Organic Gardening Magazine Giveaway!

We are thrilled to be able to partner with Organic Gardening Magazine to participate in their May Gear Giveaway by offering a collection of products to celebrate spring! Throughout May, you can  enter to win a Celebrate Spring package courtesy of the Natural Products Network featuring amazing products from Aura Cacia, WishGarden and Honey Girl Organics!

Aura Cacia
Enjoy Aura Cacia’s calming, relaxing and refreshing Lavender Essential Oil and get grounded with their unique Chakra Balancing Aromatherapy Roll-On.

Rescue sun soaked skin with WishGarden’s Burn Balm multi-strategy formula and fight springtime sneezes with their legendary Kick-Ass Allergy product.

Honey Girl Organics
Treat gardening hands to Honey Girl Organics Cuticle and Nail Cream and moisturize parched lips with their luxurious, beyond-rich Lip Balm.

Each package is worth almost $70!
Make sure to head over to Organic Gardening to enter to win! Good luck!

Natural ways to relieve stress

With the holidays just around the corner, many of us look for new, effective ways we can relieve stress. Check out some of our favorite natural products to help you to relax and unwind during this sometimes hectic time of year. Also, make sure to tune in to Daybreak in Denver this Thursday as we discuss these naturally calming products.

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Aura Cacia
Aura Cacia’s new new line of Essential Solutions™ aromatherapy mists help balance the mind for a better outlook during the holidays. Check out Chill Pill, a blend of calming lavender, refreshing citrus and balancing patchouli to diffuse anger and create harmony and Cool Hottie, a blend of calming lavender, cooling peppermint and vitex to cool down and take the edge off an agitated state.

Gaia Herbs
Gaia is the only medicinal herb manufacturer that enables consumers to track each herb from seed to shelf to confirm the purity and potency of products. When it comes to stress management, they offer a variety of popular products to help calm and nourish. Their Stress Response supports the body in reacting to stress in a healthy way and best-selling Adrenal Health helps to optimize adrenal gland function to combat stress.

Gaiam provides a variety of healthy, eco-friendly products for stress relief. For instance, The Still Point Inducer provides gentle pressure on the “”still point,”” a quiet pause in the rhythm of the craniosacral system that safely allows a feeling of remarkably deep relaxation. Also, the Relax and Restore DVD helps you to learn natural ways to slow your mind and refresh your senses.

Bulk Teas
Make your own relaxing tea blend by choosing the bulk teas that you like most. Consider using Chamomile, perhaps the most common relaxation tea, lemon balm, a mint-like calming herb and Nettle which is high in magnesium and calcium, known to be great for relaxation.

Affirmation Cards
The Power Thought Cards and Wisdom Cards by Louise L. Hay are vibrant cards that contain a powerful affirmation on one side and a visualization on the other to enlighten, inspire, and bring joy to your life. Read a few in the morning to inspire you throughout the day or choose the ones that mean the most to you to read in stressful situations to ignite a sense of calm.