The Best Stones and Crystals For Love

Are you focused on finding your soulmate or adding some spice to your current relationship? Here are our carefully chosen stones for attracting love and romance!

Tumbled Rose Quartz – This is the eternal heart stone for promoting openness and healing the pain from past relationships. If you find yourself living in a past relationship, than this could be the stone that helps you move onto something better. It’s also great for opening up your energy so that others know that you are ready for love. If you are in a relationship, rose quartz can help you dive deeper and discover new passion and romance. If you constantly feel like something is holding you back from love, this stone could be exactly what you need.

Tumbled Carnelian – This stone is all about confidence and finding your sexy side. If you have forgotten how hot you are, this stone is for you. Just like it’s vibrant fiery shade,  It helps you tap into and bring to light your own unique qualities that make you a great catch. If you are reading this and thinking “but I’m not attractive” this is the stone for you. Remember that beauty is more of a state of mind, than the state of your behind. It’s true!

Tumbled Botswana Agate – Do you sometimes feel like you have some sort of blockage that is preventing you for receiving the love that you want and need? Botswana Agate is all about letting the energy flow, enhancing your intuition and reminding you that love is all around you. This activates your internal radar to help you find the special person that is the right fit for you. This stone also helps you remove blocks in current relationships that are holding you back with its gentle warmth. This could even mean coming to the realization that you are better off finding someone new.

Each kit includes a beautifully embellished crystals pouch with sequins. Please note that your pouch may be a different color combination. You will not get these exact stones as no two stones are exactly alike.

Also, unlike other kits that you will find online, we are sourcing high-quality and higher priced stones that are sometimes hard to find AND we are clearing the stones in the proper way SO THAT THEY ARE JUST FOR YOU. We have not found another crystal shop online where they care about properly clearing the stones which means that people are using stones that are full of other people’s energy and intentions! You NEED the stones cleared just for you for the best results!

If you sourced these stones, the lovely pouch and had them cleared individually it could cost you $30!

About Natural Products Network
Since 2009, Natural Products Network has been a vital source for information about the latest and greatest natural products. We have appeared on over 100 TV segments on major networks, worked with more than 300 natural product companies and reached more than 10 million people.

We cannot guarantee any outcome from using crystals and stones. Information is based on crystal and stone properties and uses as shared for thousands of years.

Money Stones for 2018!

This set was limited-edition for 2018! Please check out our NEW Money Stones Bundle!

Tumbled Green Aventurine – Known as the stone of fortune and opportunity, green aventurine is probably the most well known stone for attracting money and success. There are many tales of store keepers would put it near the cash registers to bring more money into the business. It’s also a great stone to keep in your pocket to bring luck to job interviews and games of chance.

Tumbled Yellow Aventurine – Help double your luck and fortune in 2018 with another powerful form of aventurine. Yellow Aventurine is a stone to help with prosperity and good decision making. It helps to ignite creativity and help center you on the right path. When combined with Green Aventurine, it helps bring new investments.

Tumbled Snowflake Obsidian – This stone focuses on purity and breaking negative patterns. While the aventurine stones help to attract money, this stone helps you to do the right things with your money. Snowflake Obsidian ignites your moral compass so that you can find your own “balance” with money. Have you ever felt like money just flows through your hands? This stone will help you find a budget and have the right attitude and energy about money. It will also enable you to learn to handle having more money and holding onto it.

Each kit includes a beautifully embellished crystals pouch with sequins. Please note that your pouch may be a different color combination. You will not get these exact stones as no two stones are exactly alike.

Also, unlike other kits that you will find online, we are sourcing high-quality and higher priced stones that are sometimes hard to find AND we are clearing the stones in the proper way SO THAT THEY ARE JUST FOR YOU. We have not found another crystal shop online where they care about properly clearing the stones which means that people are using stones that are full of other people’s energy and intentions! You NEED the stones cleared just for you for the best results!

If you sourced these stones, the lovely pouch and had them cleared individually it could cost you $25!

About Natural Products Network
Since 2009, Natural Products Network has been a vital source for information about the latest and greatest natural products. We have appeared on over 100 TV segments on major networks, worked with more than 300 natural product companies and reached more than 10 million people.

We cannot guarantee any outcome from using crystals and stones. Information is based on crystal and stone properties and uses as shared for thousands of years.

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Real Life Youth Serums

You might think that the fountain of youth is just something that exists in the movies, but as natural beauty product evolve, there are some targeted products that are getting unbelievable results. Here are some of our age-defying favorites!

May Lindstrom
The Youth Dew from May Lindstrom is an outrageously effective product that features a power packed bouquet of 20 specially chosen plant and botanical-based ingredients. This carefully constructed product works to deliver the time-stopping effects of CoQ10 to leave skin youthful and renewed.

Suki Skincare
The power-packed Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser features SSS technology™ in a uniquely, “safe for sensitivities” format which means no caustic, “VSA” (Volatile Synthetic Active™) or side effects such as peeling, irritation or inflammation. This makes it a one-of-kind, age-defying scrub that profoundly calms and soothes skin issues

Pangea Organics
A luxurious and complex blend of precious, plant-based ingredients, Pangea’s Balancing Oil delivers the most impactful, restorative and hydrating effects possible. Argan is rich with antioxidants and Omega-6 fatty acids. Because it absorbs so quickly, it radically boosts cell production, which is necessary in a true long-term anti-aging regimen.

Evan Healy
The Pomegranate Repair Serum with Sea Buckthorn Oil is the perfect solution for blemished, mature, dry, sensitive and sun damaged skin. This revitalizing blend of fruit, seed and berry oils offers significant levels of essential fatty acids, carotenes, tocopherols and phytosterols – all important elements to fight aging and maintain healthy skin.

Cool Eco-Friendly Colorado Companies

As Earth Day fast approaches, we are thrilled to celebrate some of our favorite sustainable companies and how they are making amazing products while protecting the planet.

Pangea Organics
Pangea’s clean, highly effective, well-designed products send a message to the world that this planet is important, what we put in and on our bodies is important, and the communities we create are important.  To this end, skincare products are designed to be used as a platform that inspires people to lead, live, and make a living in a purposeful way. To celebrate Earth Day, Pangea has joined forces with One Tree Planted, a highly regarded non-profit organization focused on global reforestation, to reforest 100 acres in the Fourmile Canyon burn area on Earth Day, April 22, 2017.

PACT Organic
PACT Organic makes amazing clothes for every member of the family featuring organic cotton, which is a great choice for the environment. Organic cotton is produced and certified to organic agricultural standards, just like the organic food we eat. Its production sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people by using natural processes rather than artificial inputs. Organic cotton farming does not allow the use of toxic chemicals or GMOs. Instead, it combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promotes a better quality of life for all involved.

Bhakti Chai
Bhakti Chai is a certified B-Corporation, Fair-Trade Certified and Zero-Waste Manufacturing company. They source only high-quality, premium ingredients that are sustainably sourced. They partner with agriculture partners like La Grama Peru who pride themselves on taking care of their employees and producing some of the highest-quality ginger in the world! They are also thrilled to be a sponsor of the Growing Gardens Earth Day event where they will be providing free chai and Sparkling Teas. 

At Gaiam, sustainability is a way of life. Their yoga, fitness and wellness products focus on being high-quality and eco-friendly. For instance, their yoga mats are free of six harmful phthalates: DEHP, DBP, DNHP, BBP,  DIDp and DINP. Gaiam believes that all of the Earth’s living matter, air, oceans and land form an interconnected system that can be seen as a single entity. By nurturing, protecting and respecting our planet, its natural resources and its inhabitants, we enrich our own lives and those of future generations.


Best Crystals and Stones to Attract Success

Have you ever used crystals to help attract success into your life? The good news is that even if you are hesitant to give them a try, most crystals cost just a few dollars each and represent an inexpensive way to help improve your life.

How do crystals and stones work?
Throughout time, many cultures including Egyptians, Chinese and Native Americans have utilized various crystals and stones to focus energy, bring good luck, attract love and invoke success. It is thought that crystals and stones emit energy fields that can encourage positive physical and mental health. One way to begin to understand the healing benefits of crystals is to look at their piezoelectric effect. Simply put, crystals help to harness and emit energy which may explain their power. This is most witnessed in the quartz watch movement that uses crystal interaction in order to keep time. Perhaps it is an energy like this that helps influence OUR energy fields and draw good things to us. For those of us who have had positive experiences with crystals, a feeling of positive attraction seems to be the best description of how they work. Depending on what feels right, you can wear crystals, place them over an important picture or document, or even put them under your pillow at night.

Picking the right crystal and stone for you
Your crystal or stone must choose you as much as you are choose it. Often, if a crystal or stone doesn’t choose you, you will quickly lose or misplace it and never see it again. On the other hand, if a crystal or stone likes you, you will find it again and again in random places you left it and it will not leave you. To choose the right stones and crystals for you, go to the one that you are most attracted to, close your eyes and hold it in your hands by your heart. If you feel pulled forward by it than it is a good choice for you.

Stones and crystals for success
These are some of the standout stones that are known to attract money and success. However, if you are drawn to another stone and feel that it will be lucky for you, please go with your instinct!

This sparkling light yellow stone is known as the “merchants stone” because it is thought to help increase sales. In fact, some say to put a citrine in the cash drawer to bring in more business. It also helps to promote confidence, self-assurance and prosperity and open the mind. People also use citrine as a protection stone and to dispel negative energy. This is a great stone for entrepreneurs!

Aventurine is known as the stone for luck and chance. Some say that this is a good stone to have handy if you play the lottery. It is also said to promote independence, originality, creative visualization and emotional tranquility. People also use it to promote a positive attitude and confidence. Keep it by you as you prep for an important meeting or business presentation!

Tibetan “Black” Quartz
This crystal, which carries the “OM” vibration, is one of the most powerful crystals for removing blockages and negative energies. Use it to bring clarity and focus to your current job situation and remove hinderances. This is also a great crystal to help you realize your path in life and best way toward success. It helps balance all of your chakras, clear negative thought patterns and promote positive actions. It also helps to protect you from from jealous or competitive coworkers and protect you from an overzealous or combative boss.

IMPORTANT – Before using your stones and crystals, make sure to “clear” them by bathing them in sea salt overnight. This is thought to remove all previous energy so that they are free for your use. Simply put them in sea salt so that it covers them completely and leave while you sleep. This is an important step that is a recommended as an absolute must. People use crystals and stones in different ways including carrying them in a left pocket, using them in meditation or simply placing them in their surroundings.

Instant Eye Brighteners

Instantly elevate your look by opting for natural products that make your eyes pop! Here are some of our favorite ways to brighten up your eyes!

Indie Lee
The Calendula Eye Balm is a multitasking miracle balm specially designed for the sensitive skin around the eyes. Mango seed butter dramatically diminishes dark circles, while calendula oil, beeswax, and lavender oil increase skin’s elasticity.

Jane Iredale 
The Circle Delete concealer offers two colors for the perfect shade! This wonderful eye conditioner and concealer contains moringa butter and avocado oil, both high in vitamins A, C, D and E and green tea extract, a potent antioxidant to help your eyes shine!

RMS Beauty
The RMS Eye Polishes offer a veil of sheer metallic hues that give these unique shadows a glowing, light-reflective finish not seen in traditional eye shadows. They have a subtle, glossy quality, giving them a fashion forward finish that is both flattering and youthful.

Mineral Fusion
The Mineral Fusion Revitalizing Eye Treatment offers powerful skin-firming peptides, natural antioxidants, and wrinkle-fighting Iron packed into a eye cream to deliver firmer, revitalized skin. The SPF 16 Brightening Eye Cream offers spectrum mineral SPF to defend against sun damage, natural antioxidants and wrinkle-fighting, clinically tested, collagen-boosting peptide to help firm and restore skin for a more youthful appearance

Desserts For Your Face

Wow…who knew that natural skin care could be so delicious!? Check out these products featuring ingredients that you might find in your dessert, but are scrumptious treats for your face!

FarmHouse Fresh
Are you ready for a tingling textural improvement? The Pudding Apeel – Tapioca + Rice Active Fruit Glycolic Mask sounds like a tasty treat, but works as a gentle resurfacing mask to slough away dead surface cells and revealing newer, smooth textured skin over time. All of this, with no abrasion needed!

Red Flower
Nourish, protect and fortify with the amazing Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream. The rare and precious cloudberry brings softening fatty acids and antioxidizing vitamins in a divinely light-textured cream (that sounds like a decadent dessert!), encouraging the skin’s complete and radiant rebirth. This nutrient rich cream replaces the natural loss of collagen and elastin and regenerates cells to leave skin replenished, protected and supple.

Eminence Organics
The Chocolate Mousse Hydration Masque fights the visible signs of aging. A healthy dose of antioxidant-rich cocoa is great for your skin, and macadamia, almond and jojoba oils provide deep hydration to leave your skin looking smooth and refreshed.

Natural Deodorants That Work!

For those of us who want to use as many natural products as possible, in the past, natural deodorants haven’t always been the most reliable. Thankfully, FINALLY there are some options that really work! Check them out!

Schmidt’s Deodorant
Schmidt’s is changing the face of natural deodorant by offering an award-winning formula that naturally and effectively neutralizes odor. Their plant-based products help absorb wetness without the use of aluminum and are free of propylene glycol, parabens and phthalates. Make sure to check out the invigorating Bergamot + Lime scent that is reminiscent of a summer’s day with its bright citrus scent.

Crystal Body Deodorant
Crystal Body Deodorant is made of Natural Mineral Salts, which prevent body odor by creating an invisible protective barrier against dreaded odor-causing bacteria. We love that it’s not sticky, doesn’t stain and doesn’t leave any white residue. Plus, the formula contains no Aluminum Chlorohydrate and can be used by both men and women.

Kiss My Face Deodorant 
Kiss My Face offers a clinically proven 24-hour odor protection that goes on sheer and dries in seconds. Their naturally effective plant-derived formula contains Antioxidant Defenders, which help with dawn to dusk protection. We especially love the spray on Quick Dry Spray Deodorant-Sport and the Natural Man Men’s Deodorant, each with great staying power!

Herban Cowboy Deodorant
Herban Cowboy wanted to create a line of products that is healthy and good for the environment. They make distinct, cologne-like smelling men’s and women’s deodorants in long-lasting formulas that are free of propylene glycol, aluminum and triclosan.


Power Greens for Younger Skin

Did you know that plants and algae contain a secret ingredient that can help you obtain beautiful and younger looking skin? It’s true! Chlorophyll, found in plants and algae, is a powerful antioxidant that helps to detoxify and heal. Check out some cutting edge green beauty products to feed your skin in new ways.

Super Green Beauty Smoothie
Liquid chlorophyll, which gives plants their vibrant green color, has the ability to bind and remove toxic heavy metals like mercury from the body. Additionally, liquid chlorophyll helps to promote liver detoxification and promote beauty from the inside out. You can make your own Super Green Beauty Smoothie by blending one tablespoon of chlorophyll with a handful of kale, two apples (cored and peeled) one frozen peeled banana and a little water depending on the thickness you desire. Easy and delicious! As with any supplement, make sure to talk to your doctor about chlorophyll before using.

Acure Organics Chlorella Products
Acure offers a number of products featuring chlorella, a type of algae, whose color comes from chlorophyll. Though they are related, there are some key differences between chlorella and chlorophyll namely that Chlorella is a type of alga and chlorophyll is the substance plants use, along with sunlight, to make their own food. Chlorella is rich in protein, vitamins (including vitamin B12), minerals (especially iron), amino and nucleic acids and works as a support system for your collagen for younger and more vibrant skin.  Make sure to check out their Brightening Vegetable Peel, Brightening Face Mask and Brightening Facial Scrub featuring this powerful ingredient.

Pacifica Kale Products
Fortified with super green phytonutrients including kale, seaweed and seakale along with tropical beneficials of mangosteen and coconut water, Pacifica’s Kale products, like Kale Detox Deep Cleansing Face Wash are designed to deeply cleanse and nourish. Our favorite is the Kale Luxe Oil-Free Multi Cream that helps to hydrate, control oil and brighten skin.

Spirulina Face Mask
Spirulina is another type of chlorophyll-packed algae with protein, vitamins (including vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and K), essential minerals (including iron, calcium and magnesium), trace minerals, essential fatty acids, nucleic acids (both RNA and DNA), polysaccharides and antioxidants. You can make your own super face mask by combining Spirulina with some mashed banana and olive or hemp oil to make a paste and then apply it directly to the skin. People especially love the anti-acne properties of spirulina that can be very healing for the face.

Beauty Secrets From the Sea

Since ancient times, people have been using powerful plants, minerals and salts from the sea to heal and nourish the skin and hair. Here are some of the most effective modern-day sea inspired products to help repair, heal and detox for a younger and healthier appearance.

The Seaweed Bath Co
NEW Ocean-Inspired Detox from the Seaweed Experts! 
Our skin faces challenges from environmental toxins, allergens and everyday stressors, which can damage skin and speed up the aging process. This new Detox Line coming in March is designed to detoxify, restore, and protect for smoother, healthier-looking skin. The Purifying Detox Body Washes, Exfoliating Detox Scrubs and Firming Detox Creams will be available in three fragrances. Enlighten – a light lemongrass, Refresh – Orange, Eucalyptus and Cedar, and Awaken – Rosemary Mint. In the meantime, check out their other amazing seaweed products! 

Alba Botanica
The gentle, yet effective Enzyme Scrub and Cleansing Gel from Alba Botanica both fight dull, dry skin to create a smoother, more even, radiant complexion. The secret is the naturally powerful Marine Complex, infused with sea enzymes and minerals, which works to stimulate cell regeneration to produce a more uniform skin tone.

Aria Starr Beauty’s Dead Sea Mud Mask
This mineral rich mask extracts toxins and impurities located deep in the skin layers, absorbs excess oils, and removes dead skin cells, dirt and toxins to reveal fresh, soft, clear looking skin. The secret is the natural silica found in the Dead Sea mud that attaches to dead skin cells to heal and repair without drying out your complexion. A great option for acne-prone faces!

French Girl Sea Spray
Achieve a beachy, sexy look with this texturizing hair spray enriched with 3 varieties of organic sea salt and nourishing essential oils. To use,  shake well and mist onto clean, towel-dried hair, comb through and scrunch. For “second, third…” day hair spray onto roots for added volume. For tighter waves, braid or twist hair and let dry overnight.

How to do a New Years’ Teatox!

Can you believe that it is now 2017?! As we enter the New Year, many are looking to make a fresh start and that is why the Teatox trend is hotter than ever! Perhaps nothing is better to help you cleanse your body than sipping healthful tea blends that can help invigorate your body from the inside out! Please make sure to check with your doctor before adding teas to your daily routine AND don’t be persuaded by the word “Teatox” in the tea title when choosing a tea. Too many people looking to detox with tea or “teatox” are stuck looking for a tea that has the word teatox on the label. Don’t be one of them! There are many great teas that are beneficial to your body that can be found at your local health food store! Here are some of our favorites to help you get 2017 off to a great start!

Restorative Rites
A Denver favorite, Restorative Rites teas are formulated by an herbalist and a nutritionist with herbs used in traditional folk healing practices. Their Beautifying Teas can be both sipped and used to steam the face for a luxurious facial. Make sure to check out Miss Tilly Rosalie’s Beauty Tea to clam, rejuvenate and pamper.

The Republic of Tea
Get Clean is a great herb tea for detoxing for those of us who may have had too much of a good thing. Feeling out of balance, a bit heavy or puffy? Then it’s time to get clean. This gentle naturally caffeine-free herbal detox blend helps the body as it helps to stimulate the liver, one of our natural cleansing mechanisms.

Kroeger Herb Teas
Based in Boulder, Colorado, Hanna Kroeger, master herbalist, created over 350 products, wrote more than 20 books, lectured extensively, helped thousands of people and has a great following. Her line of teas target specific parts of the body to help to detox and heal. For instance, her NRV Tea (Nerve tea) helps to rebuild exhausted nerves, which can be welcome relief for stressed-out bodies!

Mountain Rose Herb Teas
Mountain Rose Herbs offers a number of bulk, organic teas at amazing prices! Using tea compresses on the body is another way to Teatox. To make a tea compress, simply simmer some of the herbs in water and then use cheesecloth and an ace bandaid to apply the warm herbs to the body. To help fight after-holiday bloating, we especially like the duo of horsetail and mistletoe (don’t drink Mistletoe) applied as a compress to the outside to the stomach. Mistletoe compresses can also be helpful for varicose veins and horsetail massaged into the scalp can be beneficial for hair growth.

Pumpkin Hair and Skin Products

Besides being a staple in decorating and pie-making during fall festivities, pumpkins ALSO offer amazing benefits for skin and hair! Here are some of our favorite pumpkin packed products to spice up your beauty routine.

Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask
This unique mask is a clinically proven product to revitalize skin for a brighter and more luminous complexion.  Organic pumpkin rich in beta carotene combines forces with Manuka honey to lift away dull surface cells and resurface for more even tone and texture.

Acure Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner
This standout shampoo and conditioner provides moisture to dry and damaged hair, leaving it soft, manageable and ready to rock. Organic pumpkin seed oil combined with organic argan oil, argan stem cells, CoQ10 and organic sea buckthorn oil helps to revitalize and add shine.

DIY Organic Pumpkin Beauty Treatments
Organic Pumpkin oil offers enzymes to gently exfoliate skin and is a great choice for at-home beauty scrubs. Simply combine about 15 drops of pumpkin oil with 2 Tbsp sugar and 1 Tbsp Olive Oil and work in circular motions into skin to exfoliate and nourish.  The minerals and vitamins found in pumpkin seed oil infuse the skin with important elements that help strengthen and renew. You can also make an amazing pumpkin revitalizing hair mask by combining 1/2 cup Organic Canned Pumpkin with 2 Tbsps coconut oil and honey and applying to hair for about 15 minutes (make sure to use a shower cap to hold on hair) before rinsing. This is especially welcome for dry and damaged hair and we haven’t noticed any problem using this on colored hair. 

Natural Fall Fragrances

According to the Environmental Working Group, an average of 14 chemicals secretly lurk in common fragrances; some of which have been linked to hormone disruption and allergic reactions while others have not even been assessed for safety in personal care products. Thankfully, there are natural options that smell delicious and feel good on your skin.

This amazingly beautiful natural fragrance features notes of agarwood, amber, incense, cedar, coffee and cinnamon bark.  Each small batch is hand blended in the hills of Glassell Park, Los Angeles. All Dasein scents are paraben, glycol and cruelty free.

ZENTS products are a sensual choice that feature the purest ingredients like organic shea butter and nourishing botanicals like chamomile and green tea. Each product is carefully crafted without parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl/eth sulfate, propylene glycol, or dyes. We especially love the fall Ore and Earth scents. Crafted with love, each scent is a liquid memory of life’s most cherished experiences. Drawing on the powerful connection between scent and memory, the scent intertwines with each dear moment in your life, capturing your journey like a memoir, becoming yours and yours alone.

Objects with Purpose Wearable Candles
Objects with Purpose offers an array of great smelling candles made with organic coconut wax that you can both wear and burn. Their candles are a solid perfume that works as both a personal scent and a delightful candle. What a cool idea!

Pacifica Perfume Roll Ons
Pacifica offers an intoxicating aura of rainbow wishes, magic and love for the bravest hearts with their captivating natural roll-on scents. Wearers love the light, yet commanding quality of each fragrance with stand-out combos such as Indian Coconut Nectar and Tuscan Blood Orange. Each is 100% Vegan and cruelty-free and reflects a vision to reduce environmental impact.

Make Your Own Natural Fall Scent!
It’s easy to create your own custom scent for fall. Start with a great carrier oil like jojoba or avocado and a custom bottle to use to store your scent. We love the empty roll on and spray bottle options from Aura Cacia. Next, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the carrier oil to make your scent. For fall we love essential oil scents like Cinnamon, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Geranium.  To get inspired, think of the scents you love from nature and work from there!