Natural and Eco-Friendly Back-to-School Picks

Can you believe that it’s time to start thinking about back-to-school, again? Check out some of our favorite natural and eco-friendly options that will help you get off to a healthy start!

Back to the Roots Cereals
Arm yourself with the best cereal for those busy school mornings. Back to the Roots offers a variety of breakfast cereals that use regenerative agriculture and minimal processing to bring vitality back to the farm and incredible flavor & nutrition to your bowl! You’ll find healthy ingredients like 100% organic stoneground whole wheat and non-gmo corn.

BENTOLOGY IS DESIGNED TO HELP YOU pack nutritious bento box lunches for school, work, travel, play or take out. Inspired by single-portion Bento containers common in Japan, Bentology provides lunchboxes, lunchbags, and containers for home-packed meals that encourage healthy eating and portion control. Plus, bento boxes are eco-friendly and contain NO phthalates, BPA, PVC or lead, and are made in the USA.

Easy-to-Pack Natural Lunch Picks
Check out these easy ideas for natural lunch picks kids love. Justin’s NEW Snack Packs combine pretzels with nut butter goodness in easy-to-eat packs. Happy Family makes a variety of smoothies and snacks that are a great option for the little ones just starting out and are a great option when it’s your turn to buy snacks for the class! R.W. Knudsen Family offers USDA organic juice boxes provide on-the-go refreshment featuring kid-friendly flavors.  Each juice box contains 100% juice and provides 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.

Hyland’s 4 Kids Products
Hyland’s has been trusted for generations to provide safe, effective, homeopathic medicines for all members of the family. Hyland’s 4 Kids line of Products offer options for everything from colds and coughs to minor bruises to help your kids feel like themselves again!

Natural Hand Sanitizers
Keep germs at bay without the chemicals! Natural based hand sanitizers from Everyone and EO offer safe and effective options with natural essential oils that kill 99% of common germs and smell great. Make a wonderful gift for your new teacher!