative diseases due to its antioxidant properties. It contains lauric acid, which is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. Artisana extra virgin coconut oil is 100% raw and certified organic, and Kosher. Besides using it on the skin, Coconut oil can also feed dry hair, be made into a simple  toothpaste and even works as a deodorant! Plus, it can take the place of butter or oil when cooking for a healthy meal. Make sure to check out Artisana’s handy squeeze packs!