Complete Crystal Healing Guide for Beginners

Your Complete Guide to How to Use Crystals and Stones

Learn the KEY steps from a Crystal Expert with a Lifetime of Experience

Hey all! I’m Chelsea, the Founder of the Natural Products Network!

For nearly my entire life I’ve studied natural healing including how to use crystals and stones to attract the right energy to my goals, break negative patterns and get on the right path.

I’ve found that crystals and stones are one of the most powerful ways to attract success, love, new career opportunities, prosperity and more!

In fact, I used crystals to help me attract more TV opportunities…which ironically included appearances where I actually talked about crystals!

Here is me on one of my most popular TV segments talking about crystals for love and romance.

I have appeared on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC and THE CW sharing information about natural products and wellness strategies. Pretty cool, right?!

However, when using crystals and stones it is important to know what you are doing…

Unfortunately, nearly all the online crystal information I’ve come across is JUST PLAIN WRONG.

Either it is missing key components, it’s just too advanced for a beginner or both.

I realized that there wasn’t an easy-to-follow guide that teaches the exact steps for crystal success—so I decided to create one!

So how do I know these exact steps to crystal success? Not only have I studied with prominent experts, I have had the rare opportunity to study with healers who are truly masters in this field.

These are true leaders who represent an authentic approach to healing. I am fortunate that I have been able to learn vital healing information firsthand!

Discover the Ancient Secrets in Seven Targeted Steps

I’m so excited to bring you this complete and easy-to-follow guide on how to use crystals and stones to attract what you want in life.

It is out of a true passion and purpose that I created this guide to using crystals and stones to attract success and abundance.

It honors the dedicated healers I have learned from in my life and my own experiences attracting success, romance, new career opportunities, money and more using crystals and stones!

What is Included in the Seven Steps to Crystal Success

The Seven Steps to Crystal Success is the most efficient and complete way to learn the crucial information you need to succeed with crystals and stones!

This digital course is fast paced, exciting and easy to implement in your own life!

I’m so thrilled about the initial feedback I’m getting and how people are using the course to break negative energetic patterns and attract new positive outcomes! Here is an example of the feedback I’m getting!

“I used crystals for years, but never really knew what I was doing! Wow, what a difference it makes to actually learn how to use them effectively! I especially love learning how to attract the right crystals to ME for my goals! Here are two crystals that have come to me since learning how to attract the right crystals and now I’m getting more new deals and business! I love it!” – Kathy E.

The course covers all the Seven Steps to Crystal Success and includes four downloadable guides that you can use to propel your crystal healing forward:

How to Set an Intention Step by Step Guide – Learn how to set an intention within your crystal practice. This is more difficult than you think, unless you have this information!

Cleanse, Detox and Align Crystal Energy – Learn how to prepare your crystals before you use them and align them with your own energy. It is so, so important to align crystals with YOUR OWN energy before you use them!

Clearing Energy Chakras – Learn a modern approach to clearing energy chakras to remove energetic blocks. Removing energetic blocks helps you to remove obstacles in your path!

Money Magnet Crystal Energy – Find out how to use your crystals to shift and create positive energy surrounding money. This is essential to know if you want to use crystal energy to attract financial abundance!

The Seven Steps for Crystal Success is the COMPLETE crystal guide for beginners

Find out how to get started with crystals and stones even if you are a total beginner!

♥Learn WHAT TO DO and WHAT TO AVOID if you want to utilize crystals and stones to ATTRACT MONEY OR LOVE.
♥Learn why common practices like building crystals grids are NOT EFFECTIVE and MORE EFFECTIVE WAYS TO USE CRYSTALS AND STONES!
♥Discover how you can get your stones and crystals to CHOOSE YOU. At first this may seem hard to grasp, but it’s actually easy to do and the best way to acquire powerful stones!

Build Your Intuition and Fuel Your Positive Energy Toward Reaching Your Goals

♥Learn simple, fun and effective ways meditate with your crystals and stones! This can have a powerful impact on your life!
♥Find out how to use crystals and stones to tap into your intuition and uncover the answers you ALREADY have within!
♥Discover how to use your crystals and stones to create an energetic shift to REMOVE NEGATIVE PATTERNS in your life AND DEVELOP POSITIVE ONES INSTEAD.

Learn the KEY Secrets of Using Crystals and Stones You’ll ONLY find in this guide:

♥Find out why you need to be VERY CAREFUL about giving and receiving crystals and stones.
♥Find out why going to a crystal “expert” for a reading could be the worst thing you can do and how you can be BETTER than an expert! Seriously!
♥Learn how to integrate other common natural healing tools into your crystals and stones practice.
♥Learn what to do if you are using crystals and stones and it’s NOT WORKING and how to easily readjust your practice!

Get targeted, insider knowledge that you’ll ONLY find in this course!