Crystal and Stones Kit to Attract Love, Luck and Success in 2018!

Are you curious about crystals and stones and what they can do for you? Would you like to use crystals and stones to attract success, love and luck, but have no idea where to start? Inspired by all of you who have contacted us about our popular articles about crystals and stones, we’re offering a carefully curated kit to help you attract positive outcomes in 2018. Why specifically for 2018? Each year has a different frequency and pace and the crystals that you use should match this energy.

Also, unlike other kits that you will find online, we are sourcing high-quality and higher priced stones that are sometimes hard to find AND we are clearing the stones in the proper way SO THAT THEY ARE JUST FOR YOU. We have not found another crystal shop online where they care about properly clearing the stones which means that people are using stones that are full of other people’s energy and intentions! You NEED the stones cleared just for you for the best results!

If you sourced these stones, the lovely pouch and had them cleared individually it could cost you almost $60!

Here’s what you’ll receive:

Raw Quartz Cluster – Brings Harmony to Home and Surroundings, Clears Negativity, Amplifies Energy and Focus. Helps to Set Stage for Other Stones to Work.

Tumbled Amethyst – A Favorite of Kings and Queens, Helps Calm Emotions and Reduces Anxiety. Promotes Peaceful Sleep and Dreams. Brings Insight and Good Fortune.

Tumbled Black Onyx – Helps to Absorb and Remove Stress. Promotes Emotional and Physically Strength. Helps to Absorb and Remove Bad Energy and Jealousy From Others.

Tumbled Chrysoprase – Promotes Joy and Happiness in Life. Known as the “Emotional Makeover” Stone. Helps Balance Chakras and Bring Balance to Finances.

Tumbled Goldstone – Considered a Magical Stone with Mystic Properties. Promotes Courage, Ambition, Positive Attitude, Career Possibilities. Enables You to Uncover “Calling” in Life.

Tumbled Malachite – Brings Business Opportunities, Success and Insight. Helps with Breakthrough Moments and Overall Protection. Attracts Soulmate and Clears Energy to Highlight Your Attractiveness to Others.

Beautifully embellished crystals pouch with sequins. Please note that your pouch may be a different color combination.

Remember that ALL stones and crystals will be specially cleared for use before they are sent to you. This is an important step that is often missed. You want the stones cleared for your use without traces of the energy of other people. You will not get these exact stones and crystal as no two stones are exactly alike. 

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We cannot guarantee any outcome from using crystals and stones. Information is based on crystal and stone properties and uses as shared for thousands of years.