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Celebrate Spring and Connect with Natural Customers Looking For Your Products!

The Natural Products Network is designed to deliver high impact results at an unbeatable cost. Companies average 1,000 new email contacts and 1,000 new social networking followers from a Natural Products Network promotion. We carefully select companies to work with based on a lifetime of experience in the natural industry.

Natural Products Network Spring Wellness Challenge

This Spring, people are more committed to their wellness than ever before! The Natural Products Network Spring Wellness Challenge will help people discover new natural products and UPLIFTING wellness and lifestyle tips. (NO COVID TOPICS).

What Are the Details?

For the challenge, Natural Products Network will create a SEO driven Post specifically for your brand that connects with natural consumers looking for “how to” wellness articles and information on Pinterest. Pinterest is a search engine that continuously drive new consumers. Best of all, the results grow over time which means that your Natural Products Network Post will continue to produce results much longer than any standard promotion! Here is a snapshot of an one of our “how to” articles to show you the stunning results. We have worked with influencers and companies with millions of followers that do not get these same results. In fact, the norm is passive impressions that RARELY turn into actual clicks! Our approach gets the clicks and results you’re looking for! This one pin generated has generated 723 clicks and is still going strong! 


What is the Natural Products Network?

The Natural Products Network (NPN) consists of approximately 60,000 natural product enthusiasts and 500 media contacts and influencers. For more than a decade, we have created large-scale natural product marketing/social networking campaigns with an emphasis on building awareness and sales specifically for natural companies. From our experience, we realized that there was an unmet need for high impact/low cost marketing options for natural and wellness companies. Thus, we created what we believe is the most effective and affordable marketing and product recommendation vehicle targeting the natural consumer. 

Natural Products Network is a Trusted Industry Expert

Beyond our marketing/social networking work, the Natural Products Network has contributed to various publications and appeared on more than 100 TV segments on major networks including FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC and The CW. The NPN has worked with more than 300 natural product companies and actively reached more than 10 million people.

Why is This a Great Fit for My Brand?

Our results come from a willingness to evolve with the changing social networking and marketing/PR landscapes. By holistically analyzing promotions and striving for targeted ways to connect, we provide the best solution for natural and wellness companies that want to reach a large network of like-minded consumers. This means new contacts, followers, leads and sales! Check out more Natural Products Network Results!

The Happsy Giveaway resulted in about 2,000 new followers and 4,000 new direct contacts for the brand! We built upon our giveaway success to create this Evergreen Content Post Opportunity.

Natural Products Network Spring Wellness Challenge Steps

1. After payment is made, you define your star product(s) and links, share the key content elements that you want to highlight and your goals for the Spring Wellness Challenge.

2. Natural Products Network builds your content and creative for your post. It will highlight your featured product(s) and links and utilize our special content strategies to optimize results. We will create 5 Pinterest Pins to promote your content and optimize it to drive viral search results.

3. After you approve content, Natural Products Network launches your post. If you want to do a giveaway we will integrate it into your post!

4. Natural Products Network drives results all throughout springtime using our special methodology consisting of targeted content, direct-to-natural-consumer outreach, innovative social networking, influencer and media relationships and viral sharing.

5. At the end of the Spring Wellness Challenge, we will share results with you.

“Working with Chelsea and the Natural Products Network has been very beneficial for Happsy! We saw an increase in social and have grown our email list significantly due to their efforts. I would recommend collaborating with Chelsea and her team!!” – Anne-Marie at Happsy

Unlock Future Natural Product Network Opportunities

After this initial month-long promotion, your company will be notified of new opportunities including TV spots, influencer/media mentions, retail options (with emphasis on Amazon), events and social networking promotions. We will contact you about once a month with both paid and unpaid options. You can unsubscribe from this informational email at anytime.

We can’t wait to drive new sales and awareness for your brand!