Natural products celebrities rave about

Hello Mr. Beckham, can we interest you in a natural product? Oh and can you please take off your shirt? Thanks!

It’s interesting to check out the natural products celebrities count on to stay looking young and fabulous.  For instance, did you know that David Beckham raves about a natural product that helped him heal from an injury? Check out a list we put together of some cool celebs fave natural picks.

1. Madonna – The Queen of pop uses Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream to keep her famous face from defying the tick of the clock (tick toc, tick toc, tick toc – you know from the song?…oh now you get it…good 🙂 ).

2. Tina Fey – Our favorite funny woman counts on Lavanila Lavoratories Healthy Baby Collection for her little ones.

3. Jennifer Aniston – If anyone handles stress well living in the limelight, it’s certainly her! We just found out that she counts on Bach Flower Remedies to help her get through hard times (like maybe the 125th Brad vs. Jen tabloid cover story perhaps? JEN TELLS ANGIE SHE HAD SECRET MEETING WITH BRAD’S DAD. Seriously can we end the Brad vs. Jen stuff  now? Totally played out! )

4. Prince William – Did you know that the entire royal family counts on homeopathic remedies and has for several generations? It’s true! For instance, Sir John Weir is a homeopathic physician who treated four generations of British monarchs (he treated the real life King in the movie The King’s Speech).

5. Rosario Dawson – Isn’t she seriously gorgeous? Well now we know one reason why! She uses Juara Skincare…funny we just discovered this amazing brand from our friends at O and N Collective! Try the Body Butter…you’ll want to eat it because it smells so darn good.

6. Kellan Lutz
– This hot Twilight Star has a crush on A Lot to Say Clothes, which are made from 100 percent recycled bottles and non-toxic natural dyes!

7. Kate Winslet – She has famously said that she will never have plastic surgery and instead counts on natural products like the Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser to keep her Oscar face in radiant form.

8. Ryan Gosling – Concerned about animal cruelty, Ryan recently wrote the USDA to demand that chickens be treated humanely. Three cheers for Organic Chicken and farms that treat their animals well!

9. David Beckham – After breaking his foot before the 2002 World cup, he said that using homepathic remedies helped him recover faster from his injury. In fact, Pierre Barrieu, the US Men’s Soccer assistant coach and head fitness coach says, ““I have been progressively introducing Sportenine, Arnicare and [Arnica] pellets (all homeopathic medicines) since 2002, right before the World Cup in Korea and Japan. Two World Cups later, it has now become a part of the players’ regimen. Players understand the value of [the medicines], from the pain relief to the prevention of cramps.”

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