Edible Natural Beauty Products

We’ve all heard about natural beauty products that are pure enough to eat, but here are new dual-purpose natural beauty products that are MEANT to be consumed! Check out some of our edible favorites!

Kid Licks Edible Nail Polish
All Kid Licks nail polishes are made from just fruits, vegetables and other plants.  They are completely organic and edible so you never have to worry about them getting into little bellies.  You can remove them using water and some elbow grease, or even lick them right off of nails.

Noyah Edible Lip Balm
Noyah created the first balm made as actual food! It’s made in a kitchen (not a cosmetic plant), is compliant with food regulations, and carries a nutritional label. It is also natural and organic, has no preservatives, artificial colors, or fragrances, and is never tested on animals.

Edible Beauty Australia
Developed by naturopath and nutritionist Anna Mitsios, Edible Beauty Australia offers “edible” skincare products, pure baby skincare and “beauty” teas containing therapeutic botanicals and wildcrafted Australian ingredients designed to have you glowing both inside and out.

COCO & CO.’s Virgin Coconut Oil offers the lightest taste and a thin, velvet smooth consistency for cosmetic use. This premium coconut oil is extracted without using any heat or chemicals to preserve nutrients and purity. They use the freshest coconuts no older than three days and their product ranks consistently at the top in blind taste, smell and feel test.  Use it as a skin moisturizer for radiant, glowing skin or as a healthy cooking oil to add flavor and nutrients to your dishes!