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Crystals to Attract Romance

Are you single and ready to mingle or attached and want to add some fire to your relationship? Using simple crystals and stones helps to revive the energy around you and invite great things into your life—even love and romance! Check out some of the best crystals and stones to attract romance and share your own experiences in the comments below!

How do crystals and stones work?
One explanation for how crystals and stones work may be found in the common quartz movement we encounter in watches. Quartz crystal helps to enable watches to keep time by vibrating very quickly in response to an electric charge. The “vibration” or energy of various crystals and stones, like quartz, may be how these beautiful gems express their power. You can use your crystals and stones in different ways including carrying them in a left pocket, using them in meditation or simply placing them in your surroundings. Be careful about giving other people crystals and stones because it can create an unwanted “binding” energy between you.

Crystals and Stones for Love and Romance

Each bundle contains three (4) crystals and stones including (1) Rose Quartz, (1) Snakeskin Agate, (1) Botswana Agate and (1) Tiger Eye.

Rose Quartz – This is the eternal heart stone for promoting openness and healing the pain from past relationships. If you find yourself living in a past relationship, than this could be the stone that helps you move onto something better. It’s also great for opening up your energy so that others know that you are ready for love. If you are in a relationship, rose quartz can help you dive deeper and discover new passion and romance. If you constantly feel like something is holding you back from love, this stone could be exactly what you need.

Snakeskin Agate – This rare crystal is known as a “skin healing” crystal and is a great fit for anyone who wants to beautify their appearance, shed a bad situation or feel more comfortable in their own skin. The beautiful snakeskin markings on the crystal bring the energy of renewal, even in the hardest circumstances.

Botswana Agate – Do you sometimes feel like you have some sort of blockage that is preventing you for receiving the love that you want and need? Botswana Agate is all about letting the energy flow, enhancing your intuition and reminding you that love is all around you. This activates your internal radar to help you find the special person that is the right fit for you and restore your confidence. This stone also helps you remove blocks in current relationships that are holding you back. This could even mean coming to the realization that your soulmate is not the person you are currently dating.

Tiger Eye – Think of the potent wisdom in the eyes of a tiger and that helps you understand the “all-knowing” ability of this stone. It brings confidence, courage and action in your life. When it comes specifically to love, it emboldens action and romantic connection.

Each kit includes a handy carrying pouch. You will not get these exact stones as no two stones are exactly alike. Images so the actual lots of stones so you can see the high quality. 

Also, unlike other kits that you will find online, we are sourcing high-quality crystals and stones that are sometimes hard to find AND we are clearing them in the proper way SO THAT THEY ARE JUST FOR YOU. We have not found another crystal shop online where they care about properly clearing the stones which means that people are using stones that are full of other people’s energy and intentions! You NEED the stones cleared just for you for the best results!

  • Love, Luck and Success Crystals and Stones Bundle

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  • Remove Financial Blocks Bundle

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  • Soulmate Stones

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One-of-a-Kind Red Rocks Clearing

All stones and crystals have been specially cleared for use at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre to further enhance their energetic power. As a special extra step, sand from Red Rocks will be sprinkled on your crystals and stones so that they are protected as they travel to you. This makes your crystals and stones more powerful and special.

Good Bacteria for Better Skin

Did you know that there is growing evidence that bacteria can actually be good for your skin? Just as we need good bacteria internally, more experts are agreeing that so does our skin. Skincare featuring probiotics, or good bacteria, helps to rebalance the bacterial ecosystem of the skin to beautify complexions in new ways.

Eminence Organics

Cool and balance your skin with Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser, Moisturizer and Masque. These clarifying  products treat oily and problem skin with cucumber, shea butter, tea tree oil, willow bark extract, sweet almond milk and probiotic-rich yogurt to reduce the visible signs of problem skin and breakouts without stripping the skin of moisture. Products are cruelty-free and formulated without parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs and triclosan.

Mother Dirt

At AOBiome, the parent company of Mother Dirt, they research probiotics of the skin, specifically ammonia oxidizing bacteria (AOB), which are essential to restore skin to a natural state. They have developed a live probiotic, AO+ Mist, which contains the good bacteria, AOB. This soil bacteria is the best probiotic for your skin, as AOBs act as peacekeepers for the bacterial ecosystem of your microbiome, helping the other bacteria live in harmony with each other. Within two weeks of use, the AO+ Mist improves the appearance of skin issues including sensitivity, blotchiness, roughness, oiliness, dryness, and odor by replacing essential bacteria lost by modern hygiene & lifestyles.

Andalou Naturals

Andalou Naturals offer a variety of probiotic-based skin care products including their popular Kombucha Enzyme Exfoliating Mask featuring grapefruit Kombucha to help gently exfoliate dull, dry surface cells and their Priobiotic + C Renewal Cream, which uses a skin-friendly probiotic microflora for a more luminous complexion.

Make Your Own Kombucha Toner!

You can also make your own revitalizing Kombucha toner featuring live probiotics by simply using some of the unflavored Kombucha that you drink and combining it with equal parts aloe vera juice in a mister to spritz over your face and hair. Make sure to check the expiration of your Kombucha drink after it is opened, as that is how long your toner is good for. Thus, it is a good idea to make a small amount of toner for misting at a time (like a third of your small mister bottle) so that you are using the most vital and vibrant probiotics.

How I Attracted Love, Protection and Success with Crystals

By: Chelsea Vurciaga

Few know about crystal healing, yet those who use crystals to heal and attract good things into their lives report powerful experiences. If this is something that interests you, approach it with an open mind and you might be surprised at the positive results. While using crystals may feel foreign to Westerners, it’s something that people throughout the world have been doing for thousands of years.

This article is a results of my personal success using the crystal rose quartz. This story demonstrates the power of crystal healing and might make you want to delve further into the possibilities of using crystals in your own life. The story goes like this: Years ago I went to a crystal shop and decided to purchase two matching rose quartz crystals. I was attracted to rose quartz because of its connection with love and self fulfillment. For some unknown reason I felt that I had to purchase two identical carved rose quartz stones. This was a feeling that I had that I couldn’t really explain.

After purchasing the stones for a small amount of money I soon forgot about them and carelessly packed them while moving to different apartments throughout the years until I could no longer remember where I had put them. Since the crystals weren’t expensive, it was of little concern to me. Eventually, I forgot about them completely.

Then nearly a decade later I was involved in a horrible accident that could have easily taken my life, but I miraculously escaped, nearly unscathed. While cleaning out my totaled car, I discovered one of the rose quartz crystals in the heaps of metal and broken glass. It was completely intact. This shocked me for a number of reasons, but mainly because I had four different cars throughout the ten years and never remembers placing the crystal in my car to begin with. Still, I soon forgot about the crystal again after putting it in a bag with other items from the crash.

Five more years passed and I was looking through my belongings and found the crystal I had placed in the bag after the crash. Suddenly, I was struck by a feeling that I needed the crystal and should hold onto it. I wondered what happened to the twin crystal I had purchased, but thought that it was long gone after so many years of not keeping track of it. This bothered me, since I had the feeling that I needed that crystal, too. I even went to a crystal shop to try and purchase another one, but couldn’t find a replacement. Then, as if guided by a force I can’t quite describe I stumbled upon an old purse I hadn’t carried in a number of years way, way, WAY in the back of my closet and inside was the matching crystal.

When I held the two crystals together for the first time in several years, I had a strong feeling of love and peace that is hard to describe. I felt like they were somehow protecting me all these years. I also felt like I could use them together to help me find what I was looking for in my life, which is the main catalyst for my work in energy healing. Sometimes when I am looking for an answer, I hold them in my hands and the answer comes to me. This has led to new career success. Also, recently I’ve met new people who have brought a lot of love and opportunity into my life. They say that you can never really lose a crystal, and they will come to you when you need them and now I truly believe that.

Now, I have several different crystals and use them as a part of my daily life. You will see various specially curated crystal kits on this site at special prices that will enable you to experiment with crystals and find your own love, money and success.

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  • Love, Luck and Success Crystals and Stones Bundle

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  • Soulmate Stones

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Sexy Summer Hair! $70 Value for $25!

Is your hair especially dry during this hot, HOT summer and you have no idea what to do? Help repair and moisturize your hair in new ways with a trio of some of our favorite products for sexy summer hair! Best of all, you can take advantage of amazing savings by snagging one of our limited NPN non-subscription boxes with full sizes of these products for just $25!

John Masters Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor
Visibly reconstruct damaged hair with this ultra-nourishing conditioner formulated with organic honey, organic hibiscus, soy protein, and vitamins B and E. This deep conditioning treatment hydrates damaged and dry tresses, while organic honey and cupuacu butter help smooth and repair.

Dr. Hauschka Revitalizing Hair & Scalp Tonic
Look past your hair and nourish your scalp for new hair health! This amazing product contains neem extract to promote healthy hair growth. Also, it strengthens fine hair, fights itch and promotes lustrous, shiny hair and a healthy, infection-free scalp! Ahhh, feels so good! 

Desert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil
We love Jojoba Oil for summer hair because not only does it nourish, but it also helps to create a natural sunscreen to protect your hair from the rays with a SPF of 4. You can also use it to create a sexy, straight-from-the-shore look by using as a styling product. Just remember that a little goes a long way!

Edible Natural Beauty Products

We’ve all heard about natural beauty products that are pure enough to eat, but here are new dual-purpose natural beauty products that are MEANT to be consumed! Check out some of our edible favorites!

Kid Licks Edible Nail Polish
All Kid Licks nail polishes are made from just fruits, vegetables and other plants.  They are completely organic and edible so you never have to worry about them getting into little bellies.  You can remove them using water and some elbow grease, or even lick them right off of nails.

Noyah Edible Lip Balm
Noyah created the first balm made as actual food! It’s made in a kitchen (not a cosmetic plant), is compliant with food regulations, and carries a nutritional label. It is also natural and organic, has no preservatives, artificial colors, or fragrances, and is never tested on animals.

Edible Beauty Australia
Developed by naturopath and nutritionist Anna Mitsios, Edible Beauty Australia offers “edible” skincare products, pure baby skincare and “beauty” teas containing therapeutic botanicals and wildcrafted Australian ingredients designed to have you glowing both inside and out.

COCO & CO.’s Virgin Coconut Oil offers the lightest taste and a thin, velvet smooth consistency for cosmetic use. This premium coconut oil is extracted without using any heat or chemicals to preserve nutrients and purity. They use the freshest coconuts no older than three days and their product ranks consistently at the top in blind taste, smell and feel test.  Use it as a skin moisturizer for radiant, glowing skin or as a healthy cooking oil to add flavor and nutrients to your dishes!

Superfruit Beauty Products

The natural beauty world is buzzing with the introduction of more superfruits into everyday products. Here are some of our favorite lines that are taking the benefits of superfruits and using them in exciting, new ways.

Shea Moisture Superfruit Line
This exciting line combines nourishing ingredients like Organic Shea and Mango Butters with a proprietary antioxidant superfruit complex of Raspberry, Goji, Acai and Guava extract to nourish and help improve skin elasticity.

John Masters Organics
John Masters utilizes a number of powerful fruits in their products such as Pomegranate which provides the base for their amazing Pomegranate Facial Nourishing Oil. More than a moisturizer, Pomegranate provides a potent source of punicic and linolenic acids, improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles and helps to prevent premature aging.

Skin by Ann Webb
This revolutionary line takes superfruit ingredients like Apple Stem Cells and Goji to help improve the look of lines, defend against aging skin, firm and hydrate and help to fade sunspots and blemishes.

Andalou Naturals
Andalou Naturals is one of the leaders in Fruit Stem Cell Science. Their products focus on renewing dormat cells, repairing damaged cells and regenerating healthy cells. One of our favorite products in their line is the Apricot Probiotic Cleansing Milk which helps to calm irritation and restore moisture where you need it most.

Four easy and effective natural beauty swaps

Now that spring is here, it’s time to clear the clutter and look for healthy products that fit your lifestyle! Take a look at your makeup bag and consider swapping out chemical-laden products for effective natural alternatives!

 ILIA Mascara
This one-of-a-kind mascara is naturally preserved and Phenoxyethanol-free. Find four beautiful shades featuring organic ingredients and a special wand that makes application easier and more effective.

Rejuva Minerals Bronzer and Powder
This amazing product is like two products in one and features pure, natural ingredients. You’ll find a variety of pure ingredients including nourishing jojoba and antioxidants from fruits and berries. Plus, it’s free of common skin irritants including mica, bismuth oxychloride and titanium dioxide. A celeb favorite!

EcoTools Makeup Brushes
The EcoTools collection of brushes has everything you need to apply your makeup beautifully. They have incredibly soft bristles, sleek bamboo handles, recycled aluminum ferrules, and are 100% cruelty free. Plus, these long lasting bamboo brushes do not shed!

Zuzu Luxe Liquid Liner
This hypoallergenic and fragrance-free liquid eyeliner by Gabriel cosmetics is made with natural mineral-based colors and comes with a fine brush applicator for excellent application and detail. Takes your look from day to evening in mere minutes!

Healthy back-to-school essentials

Can you believe that it’s already time to prep to send the kiddies back-to-school? Get this year off to a healthy start with natural and eco-friendly essentials that your kids will love!

Applegate Half Time
Applegate believes kid food should be great food: highest quality, totally natural, and decidedly delicious. Applegate Half Times combine different products from Applegate, Annie’s and Stonyfield  that parents can feel good about packing for their kid’s lunch. Half Times offer an all-bases-covered meal with delicious meat, cheese and crackers without antibiotics, preservatives, or artificial ingredients.  Dig in!

Honest Kids
Honest Kids offers an easy-to-take lunchtime drink that is refreshing and not two sweet. They have about half the sugar of leading kids’ juice drinks and 100 percent daily value of Vitamin C. In fact, each Honest Kid beverage contains 9g of sugar per 6.75 fl oz pouch. The leading kids’ juice drinks in single-serve packaging contain approximately 20g of sugar per 6.75 fl oz serving. (Note: many leading kids’ juice drinks come in 6 fl oz pouches).

U Konserve
U Konserve was started six years ago by two moms who were shocked by the amount of lunchtime trash generated each day in their children’s school.  Here’s a scary fact: one child produces 67 pounds of lunch time trash each year!! Their very first product and one that is still very popular today, the Waste-Free Lunch Kit, features a cotton sack, cloth napkin, 13 oz stainless steel beverage bottle, two leak proof 8 oz containers for snacks and sides and a Food Kozy Wrap for a sandwich or crackers. Perfect for lunch all year round!

Green Apple Supply
Green Apple Supply believes that eco products should be affordable for everyone. They feel that without a universal shift in consumption, our physical ability to inhabit the planet is limited, so it needs to be easy to do something to make a difference. To this end, they offer a variety of everyday back-to-school supplies including colored pencils, paper, construction paper and backpacks that are made with the Earth in mind.

Natural sun protection

Did you know that you can choose a variety of natural products to protect yourself from the suns rays? You’ll find everything from natural and organic sunblock and lip care to products to shield your body from the inside out. Take a look at some of our favorites and tune into Everyday July 29 to see us chat about them!

Natural Skin Protection
Coola Organic Suncare Collection offers a variety of organic-focused suncare products including classic and mineral based lines. Patented Oleosome Technology, derived from eco-certified organic Safflower and rich in moisturizing Vitamin E, enhances sun protection and helps time-release actives, resulting in 75% less actives!

Natural Lip Protection
There are various natural lip products that provide great protection for your lips while you are playing outside. Alba Bontanica makes a very emollient natural lip care stick with SPF 25 that glides on easy and stays on. Also, make sure to check out Badger Lip Tint and Shimmer that feature natural ingredients like organic sunflower olive oil,  beeswax, castor oil and mineral sun protection complete with a natural looking shimmer. Finally, for super dry summer lips, check out Bodyceuticals Calendula Lip Balm. Calendula flowers have been used since ancient times to heal and nourish the body and help protect against burns.

Natural Sun Protection Options for Hair
While it’s great to wear a hat to protect your hair from the sun, sometimes that’s not always feasible. Also, long hair can extend outside your hat and go unprotected. Thankfully, it’s easy to make your own natural sun protection leave-in conditioner by utilizing oils that contain natural SPF. Products like Shea ButterJojoba OilCoconut Oil and Sesame Oil help seal in moisture and protect hair from the rays. You can make your own special blend and a little goes a long way. If you have colored hair, check with your colorist about the best products for you. We have done some experimenting and found these oils work good with our colored hair, however, there are many different types of color so double-checking is always a good idea.

Internal Ways to Protect Against the Sun
Dark Chocolate
Studies have shown that dark chocolate contains antioxidants and flavonoids that help protect skin from sunburn and skin cancer. The key is to get a very dark chocolate—at least 70% cocoa content—to get the most benefit.

Vitamin E, A and C
Many people don’t realize they can help protect themselves from the sun by taking vitamin supplements. However, combining vitamins C and E helps prevent sunburn and makes the negative effects of the sun less severe. Also, vitamin A is great tool to help heal skin from sun damage. The important part is to purchase high-quality vitamins that feature targeted nutrients that your body can easily absorb and utilize.

Green and black teas also offer sun protection benefits. In fact, as far back as 1991 researchers have demonstrated that feeding green tea extract to mice helps protect them from ultraviolet light-induced skin cancers. Also, a study at the University of Arizona found that drinking iced black tea with citrus peel provided a 42 percent reduction in skin cancer risk.

Natural products to repair sun damage

Going out in the sun is unavoidable and even if we do our best with the sunscreen, we still could be damaging our skin. Here are some natural ways to repair the sun damage you might already have. Also, make sure to tune into Daybreak tomorrow, July 1, to see us chat about them.

Effectively remove dead skin after sun exposure with one simple tool instead of harsh chemicals. Exfolimate is your own personal exfoliating mate, designed with innovative micro grooves and smooth edge technology to instantly glide along the skin with gentle fingertip control and pressure. By using your Exfloimate daily, you will naturally cleanse your pores and remove dulling surface debris to achieve clearer and healthier skin after being in the sun.

Honey Girl Organics
Honey contains high levels of healing antioxidants to help fight free-radical damage due to sun over-exposure. Honey is also a natural humectant, which means that it naturally draws moisture to the skin. In turn, this improves texture, tone and moisture.  Honey Girl Organics utilizes the healing power of honey to promote skin health. Their products help to stimulate collagen production, moisturize and provide nutrition without causing irritation.

Sibu Beauty
Sibu offers both internal and external products featuring Sea Buckthorn to help repair skin from the damaging effects of the sun and boost overall health. The Sibu Sea Buckthorn Liquid Supplement is a powerful free radical scavenger that helps to improve skin tone and texture. It is loaded with omega fatty acids 3, 6, 9 and the elusive omegas 7s which provide key building blocks for skin, hair and nails. Sibu Age Defying Eye Cream revitalizes and treats the delicate area around the eyes that is often affected by squinting into the sun.

Green Tea
You can also find both internal and external green tea solutions to fight skin damage. A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, found that drinking green tea can help make you more resistant to ultraviolet radiation and therefore premature skin aging. You can also find powerful skin care products that feature green tea to apply direction to the skin. One standout is the Green Tea Clay Mask by Evan Healy that works as a purifying deep-action mask to firm and tone. 

Celebrity natural product brands

Did you know that some of the coolest natural brands have a celebrity connection? From skincare and pet food to clothes and items for kids, it just so happens that some of the most innovative natural product companies were brought to market by some well-known faces. Check out some of our favorites and check us out on Daybreak Monday, June 2 to see us talk about them.

KORA Organics
KORA Organics comes from the vision of supermodel Miranda Kerr who sought to develop a range of products that bring together the very best in skincare ingredients that are designed to nourish, replenish and hydrate the skin. The KORA skincare 3 step system for  Normal/Dry, Normal/Sensitive and Oily/Combination skin types offer everything you need to achieve glowing, beautiful results that get noticed.

The Honest Company
Started by actress Jessica Alba, The Honest Company strives to offer savvy style, sustainability and extraordinary service and convenience to families everywhere.  To this end, they offer everyday products for baby, bath and body, cleaning and health and wellness to meet the demands of busy families looking for “honest” products they can trust. This means that you will find amazing products to add to your lifestyle that were made without harming people or the planet.

Happy Family Brands
Launched on Mother’s Day 2006, and founded and operated by moms (including key early investor Demi Moore), Happy Family is a leading premium organic food brand delivering optimal nutrition for the entire family. Happy Family provides organic foods for babies, toddlers, kids, and even adults! It’s delicious, convenient and made with a mother’s touch for all ages, all stages.

PACT Apparel and I and Love and You
Based in Boulder, Colorado, PACT and I and Love and You represent two cutting-edge brands led by natural products visionary and popular survivor contestant, Brendan Synott. PACT helps to fund cool community projects by offering super soft organic cotton underwear, socks, t-shirts and more for babies and adults. I and Love and You is a one-of-a-kind pet food with rigorous ingredient standards formulated by a holistic veterinarian. 



Natural sun protection you can eat

While most of us are used to slathering on the sunscreen to protect ourselves from the rays, did you know that you can boost your sun protection from the inside out? It’s true! While you shouldn’t skip the natural sunscreen you apply topically, things like tea, vitamins and even chocolate can create an additional internal safeguard from the sun. Make sure to tune into Daybreak Tuesday to see us chat about these strategies!

Dark Chocolate
Studies have shown that dark chocolate contains antioxidants and flavonoids that help protect skin from sunburn and skin cancer. The key is to get a very dark chocolate—at least 70% cocoa content—to get the most benefit.

Vitamin E, A and C
Many people don’t realize they can help protect themselves from the sun by taking vitamin supplements. However, combining vitamins C and E helps prevent sunburn and makes the negative effects of the sun less severe.  Also, vitamin A is great tool to help heal skin from sun damage. The important part is to purchase high-quality vitamins that feature targeted nutrients that your body can easily absorb and utilize.

Green and black teas also offer sun protection benefits. In fact, as far back as 1991 researchers have demonstrated that feeding green tea extract to mice helps protect them from ultraviolet light-induced skin cancers. Also, a study at the University of Arizona found that drinking iced black tea with citrus peel provided a 42 percent reduction in skin cancer risk.



Superfruit skin care

Did you know that fruits like pomegranates, apricots and raspberries are packed with nutrients that can help revitalize and feed your skin? More skin care companies are utilizing superfruits like these in products to heal the skin in new ways. Take a cue from nature and take a look at some of the best superfruit skin care products! Also, check us out on Daybreak this Thursday to learn more about them!

Superfruit skin care from Natural Products Network on Vimeo.

John Masters Organics Pomegranate Facial Nourishing Oil
Beyond a moisturizer, this nourishing oil contains a blend of 12 organic plant and essential oils that instantly penetrates and nourishes dry skin. The pomegranate oil works as a powerful antioxidant for the skin to help refresh and renew. Use alone or add to any moisturizer for extra hydration.

Kneipp Bath Products
Nothing is more soothing after a long day than a blissful, steamy bath. Transform your bathroom into an indulgent spa with Kneipp’s bath products, specially formulated to help ease stress, improve mood and promote a good night’s sleep. Each therapeutic bath product uses natural ingredients, including super-nutrient packed orange, lemon and mandarin to naturally soothe for a sense of total relaxation.

Earth Science Apricot Night Cream
This Ultra-rich formula contains Phytelenes, plant extracts and essential oils that rejuvenate the look of the skin, providing a healthy, more radiant appearance. The deeply-hydrating Apricot Oil moisturizes and relieves severely dry skin leaving it soft and supple. Apricots are chalk full of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and beta carotene which are powerful allies for the skin.

Easy Natural Snack Ideas Kids Love

Choosing healthy snacks can make a big difference on how you and your kids feel throughout the day. Here are some nutritious snack ideas that will keep you and your kiddos coming back for more! We’ll be talking about natural snack strategies this Tuesday on Everyday! Make sure to tune in!

Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids from Natural Products Network on Vimeo.

The founder of Appleooz began by making dried apples using Golden Delicious apples from his backyard because he was tired of seeing them go to waste. He learned that by soaking the apples in fruit juices, which are natural preservatives, he was able maintain moisture in the product even after it was dried.  He also began to extend the drying time to make the dried apples crunchy.  This created a very unique, healthy product that kids love.

Bobo’s Oat Bars
Made with Natural and Organic ingredients, Bobo’s Oat Bars have a moist and delicious homemade taste that is unlike any other snack bar on the market. These one-of-a-kind bars are available in ten amazing regular flavors including four exciting Gluten Free flavors. Forget artificial ingredients, additives, sweeteners and other harsh chemicals — each tasty treat is baked from the heart using only pure

Justin’s Nut Butters
This Colorado company only uses the highest quality natural and organic ingredients that are sustainably harvested and found as locally as possible to make their delicious array of nutbutters, peanut butter cups and bars. Products include classic peanut and almond butter and innovative varieties such as Chocolate Hazelnut and Maple

Snikiddy Snacks
All lines of Snikiddy Snacks are vegetarian and gluten and wheat free. No artificial colors or preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, hydrogenated oils, or cholesterol. Plus, the best part is that they are absolutely delicious. We especially like Eat Your Vegetables™ which contain a full serving of veggies in each ounce serving (13 chips)

Natural products for heartburn

We all know that eating fast foods like hot dogs, chili and nachos can lead to uncomfortable heartburn that makes you wish that you wouldn’t have indulged. Fortunately, there are some natural products that can help to ease the pain and suffering so that you can enjoy your favorite foods again. Make sure to tune into Daybreak this Wednesday to see us chat about them.

Papaya Enzyme
Papayas contain a digestive enzyme called papain that is found in the fruit, seeds and leaves of the papaya plant. This enzyme, also known as vegetable pepsin, is often used to treat digestive problems and heartburn. Papaya is also useful for lung health, prevention of heart disease, boosting the immune system, anti-inflammatory effects and protection against macular degeneration and rheumatoid arthritis. Nature’s Plus Papaya Enzyme chewable tablet is derived from 100% all-natural papaya is gluten free, vegetarian and hypo-allergenic.

Boiron Nux Vomica
Boiron Nux Vomica is a homeopathic remedy that temporarily relieves occasional heartburn, acid indigestion or sour stomach. It also temporarily relieves upset stomach associated with nausea or fullness due to overindulgence in food or drink as well as hangover symptoms. Plus it is safe, there are no known side effects and no known drug interactions.

Axia3® ProDigestive® Antacid
Axia3 ProDigestive Antacid is the first ProDigestive antacid supplement to deliver fast-acting relief from occasional heartburn, while promoting healthy digestion. Axia3 ProDigestive Antacid is ideal for people that suffer from occasional heartburn due to diet, stress, exercise, and other causes. It is very different from traditional antacids because it is formulated with an exclusive blend of natural enzymes that work with your body’s digestive system.

Aloe Vera
According to Dr. Oz more than 60 million Americans experience heartburn or GERD (acid reflux) symptoms at least once a month. To help treat and prevent GERD you can utilize the healing qualities of Aloe Vera juice. When taken internally, Aloe Vera helps to soothe an irritated esophagus to help treat acid reflux. Make sure to not take Aloe Vera directly from the plant as a home remedy, as the gel can be contaminated with the aloe latex which is not recommended as an internal treatment. Hanna Kroeger’s Aloe Leaf Gel helps to prevent intestinal difficulties and heartburn and is an overall immune booster and general healing tonic.