Make a REAAL Change Giveaway

Are you ready to Make A REAAL Change? Jumpstart your wellness goals and get a chance to win a $100 REAAL Muscle product package and a $100 VISA Gift Card!

Why REAAL Muscle?

You might have the misguided notion that products that nourish muscles are only for bodybuilders, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Feeding our muscles with essential amino acids is an important (and often missed) key step to increasing and maintaining overall health. Think about it: The heart is a muscle and healthy muscle tone and maintenance is vital for how we feel.

REAAL is a patented and clinically proven product that provides the optimal ratio of essential amino acids to optimize muscle growth, restoration, and maintenance. It also improves the health of tissues and organs, brain health, metabolic function, and every physiological process in our bodies! Best of all, it is 3Xs more effective than whey protein, only 20 calories AND vegan!

How Do I Participate?

1. Enter to win below by telling us about your Make a REAAL Change goal. Your goal can be mental, physical or both. For instance, maybe you want to complete three morning workouts a week or stop procrastinating and complete an important task. Your change goal is up to you!

2. Follow Natural Products Network and REAAL Muscle on social networking for inspiration and tips! Look for the hashtag #MAKEAREAALCHANGE to find specific posts celebrating how people are making a positive change. You can choose to join in with the fun and post about your REAAL Change for another chance to win! If we repost your #MAKEAREAALCHANGE post (with your permission) we will send you an amazing product package completely separate from the giveaway.

3. Look for Make a REAAL Change email updates featuring amazing tips from REAAL wellness stars to keep you motivated. We will also send you perks such as special product discounts to help you complete your positive change.

Make sure that you are following Natural Products Network and REAAL Muscle on Instagram to enter to win!