The Best Stones and Crystals For Love

Are you focused on finding your soulmate or adding some spice to your current relationship? Here are our carefully chosen stones for attracting love and romance!

Tumbled Rose Quartz – This is the eternal heart stone for promoting openness and healing the pain from past relationships. If you find yourself living in a past relationship, than this could be the stone that helps you move onto something better. It’s also great for opening up your energy so that others know that you are ready for love. If you are in a relationship, rose quartz can help you dive deeper and discover new passion and romance. If you constantly feel like something is holding you back from love, this stone could be exactly what you need.

Tumbled Carnelian – This stone is all about confidence and finding your sexy side. If you have forgotten how hot you are, this stone is for you. Just like it’s vibrant fiery shade,  It helps you tap into and bring to light your own unique qualities that make you a great catch. If you are reading this and thinking “but I’m not attractive” this is the stone for you. Remember that beauty is more of a state of mind, than the state of your behind. It’s true!

Tumbled Botswana Agate – Do you sometimes feel like you have some sort of blockage that is preventing you for receiving the love that you want and need? Botswana Agate is all about letting the energy flow, enhancing your intuition and reminding you that love is all around you. This activates your internal radar to help you find the special person that is the right fit for you. This stone also helps you remove blocks in current relationships that are holding you back with its gentle warmth. This could even mean coming to the realization that you are better off finding someone new.

Each kit includes a beautifully embellished crystals pouch with sequins. Please note that your pouch may be a different color combination. You will not get these exact stones as no two stones are exactly alike.

Also, unlike other kits that you will find online, we are sourcing high-quality and higher priced stones that are sometimes hard to find AND we are clearing the stones in the proper way SO THAT THEY ARE JUST FOR YOU. We have not found another crystal shop online where they care about properly clearing the stones which means that people are using stones that are full of other people’s energy and intentions! You NEED the stones cleared just for you for the best results!

If you sourced these stones, the lovely pouch and had them cleared individually it could cost you $30!

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We cannot guarantee any outcome from using crystals and stones. Information is based on crystal and stone properties and uses as shared for thousands of years.