Why Infotone is the Coolest New Natural Beauty Product and How to Win One!

Are you ready for the new frontier in skin care? If so, you must check out the amazing new Infotone Face Mist by AquaLiv…

When we think of natural beauty products we’re accustomed to thinking about certain things. For instance, we might think about a wonderful organic cream, a fabulous herb based toner or a soothing natural salve. And don’t get us wrong, these are all great things. But, aren’t we all ready for something different, yet powerful?

Enter the amazing Infotone Face Mist by AquaLiv. What looks like a standard water mister is really something quite special. It is the first cosmetic that utilizes advanced water technology, also known as BioT™ Bioinformation Technology. Without getting too technical, this revolutionary technology turns regular spring water into a healing tonic.

How does it work? Inside each Mister is a ceramic ball that is encoded with the one-of-a-kind BioT™ Bioinformation Technology. This enables the ceramic ball to essentially “speak” to the water and imprint it with a number of benefits that are felt every time the water is misted over the face. What’s more after a week or two of use, we actually FELT and SAW the difference in our skin. Best of all, Infotone lasts for up to a year (you just continue to refill it with spring water) so it’s eco-fab as well. You want one? We thought you would! Simply like Infotone on Facebook and you are entered to win your very own Infotone – a near $50 value!

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  1. Yang Shimin
    Yang Shimin says:

    After reading Vivawoman’s review on this product, I really want to try it! Will help me to save alot of money and most importantly, improve my skin condition! (:

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