Five Ways to Use the Sky as an Energy Healing Tool

Are you interested in learning new ways to help yourself using easy tools that are readily available?

If you are like many people looking for new sources of help, the answer is probably yes.

Lots of us can think of times that we gazed at a beautiful sky and felt a sense of wonder and comfort. However, you probably never thought to use the sky as a healing energy tool.

Using the energy of the sky dates back to ancient times, yet many people nowadays have never heard of it. In fact, the Mayans, Celts, Native Americans and Egyptians all developed ways to utilize the stars and the sky. Although their methods varied, they held the common belief that there was a powerful and profound force above.

But, you are probably wondering how YOU can use the energy of the sky to have a positive impact nowadays?

Interestingly, there are easy ways that you can put sky energy to work for you that require little effort.

Check Out These Five Easy Ways to Use the Energy in the Sky.

1.  Accurately Chart Your Astrology

A lot of us have at least one person in our lives who might regularly reference astrology. Has anyone expressed to you that “mars is in retrograde” or “that he or she is only compatible with fire signs” or that “their horoscope is good that day??” Unfortunately, some of the astrology that we encounter nowadays tends to focus on limiting beliefs, negative outcomes and broad horoscopes that have nothing to do with our actual astrology charts. The truth is that the essence of astrology is specific, empowering, positive and enlightening.  But, the first step is to accurately chart your astrology. To do so, you need to utilize your full name, your place of birth and your time of birth.

Most of the time people easily know everything EXCEPT their exact time of birth and think that it is OK to guesstimate when they do their chart. The simply answer to this is NO.

In fact, being off by mere minutes can give you an entirely different chart. Thus, take the time to find that pesky birth certificate and talk to your parents or relatives to really nail down the time you were born.

Also, instead of paying someone to do your chart, you will get more benefit if you do it yourself. The main reason is that you will approach it with much more of an open mind rather than having someone TELL you what they think that everything means.

Not to say that you can’t use a reader to delve in deeper once you have a basic understanding. However, it is good that you start from a place that feels natural and right. Sometimes astrology readers can be pushy with their own interpretations that might throw you off your mark. Remember it is YOUR chart and YOUR life.

Discover your Sun and Rising Signs and What it Means to You

To start understanding your astrological chart, find out your sun sign and rising sign and work from there in a way that feels good. While, you probably know your sun sign (Aries for instance), most people do not know their rising sign or what means. Simply put a rising sign “is the Zodiac sign that appears on the Eastern horizon at a person’s birth, more precisely: the intersection of the Eastern Horizon with the Ecliptic.”

Pay careful attention if you are born on a cusp (the intersection of two signs), a holiday, a family members’ or important friends’ birthday and explore that that means to you.

Once you open yourself up to astrology, you might be surprised what shows up in your life. For instance, you might see a poster for a workshop that feels right to you or gleam some helpful information from a random series of events. It can be exciting when you open yourself up to new messages.

One thing to be careful of is misusing astrology to LIMIT your life. For instance, if you find yourself believing that you can never date a certain sign or that all people that are a sign are one way, you are really missing the nuances of astrology. Also, astrology should never make you feel fearful. Never. If you interface with any information that upsets you, that is not true astrology and should be immediately discarded.

Make your astrology a positive and broadening source of information and see what happens!

2. Practice Sky Reiki

You may have heard of Reiki healing and wondered what it means. Simply put, Reiki is healing through “laying of the hands” or when one person puts their hands strategically on another person to help them. While this might seem too simple to be effective, scientific studies have found various powerful benefits of Reiki.

Sky Reiki uses similar principles of Reiki healing, but instead of utilizing a “laying of the hands” for energetic healing benefits, you utilize the energy from the sky for healing benefits. A simple way to do this is to incorporate Sky Reiki into your outdoor activities in a way that feels healing and nourishing to you.

How to Perform Sky Reiki

To do this, start by thinking of the sky as a healing force above you. If you hold certain religious beliefs, you might think of it as a “heavenly” force. Honor your own individual customs and belief system to think of the sky in a powerful way that suits you. Next, reach your hands up over your head and imagine the energy from the sky as feeding you deeply from within. You might even ask for a specific way that you would like the energy to help you. Next, honor the stillness and breathe deeply as you invite positive energy from above to help and feed you.

For even more benefits, try doing relaxing yoga poses under a beautiful sky with positive intentions. You can utilize yoga to connect with the sky and stars in a meaningful way.

Finally, when you encounter a sunset or sunrise that feels magical, take a moment and breathe that good feeling into your body. Ask the universe and sky to help you. Make sure to be specific and positive in your thoughts and think of all the good things in your life. Take a moment gazing at the beautiful sky and utilize it to lift your mood and surround you with love.

3. Visit a Healing Energy Vortex

Chances are that you have already visited a Healing Energy Vortex and not even known it. What!!!???

A Healing Energy Vortex is thought to be a swirling center of energy that is conducive to healing, meditation and self-exploration located in such places as Sedona Arizona.

The great news is that energy vortex locations are not just found in exotic places. In fact, a healing energy vortex can literally be right in your own backyard. And by that, we actually mean right in your own backyard.

Sometimes a Healing Energy Vortex is a Familiar Place in Your Life!

That is right, a healing energy vortex can be in your own yard under your favorite tree or in your garden by your favorite rose bush.

Find a place that is meaningful to you and that makes you feel calm, collected and supported by nature and use it to refuel and recharge.

Practice your Sky Reiki exercises in your favorite Healing Energy Vortex and see how that feels to you!

4. Drink Biodynamic Wine

Biodynamic agriculture is a form of farming that has been on the rise in all areas of agriculture, in recent years. Not only does biodynamics encompass all the practices of organic farming, but it also places a priority on being in synch with the natural flow of the stars and the sky. The lunar calendar, for instance, is just one of the many earth cycles that biodynamic viticulturists pay close attention to for its effects on their grapes. Much like the practice of Ayurveda, biodynamic farmers strive to have as little impact on their environment as possible, which allows them to yield a product that is as close to nature as one can get.

However, Organic Wine is Not Necessarily Biodynamic Wine

Some people assume that if they are buying organic wine, that this means that it is biodynamic, which isn’t always the case. Biodynamic honors the energy of the sky in addition to utilizing organic growing practices. This makes it different than organic wine. Many people describe biodynamic wine as honoring the rhythm of the sky, stars and environment.

In addition to being better for the planet, biodynamic wine is good for your health, too. Studies show that these wines, grown without pesticides, following the cycle of the moon, the sun and the stars are more pure and nutrient dense, making that glass of merlot an asset to a well balanced diet and a healthy, long life. So, say cheers to your health!

5. Do a Crystals and Stones Sky Cleanse

While many people practice crystal healing techniques, it’s astounding how many do not properly cleanse their crystals and stones before use.

Failing to properly clear crystals and stones means that you are using crystals and stones with mismatched energy and intentions!

How can you properly attract the right energy if the tools you are using are attuned to someone else or not attuned at all?

You can align your crystals and stones by placing them under a beautiful night sky and setting an intention that they clear previous energy and align to your own frequency.

Simply place them under the moon, state your purpose for them and then gather them in the morning. The sky will clear and recharge them just for you.

You can also carry a special stone or crystal to a healing vortex and perform a sky cleanse to recharge it.

Remember that crystals and stones are personal and must be consistently attuned to your energy for best results.

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