Three Natural Travel Essentials to Keep You Healthy While You’re Away!

We all know how hectic it can be when you are getting ready for a trip. Between planning who is going to take care of the pets to making sure that you don’t forget to pack the right clothes, sometimes the very basic things we need to ensure a wonderful holiday get left behind. How many times have you been on the plane and suddenly remembered that you forgot something important?

But, what if you didn’t even KNOW that you are missing a travel essential that can make your trip better and even protect your health while you are away?

The Most Important Component of a Great Trip is How You Feel!

While travel gadgets are cool, how can you enjoy your trip if you aren’t feeling well? Those cool headphones won’t help you overcome a bad case of indigestion!

Thankfully, we found three natural products to help ensure that you are up to speed in Sydney or happily backpacking in Burma. Check out these three must-pack natural travel essentials to protect your health!


DiaResQ REALLY is to the rescue! It is the first product of its kind that effectively reaches the intestinal tract and helps to restore normal function when you eat something that doesn’t agree with you. It is different because it helps address the underlying issue of diarrhea and not JUST the symptoms. Plus, it is safe for kids as young as one year of age. And since 70% of travelers and backpackers experience some sort of travelers diarrhea, this is definitely a product to have handy.

No one wants to “sit this one out” (literally) while on a glorious vacation because of a rumbling stomach!

Best of all, this product isn’t a drug, but rather a food made from naturally derived ingredients that reach the intestine to rapidly support normal function. WHAT you say? Yes, this is a unique product that is really a game changer when it comes to wellness!

21 Drops Headache Relief

This ISN’T your average essential oil blend! This concentrated blend of Lavender, Peppermint, Ho Wood and Jojoba feels like something from the future every time you apply it to your temples. Why? The steel rollerball  provides antimicrobial benefits (so you can share), the premium glass vial helps to preserve the oils and the silicone protective sleeve makes it travel-friendly.

Best of all, it really works to help to ease head pain and pressure and it is TSA friendly. We especially love to use it on the plane if the cabin pressure is getting to us!

The Lost Explorer Traveler’s Protection Balm

We’ve been lost many times, but never thought to develop a great balm along the way. DARN IT! Well, even though these folks beat us to it, this balm is really…the bomb. OK, ok, seriously though, once you experience it you’ll be hooked. The careful blend of Ravensara Oil, Camphor Leaf Oil, and Eucalyptus Leaf Oil really help to relax, restore and protect. Just smelling it feels healing to the body!

Not many people know about Ravensara Oil, but as a botanical it is one of the most protective in the world.

In fact, the meaning of the word Ravensara translates to “good leaf” which pretty much sums it up. Look, the ancient people didn’t play, if they named something “good leaf” it was like the very best leaf…EVER. Now, thankfully this amazing leaf comes in a handy travel balm you can take with you wherever you go! YES!

Easy meditation tools for stress relief

With the holidays fast approaching, many are looking for new ways to effectively manage stress. Next time you feel frazzled, why not add a simple meditation practice to your routine to help calm your body and mind? Here are some easy meditation tools for modern times that can help you feel more centered. Check them out and tune into Daybreak on Thursday to see us talk about them!

Sounds True
Sounds True publishes more than 500 titles about the spiritual journey, meditation, psychology, creativity, health and healing, self-discovery, relationships, and more. These programs, ranging between one and five hours in length, are original recordings featuring teachers who present their own ideas, in their own words. Sounds True recordings are almost always unscripted—transcending the level of a normal audio reading to create a vibrant, living connection between the author and listener.

21 Drops
21 Drops offers a modern, stylish approach to aromatherapy. Each of 21 Drops essential oil blends treats a particular concern or aspiration, empowering people to relax, restore and renew. The De-Stress, PMS relief, Calm and Uplift blends are particularly good to help balance the body in times of stress and can be easily used in conjunction with your meditation practice. Also, make sure to check out the exclusive new Quick Fix that is brand new for Holiday 2013 and available at Sephora nationwide.

Singing Bowls and Mala Beads
Singing Bowls date back around 1500 years and have been utilized in ancient Tibetan Ceremonies and Practices. A singing bowl is played by resting the bowl on the flat of the hand and rotating the stick around the outside rim of the bowl. This produces a vibration, which creates a hum. This natural and harmonious sound emitted by singing bowls is used to create a state of deep relaxation. In addition, Mala Beads have been utilized equally as long and are meant to help someone keep track as they recite positive messages or mantras to soothe the mind.

Barefoot Yoga
You don’t have to practice yoga to utilize some of the tools for meditation. For instance, the round zafu cushion by Barefoot Yoga is a simple relaxation tool made from exceptionally soft 100% cotton twill fabric and filled with buckwheat hulls. Zafus have been used for everyday sitting in Asia for centuries and have been rediscovered by Westerners for meditation, yoga and overall relaxation. You simply sit on the comfy cushion as a way to align your body and mind.

Natural ways to fight stress

Many of us are always looking for new, effective ways we can relieve stress. Check out some of our favorite innovative natural products to help you to relax and unwind. Also, make sure to tune in to Everyday in Denver this Monday as we discuss these naturally calming products.

Gaiam provides a variety of healthy, eco-friendly products for stress relief. For instance, The Still Point Inducer provides gentle pressure on the “still point,” a quiet pause in the rhythm of the craniosacral system that safely allows a feeling of remarkably deep relaxation. Also, the Relax and Restore DVD helps you to learn natural ways to slow your mind and refresh your senses.

21 Drops
21 Drops offers a modern, stylish approach to aromatherapy. Each of 21 Drops essential oil blends treats a particular concern or aspiration, empowering people to relax, restore and renew. The De-Stress, PMS relief, Calm and Uplift blends are particularly good to help balance the body in times of stress.

 Back to the Roots
Grow your own mushrooms in a snazzy box to help fight stress! Back to the Roots lets you grow your very own nutritious Oyster Mushroom that contains various nutrients such as Thiamin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc and Manganese which help to boost your mood.

WishGarden Herbal Remedies
WishGarden Herbal Remedies is an independent, woman-owned, family-run, community-conscious business devoted to helping people achieve health and balance through the use of natural medicinal botanicals, oils, salves, and teas. Their Serious Relaxer, Deep Stress, Herbal Cal and Emotional Alley remedies feature herbs like Motherwort, Nettle and Chamomile to help to internally fight stress and anxiety.