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The only network of its kind, Natural Products Network features the very best natural products and wellness courses and guides. NPN also enables companies and consumers to connect through progressive education, product announcements, promotions and media opportunities.

Natural Products Network was founded by Chelsea Vurciaga, who has a lifetime of experience in natural living. Shortly after Chelsea was born, her mother’s inclination toward natural wellness helped her discovered New Age Foods—one of the first natural living markets—owned by the legendary natural pioneer, Hanna Kroeger. In fact, New Age Foods is where Celestial Seasonings got its start.

Beginning when she was just a child, Chelsea began studying natural wellness by attending classes with experts from all over the world. Chelsea became very close to Hanna and grew up learning how to utilize herbs, food, drinks, cleansing/detoxing, essential oils, frequency tools, bodywork/alignment, homeopathy/vibropathy and more!

After graduating from the University of Colorado, Chelsea worked as a health-focused writer. Shortly thereafter, she landed a position at Wild Oats Markets Corporate Office where she created the online marketing department. At Wild Oats Markets, she utilized innovative social networking tactics (before Facebook and Twitter) to grow their online consumer network from 30,000 to 130,000 in a short period of time.

Her successful work at Wild Oats Markets built the foundation for a successful consulting career with Natural Products Network. Since 2009, Natural Products Network has been a vital source for the best natural products and wellness strategies. Chelsea has appeared on more than 100 TV segments on major networks, worked with hundreds of wellness companies and actively reached more than 10 million people. Natural Products Network is proud to be a diverse, multicultural and inclusive business.

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