What is Natural Products Network Connect?

Natural Products Network Connect is designed to connect the best small brands to our network of about 60,000 natural product enthusiasts and 500 media contacts and influencers. 

Nowadays, a lot of THE BEST wellness and natural brands come from small producers such as those who sell on Etsy.

However, targeted and high-quality marketing promotion is typically not available to these amazing businesses.

Natural Products Network Connect is a revolutionary marketing tool to connect and grow awareness and sales for wellness businesses.

This includes businesses such as those who sell handcrafted beauty products, jewelry, crystals, mind-body tools and more!

This is the most cost-effective way to reach new targeted customers and influencers that, until now, has been essentially impossible for small producers. 

We Know the Natural and Wellness Consumer

The Natural Products Network Founder, Chelsea, has spent her entire life advocating for natural living. This enabled her to develop a keen ability to identify and promote the best wellness brands.

For decades Chelsea has worked on successful large scale natural product promotions with big retailers like Walmart and Target.

She has also helped build some of the largest natural brands.

In addition, the Natural Products Network has featured hundreds of brands on various TV segments, which has shown how and why viewers respond to products.

Furthermore, The Natural Products Network uses SEO based analytics and targeted social networking to consistently create and evaluate natural and wellness content.

What is the Natural Products Network?

The Natural Products Network (NPN) consists of approximately 60,000 natural product enthusiasts and 500 media contacts and influencers.

We realized that there was an unmet need for high impact/low cost marketing options for small wellness businesses. 

Therefore, the focus of Natural Products Network Connect is to promote and feature the best up-and-coming wellness brands.

Beyond our marketing/social networking work, the Natural Products Network is a trusted industry expert. We have appeared on more than 100 TV segments on major networks including FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC and The CW.

The NPN has worked with more than 300 well-respected natural product companies and actively reached more than 10 million people.

How Does My Brand Participate in Natural Products Network Connect?

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