Attract Money and Success with Natural Remedies

Utilizing simple natural tools like food, Feng Shui, lucky charms and crystals can help you attract the money and success that you’re looking for. In fact, these simple natural remedies have been utilized throughout time to help people attract what they want.

Best of all, these tools are easy to find, inexpensive and connect you with powerful ancient learnings and techniques.


According to ancient mystics, ginseng and parsley attract success, romance and money. Both of these simple herbs are purity herbs which means that they help your mind, body and spirit to heal and renew. In fact, ancient folklore talks about using a combination of parsley and ginseng to attract love and success. Also, the Greeks highly regarded parsley as a magical food to honor and protect people. Try eating a little fresh ginseng and parsley each morning as soon as you wake up or have it as a tea. Another option is to ground both together, bundle in a small cloth and put in your purse or pocket.


According to Feng Shui, elephant sculptures attract money and success. The Chinese pronunciation of the elephant’s name is “Hsiang” which means revenue and prosperity. When choosing an elephant sculpture, opt for one that you want to look at and place it in an area of your home where you will see it often.


The Mayas, Aztecs and Egyptians all thought highly of pyramids and used them to attract prosperity and good luck. When you think of all the mystic power associated with pyramids it is no wonder that they help to attract great things! One tip to heighten the power of your pyramid is to put it in a high place, like on top of tall bookshelf, and move it around your house. This simple act honors and ignites the energetic nature of the pyramid.

Feng Shui Colors and Decorations

The colors purple, red and green are thought to bring good energy and luck into a home. Also, according to Feng Shui the southeastern corner of the home governs cash flow. Therefore, decorations in that corner of your house should be a direct reflection of attracting financial success. For instance, maybe you inherited a prized piece of furniture or artifact that represents financial abundance to you. If so, consider placing this prized object in a prime spot in the southeastern corner of your home.

Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise jewelry is inexpensive, beautiful and has a long history of attracting good energy. Ancient people believed turquoise protects, inspires and promotes harmony and success. Native Americans call turquoise the stone of life.  Navajos have used it to protect warriors going into battle and give it as a prominent gift in coming of age ceremonies. Just make sure to cleanse and align your turquoise with your energy before wearing!


Visualization can be an extraordinary tool for attracting positive outcomes. One of our favorite stories about the power of belief is when the comedian Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for 10 million dollars and then made his dreams come true.

Shakti Gawain teaches the art of creative visualization to use mental imagery and affirmation to produce positive changes. His beloved book speaks to those in diverse fields, including health, education, business, sports, and the creative arts.

The Seven Steps to Crystal Success

Since ancient times, people have used crystals and stones to attract what they want in life.

Crystal healing is mentioned in several ancient writings and cultures as far back as 4000 BC.

In Plato’s account of Atlantis, the Atlanteans used crystals to read minds and transmit thoughts and the Ancient Sumerians used crystals in their magical formulas.

In fact, you’ll find prominent accounts of crystals healing in scriptures from Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and Native America.

If all these cultures used crystals and stones for success, why can’t you?

Unfortunately, knowledge of this ancient art is limited to few. But, thankfully it is not lost!

Our founder, Chelsea, has 20 years experience utilizing crystal and stones to attract success and shares this knowledge in seven logical and easy steps.

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