Natural Tools to Combat Radiation

by: Dayna Copeland Schaef and Natural Products Network

A simple kelp salad is a delicious way to help protect yourself from the harmful effects of radiation.

After what happened in Japan, many people have been concerned about the effects of radiation and how to protect themselves and their loved ones with natural and healing remedies.  It has been reported that radiation from the disaster is spreading over the oceans and could continue to pose a risk. In addition, other forms of radiation exposure from a variety of sources could also potentially affect your health. There are various debates about the danger posed by US nuclear power plants.

When someone is dealing with negative effects of radiation, they might experience a number of symptoms, the more serious, of which, include: blood in their vomit and stools, loss of hair, low blood pressure and difficulty healing wounds. Thus, it doesn’t hurt to fortify your medicine and food cabinets with the tools to protect yourself and your loved ones. Especially if a direct incident were to put you at risk.

Despite the severity of the occurrence, the answer to the problem isn’t nearly as harsh. One needn’t look to scientifically manufactured potions or elixirs, but rather a simple mineral.  Potassium Iodide supplements have been found to offer internal decontamination to an exposed individual. Once consumed, this non-radioactive form of Iodine works with a persons’ thyroid to flush out any ingested radioactive particles, preventing some or all absorption into the body. Potassium Iodide can be taken as a supplement, found at vitamin stores or health foods grocers. Please consult your health care advisor to find out if this supplement is right for you.

Another perhaps easier route to take is to simply consume more foods that are rich in natural Iodine. It can be found in abundance in sea vegetables, such as: Kelp, Nori, Kombu and Sea Spaghetti. Not only are these foods nutrient rich, they also make for a delicious, exotic meal. One of our favorite brands to offer a variety of sea vegetable products is Eden Organics. This beyond cool company pioneered the natural foods movement in the 1960s and continues to make an array of tasty products. Check them out!

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