How Ohsa Root Helped My Allergies and Asthma

Anyone who has experienced breathing problems due to allergies and asthma will tell you that it’s an absolute nightmare. Half the time you are trying to avoid undefined “triggers” that can send you into a tailspin and the other half of the time you are trying to find anything that will help.

Of course, you always want to consult your doctor about the best course of treatment for you, but I want to share my recent experience with Ohsa Root in hopes that it might help other people going through the same thing.

Ligusticum porteri, known as Osha or oshá, is an herb that grows primarily in the Rocky Mountains and northern Mexico. In Native Americans cultures it’s known as “Bear Medicine” because the bears are known to rub the root on their bodies. When the Native Americans observed how bears were utilizing this root, it led them to consider it’s healing potential.

When it comes specifically to breathing and allergies, Osha is known to help cut mucus and clear it from the sinuses and lungs. It also works to naturally open the bronchial tubes and help increase oxygen intake. Within a few hours of taking the root extract, I noticed that breathing through my nose was easier and that I could inhale deeper into my lungs. After about a week of continued use, I’ve found that my wheezing is better and that I’ve coughed up some of the mucus that seemed trapped in my chest. It’s feels like my congestion is lifting in a new way that I haven’t experienced before.

Of course everyone is different and I cannot guarantee that you will have these same results. However, the more that we share our positive healing experiences the more we help each other find new, helpful wellness strategies. So pass along the word about which natural products help you! Also make sure to consult your doctor before starting any new supplement. – Chelsea, Founder of Natural Products Network