Find Your Bliss Giveaway

Everyone can use some wellbeing and bliss right about now! That’s why we are so excited to bring you a $100 Find Your Bliss Prize Pack featuring an Amethyst Bliss Bottle and Energy Distance Attunement Session with Jamie Browne!

Jamie is an Energy Alchemist, which means she combines several aspects of energy work in her sessions; focusing on the solution rather than the problem. She is a wellbeing advocate, intuitive guide, teacher and reiki master!

Included in the Find Your Bliss Prize Pack:

Amethyst Bliss Bottle
If you’re feeling bogged down or overwhelmed, enliven your water with an amethyst Bliss Bottle! Bliss Bottles are designed to automatically infuse your everyday water with high vibrational energy to benefit the body and mind at a cellular level.

As light refracts through the glass it transfers the energetic information of the words, sacred geometric patterns and crystalline energy into the content of the water, activating it for optimum wellbeing.

Bliss Bottles are constructed with health minded borosilicate glass which is naturally BPA and lead free and can be used for hot or cold fluids. The crystals are housed in a separate chamber so they never actually touch the water; ensuring the cleanliness and purity of your water.

Energy Attunement Email Session
Jamie will contact you directly through email to set up and perform your session and answer your questions. The goal of the session is to help you achieve energetic alignment. Receivers of attunements often experience profound shifts for a more balanced state of wellbeing.

Congratulations to Ashley S. for winning the Find Your Bliss Giveaway!