How to Use Crystals for Beginners

By: Chelsea Vurciaga

If you are reading this you are probably wondering…is it really possible for me to use crystals and stones?

Also, you might be thinking…won’t it take a long time to learn how to use them? What if I’m a complete beginner?

Based on my extensive experience, crystals and stones are a powerful tool and anyone can learn how to use them…especially beginners!

In fact, I’ve found that beginners who learn the right techniques from the start are a lot more successful than those who have been practicing wrong techniques for years.

It all hinges on learning the correct way to use crystals and respecting the energetic rules, which have been passed down throughout time…

Ancient Crystal Success Teachings

Several ancient writings and cultures as far back as 4000 BC mention the powers of crystal healing.

It’s important to distinguish between crystal healing and religion. Although there are positive references to crystals in the bible, crystal healing is not a religion and does not have a religious affiliation. Crystals and stones are simply natural energetic tools.

For instance, in Plato’s account of Atlantis, the Atlanteans used crystals to amplify thoughts and the Ancient Sumerians used crystals in healing formulas.

In fact, you’ll find prominent accounts of crystals healing in scriptures from Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and Native America.

Unfortunately, knowledge of this ancient art has been limited to fewer people as time has passed…

But, thankfully it is not lost!

I’ve spent nearly my entire life studying with prominent healers to learn how to successfully use crystals and stones.

What I’ve learned is that it is of upmost importance to understand, respect and follow the ancient energetic teachings.

ESPECIALLY if you are using crystals and stones for luck, love, success and money!

The Truth is Approximately 99 Percent of Crystal Collectors Don’t Actually Use Them…

If you look at any online crystal forum, most comments and posts revolve around building a large crystal and stone collection.

However, having beautiful crystals around you is like gathering vibrant paints and never painting a picture with them!

What good does that do?

Or like buying your dream car and never driving it…

You get the picture.

Thus, it is VITAL that you cleanse, align and interact with your crystals in order to bring their energetic quality to your goals.

Also, if your crystals are simply in your environment, these crystals and stones may be absorbing the energy of other people or the energy of the actual environment.

Not at all what you want! Instead, you want your crystal energy pure, powerful and focused… just as if you plucked the crystal from nature yourself!

Too Many Crystals Means Too Much Energy

Another thing to keep in mind is that using TOO MANY crystals and stones at once might overwhelm your energy and goals.

Remember, that you want to be as focused as possible on the goal that you want to achieve, SO YOU WANT YOUR CRYSTAL ENERGY TO BE AS FOCUSED AS POSSIBLE.

Sometimes, people start getting so many crystals and stones that they are not building the energy that they ultimately want to achieve BECAUSE ITS TOO MUCH SCATTERED ENERGY.

Therefore, it is important to use specific crystals for your specific goals.

The Problem with Crystal Grids

Often Crystal Grids are simply a gigantic mess of crystal energy.

Yes, they make for beautiful photos, but they are not actually bringing any focused energy your way.

The truth is that making a powerful crystal grid is not suitable for beginner or even intermediate crystal users.

Think about it…first you have to learn to walk before you can run.

First, you need to learn how to attract and align crystal energy before you can build an intricate and complicated crystal grid!

Thus, relying on crystal grids is another reason many people using crystals never get any real results.

Especially if you are building a grid someone ELSE recommends and NOT one from your heart.

OR…you are building a grid with crystals that aren’t aligned to you or your purpose! How would that benefit YOU?

It all starts with finding the right crystals and stones and attuning them to your energy.

How to Find the Crystals and Stones for YOU

Unfortunately, most people read long descriptions of crystals and stones to select them.

Doing this leads to acquiring a bunch of crystals and stones that aren’t aligned to you AT ALL.

It is similar to choosing a spouse by reading a description of him/her…we all know those “looks good on paper” types who aren’t actually a match.

Just like you find that special spark with someone, you must share a spark of energy and attraction with the crystals and stones that you use!

The energy of attraction is extremely important to your success with your crystals and stones.

ALSO, you need to make sure that your crystals and stones are cleansed and aligned with YOUR UNIQUE ENERGY!

Honor and Enhance Your Purpose In Life

You want your crystal goals to honor the best path forward in your life and what is good and honorable.

The right way is to use your intention, energy flow, actions and intuition to attract the right opportunities.

The wrong way is to try and manipulate the universe into instantly giving you what you want, regardless if it is good for you or not.

Therefore, it is important when using crystals you ARE NOT simply making a wish.

Often what we wish for may seem good for us, but it ISN’T actually what is for our greater good. Thus, it is important to focus crystal energy on something that will have a lasting positive impact in your life!

When we use crystals and stones for our goals AND act with integrity, it amplifies the positive energy flow!

Especially, when we work on removing the blocks that hold us back!

Removing Energetic Blocks When Using Crystals and Stones

Do you feel like something is holding you back from your goals?

Almost like an invisible force is working against you in a way that feels like you are hitting an invisible wall?

Unfortunately, energetic blocks are fairly common.

Often these blocks manifest from trauma, abuse or limiting beliefs and rest in our Chakras, or spiritual centers.

The great news is that you can use crystals and stones to help you remove energetic blocks.

This is just another great way to use your crystals and stones!

Learning The Exact Steps to Using Crystals and Stones

My TV segments featuring crystals and stones remain some of my most popular. In fact, I get a lot of questions about crystals and stones from people who want to find easy, inexpensive natural tools to help themselves.

However, when I looked for a great crystal guide to recommend, I couldn’t find one…this is what lead me to create The Seven Steps to Crystal Success.

The Seven Steps to Crystal Success is a complete beginners guide to using crystals and stones from my lifetime of experience studying with masters of energy/crystal healing.

You’ll learn every vital step from starting off in the right direction (most people miss this) to how to attract the right stones TO YOU (this is actually easy once you learn it)

You’ll also find out what to do if your crystals and stones aren’t working and get the sought-after Money Magnet Crystal Energy Guide. This is a must-have guide if your goal is to use crystals to amplify your monetary goals!

Let Me Show You! See the First Step to Crystal Success Now!

How I Beat Anxiety Naturally

By Chelsea Vurciaga

I remember it very clearly. It was shortly after I started College and suddenly I felt a huge wave of anxiety and panic wash over me.

I had no idea what was happening, so I went to the emergency room.

While waiting for the physician to see me, the anxiety started to release its grip, but I was still scared.

“You had a panic attack,” the doctor told me.

This is when my healing journey began to discovering how to help myself heal naturally from anxiety, panic and depression.

My Natural Living Roots

Before continuing with my story, I need to mention that I had a unique upbringing in that I was literally born into a natural healing atmosphere.

My mom turned to alternative health after battling Rheumatic Fever and finding natural therapies vital in her recovery.

I should also mention that my parents are very skeptical and are not the kind of people who just believe something works because they want it to work.

When the natural remedies dramatically helped my mom, it turned her on to wanting to learn more.

Also, it just so happens that my family lives near Boulder, Colorado. Boulder has always been an epicenter for natural living.

Growing up, my second home was one of the first health food stores in the country. At this health food store, I attended healing seminars featuring talented experts from all over the world.

Thus, when I had my first panic attack, I already knew a lot about natural living. I have dedicated my life to learning how to use herbs, energy healing, homeopathy, crystals, bodywork, sound, aromatherapy and food to heal.

It was my background that pushed me forward to pursue a career in natural living and ultimately to create the Natural Products Network.

Doing What I Know

Although I primarily count on natural products, I keep an open mind when it comes to healing.

But, I decided to first try what I know to heal my anxiety.

In my case, since I literally grew up learning natural healing techniques, I thought, “I bet something in the natural realm help me beat this!”

Little did I know at first, but a lot of the information I would encounter was confusing and just plain wrong. Still, I persisted because I wanted to figure out ways to help myself.

My Breakthrough Moment

After my initial panic attack, I was MORE terrified of having another panic attack than anything else.

I remember constantly checking in on myself throughout the day wondering IF and WHEN that huge wave of anxiety would hit me.

Anyone who has had panic attacks knows this feeling. Suddenly, your whole day is hoping and praying that you don’t feel that sudden rush of anxiety.

Then, some days you might feel a constant stream of anxiety that is also hard to deal with.

I began trying various natural remedies, then WHAM, I started to find helpful natural tools and suddenly I felt better.

When I say suddenly, I mean that I felt a noticeable healing shift out of the panic.

This game changing moment made me realize I can help myself.

It was from this point forward that I really plowed forward to learn everything I can about using natural tools to beat anxiety, panic and depression.

I’ve even shared wellness tips on more than 100 TV segments throughout the country. And believe me, overcoming my anxiety was key to helping me be comfortable on live TV!


The Mind Body Connection

The key discovery I made that helped me fight my anxiety is when I realized that it’s not just in my mind.

By that I mean that I approached my anxiety holistically and I did not just focus only on my mental state.

This is when I started to see the biggest results.

One important breakthrough I made is the gut/anxiety connection. Our gut and brain are connected via neurotransmitters, which is a key component to our emotional state.

By working on my gut health, I made progress with my anxiety.

To do so, I turned to the simple, yet powerful, Apple Cider Vinegar. Apple Cider Vinegar helps to break down proteins into amino acids, which in turn fuels our Serotonin levels. Serotonin is vital to help us relax and to fight anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.

By mixing two tablespoons of regular Apple Cider Vinegar in a large glass of water, and drinking this slowly each morning, I was able to dramatically improve my gut health and boost my mood.

Make sure to opt for high-quality and raw organic Apple Cider Vinegar, which still has all the nutrients intact.

This is a simple natural tool I used in my healing journey that added up to real results. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what I learned!

Sharing My Success

As I hear more about people struggling with anxiety, I realize it’s time to share what I know.

I am NOT a doctor, nor do I claim to be one. However, I have spent my life studying natural healing. I know what it feels like to deal with anxiety, and more importantly, how to use natural approaches to overcome it.

We are talking about 20+ years worth of information, notes, various learnings and techniques delivered in a targeted and helpful blueprint. I will include everything from food, energy healing and bodywork to teas and vibropathics that helped me.

My goal is to provide the most clear and concise information I can.

Also, the great news is that the natural tools I use are ones that are readily available and inexpensive.

So NO, thankfully I will NOT be telling you that what helps me the most is a rare ancient root found only in India or some fancy gadget that costs thousands of dollars.

What I am sharing is my HONEST and SUCCESSFUL experience using everyday natural wellness tools to overcome anxiety, panic and depression. If you are interested in what I’m creating and want to get a sneak peek, just sign up below!

Complete Crystal Healing Guide for Beginners

Your Complete Guide to How to Use Crystals and Stones

Learn the KEY steps from a Crystal Expert with a Lifetime of Experience

Hey all! I’m Chelsea, the Founder of the Natural Products Network!

For nearly my entire life I’ve studied natural healing including how to use crystals and stones to attract the right energy to my goals, break negative patterns and get on the right path.

I’ve found that crystals and stones are one of the most powerful ways to attract success, love, new career opportunities, prosperity and more!

In fact, I used crystals to help me attract more TV opportunities…which ironically included appearances where I actually talked about crystals!

Here is me on one of my most popular TV segments talking about crystals for love and romance.

I have appeared on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC and THE CW sharing information about natural products and wellness strategies. Pretty cool, right?!

However, when using crystals and stones it is important to know what you are doing…

Unfortunately, nearly all the online crystal information I’ve come across is JUST PLAIN WRONG.

Either it is missing key components, it’s just too advanced for a beginner or both.

I realized that there wasn’t an easy-to-follow guide that teaches the exact steps for crystal success—so I decided to create one!

So how do I know these exact steps to crystal success? Not only have I studied with prominent experts, I have had the rare opportunity to study with healers who are truly masters in this field.

These are true leaders who represent an authentic approach to healing. I am fortunate that I have been able to learn vital healing information firsthand!

Discover the Ancient Secrets in Seven Targeted Steps

I’m so excited to bring you this complete and easy-to-follow guide on how to use crystals and stones to attract what you want in life.

It is out of a true passion and purpose that I created this guide to using crystals and stones to attract success and abundance.

It honors the dedicated healers I have learned from in my life and my own experiences attracting success, romance, new career opportunities, money and more using crystals and stones!

What is Included in the Seven Steps to Crystal Success

The Seven Steps to Crystal Success is the most efficient and complete way to learn the crucial information you need to succeed with crystals and stones!

This digital course is fast paced, exciting and easy to implement in your own life!

I’m so thrilled about the initial feedback I’m getting and how people are using the course to break negative energetic patterns and attract new positive outcomes! Here is an example of the feedback I’m getting!

“I used crystals for years, but never really knew what I was doing! Wow, what a difference it makes to actually learn how to use them effectively! I especially love learning how to attract the right crystals to ME for my goals! Here are two crystals that have come to me since learning how to attract the right crystals and now I’m getting more new deals and business! I love it!” – Kathy E.

The course covers all the Seven Steps to Crystal Success and includes four downloadable guides that you can use to propel your crystal healing forward:

How to Set an Intention Step by Step Guide – Learn how to set an intention within your crystal practice. This is more difficult than you think, unless you have this information!

Cleanse, Detox and Align Crystal Energy – Learn how to prepare your crystals before you use them and align them with your own energy. It is so, so important to align crystals with YOUR OWN energy before you use them!

Clearing Energy Chakras – Learn a modern approach to clearing energy chakras to remove energetic blocks. Removing energetic blocks helps you to remove obstacles in your path!

Money Magnet Crystal Energy – Find out how to use your crystals to shift and create positive energy surrounding money. This is essential to know if you want to use crystal energy to attract financial abundance!

The Seven Steps for Crystal Success is the COMPLETE crystal guide for beginners

Find out how to get started with crystals and stones even if you are a total beginner!

♥Learn WHAT TO DO and WHAT TO AVOID if you want to utilize crystals and stones to ATTRACT MONEY OR LOVE.
♥Learn why common practices like building crystals grids are NOT EFFECTIVE and MORE EFFECTIVE WAYS TO USE CRYSTALS AND STONES!
♥Discover how you can get your stones and crystals to CHOOSE YOU. At first this may seem hard to grasp, but it’s actually easy to do and the best way to acquire powerful stones!

Build Your Intuition and Fuel Your Positive Energy Toward Reaching Your Goals

♥Learn simple, fun and effective ways meditate with your crystals and stones! This can have a powerful impact on your life!
♥Find out how to use crystals and stones to tap into your intuition and uncover the answers you ALREADY have within!
♥Discover how to use your crystals and stones to create an energetic shift to REMOVE NEGATIVE PATTERNS in your life AND DEVELOP POSITIVE ONES INSTEAD.

Learn the KEY Secrets of Using Crystals and Stones You’ll ONLY find in this guide:

♥Find out why you need to be VERY CAREFUL about giving and receiving crystals and stones.
♥Find out why going to a crystal “expert” for a reading could be the worst thing you can do and how you can be BETTER than an expert! Seriously!
♥Learn how to integrate other common natural healing tools into your crystals and stones practice.
♥Learn what to do if you are using crystals and stones and it’s NOT WORKING and how to easily readjust your practice!

Get targeted, insider knowledge that you’ll ONLY find in this course!


How to Use Crystals to Attract Prosperity

By: Chelsea Vurciaga

One of the most common natural wellness questions that I get asked is, “How do I use crystals to attract prosperity?”

This is a great question because most of the online crystal information I encounter is either too advanced for a beginner or it is just plain wrong.

In fact, sadly most of the online information I find even goes against the energetic principles of using crystals and stones.

Why Crystal and Stones Are One of My Favorite Healing Tools

I love using crystals and stones because they are inexpensive and effective and help me attract so many great things into my life!

Thus, I’m excited to share the vital information you need to use crystals and stones.

This crystal information comes from a lifetime studying with experts and from my own powerful experiences attracting success, romance, new career opportunities, money and more!

The Most Important Rule for Using Crystals to Attract Prosperity

When most people first get started with crystals and stones, they spend countless hours googling various stones to discover ones that “have qualities” for whatever they want to attract.

For instance, people might google “money stones” and then purchase stones that they find online.

This is the completely wrong approach as this can actually lead you to acquiring a bunch of stones that aren’t really resonating with you or your purpose.

Also, a lot of times, people have conflicting energy around what they want, which can make googling various stones even more confusing.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t buy stones to attract prosperity online…what it means is that you need to be clear about your goals BEFORE you begin to find the stones and crystals for your purpose.

You might think, “Well my purpose is that I just need money…I’ll just google stones for that.”

Wanting money is never a purpose…it is a RESULT of a purpose. Do you see the difference?

How to Use Crystals to Attract Prosperity Into Your Life…

In order to use crystals to attract prosperity, you first must have a clear intention of your purpose or intention.

This is where MOST PEOPLE miss out on the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of using crystals and stones.

Your purpose or intention matters and it has to be clear and non-conflicting before you begin!

For instance, if you don’t really know how you want to get money or what is a good way to get money for your greater good, you lack the right energy and understanding.

I think that is where the phrase “Crystal Clear” really comes from! You need to be very clear with yourself and the universe to empower and utilize crystals and stones.

Unfortunately, most crystals guides fail to teach this! I’m dedicated to giving you the specific information you need to be successful with crystals and stones!

Sharing the Ancient Secrets in Seven Targeted Steps

I was lucky to grow up with some of the world’s most prominent natural healers. I started attending healing classes with my mom when I was just a kid.

Since then, I have devoted my life to studying and advocating for natural products and natural healing.

I worked hard to create a guide that is as concise and straightforward as possible, while delivering the KEY information for success.

I’m so, so, SO excited to share the Seven Steps to Crystal Success with you!

Here, you can learn the exact steps to using crystals and stones. Even if you are a complete beginner!

Immediately Start in the Right Direction…

Most people have absolutely no idea where to begin with crystals and stones. Thus, it’s common to spend time shifting through random information online and never actually find any real guidance.  Your time is valuable and you deserve the right information right now so that you don’t have to keep searching for it!

  • Find out how to get started with crystals and stones by setting an intention. This is trickier than you think UNLESS YOU KNOW THIS KEY INFORMATION!
  • Learn what to do and what TO AVOID if you want to utilize crystals and stones to attract money or love.
  • Learn why common practices like building crystals grids are NOT EFFECTIVE and more effective ways to use crystals and stones!
  • Discover how you can get your stones and crystals to CHOOSE YOU to help you with your goals. This may seem hard to grasp, but it will make perfect sense once you read the Seven Steps guide!

Understand How to Build Your Intuition and Attract Success with Crystals and Stones

It is important to harness crystal energy and align this energy to attract what you want. After all, how can you use crystals and stones to attract anything if they aren’t even aligned with your energy?!

  • Find out how to align your crystals and stones with your own unique energy. I HAVE NOT SEEN ANOTHER CRYSTAL GUIDE TEACHING THIS VITAL STEP!
  • Learn how to meditate with your crystals and stones and use them to clear stubborn energy blocks to reach your goals.
  • Learn how to use crystals and stones to tap into your intuition and uncover the answers you ALREADY have within!
  • Discover how to use your crystals and stones to create an energetic shift to REMOVE NEGATIVE PATTERNS in your life AND DEVELOP POSITIVE PATTERNS INSTEAD.

Learn Key Info Only Found in the Seven Steps!

It’s disheartening to me that so much crystal wisdom has been lost over time, so I’m happy to share what I have learned to keep the valuable ancient secrets alive!

  • Find out why you need to be VERY CAREFUL about giving and receiving crystals and stones.
  • Find out why going to a crystal “expert” for a reading could be the worst thing you can do and why YOU are BETTER than an expert!
  • Learn how to integrate other common natural healing tools into your crystals and stones practice.
  • Learn what to do if you are using crystals and stones and it’s NOT WORKING and how to easily adjust your practice!
  • Get FOUR PRINTABLE GUIDES and a wealth of insider knowledge that you’ll ONLY find here!

Do you want to start learning how to use crystals and stones?

See the First Step of The Seven Steps to Crystal Success Now! 

How to Get Rid of Parasites

Parasite cleansing and detoxing can be a very effective wellness tool, but most people don’t know anything about it.

While we accept that our pets can contract parasites, the reality that humans can also have parasites tends to be a foreign one.

The truth is that most of us will have unfriendly parasites in our systems at one point in our lives. For some time many believed that humans only got parasites if they traveled to exotic countries, but you can still get parasites close to home.

Do you want to get rid of parasites and detox them from your body? If so, there are easy natural strategies you can utilize to help yourself.

Types of Parasites

Types of parasites include roundworms, protozoa (one-cell parasites), flukes and tapeworms. Before you start to imagine huge worms crawling around your body, keep in mind it is estimated that 70 percent of all human parasites are microscopic. However, even though parasites cannot be seen with the naked eye, it doesn’t mean that they still can’t do a lot of damage to our bodies.

In fact, prominent sources such as Medscape and Healthline note that intestinal parasite infections are on the rise and can cause an array of troubling symptoms such as headache, abdominal pain, gas and bloating.

The good news is there are lots of things you can do to get rid of parasites and detox them from your body!

In fact, parasite cleansing just may be the health breakthrough you are looking for!

Our Founder, Chelsea, has witnessed and experienced great healing from parasite cleansing and detoxing throughout her lifetime.

Chelsea has had the rare experience of studying with prominent natural healers since she was just a kid.

How Do You Know if You Have Parasites?

How to Get Rid of Parasites - Natural Products Network

While the symptoms vary, common signs include nervousness, stomach bloating, fatigue, fuzzy thinking, itchy anus, sinus trouble, unhealthy cravings, and feeling hungry, tired and malnourished—even after eating a large meal.

You may also notice drab skin and hair…as if it’s not being nourished from within. We have noticed a stunning decrease in wrinkles and age spots and brighter, healthier hair and skin after a parasite cleanse and detox.

One of the most common symptoms we have found is digestive issues that center on constant stomach bloating that never seems to go away. We have discovered that parasite cleansing really helps with stomach heaviness and stomach weight gain.

The Parasite and Weight Gain Connection

If you are trying to lose weight, you’ll be interested to learn that there is a strong correlations between stubborn weight gain and parasites.

Keep in mind parasites affect gut health by causing chronic inflammation and digestive issues.

Also, most of the time a parasitic infection is not even considered when addressing belly weight and belly heaviness.

Thus, parasites may be something that you’ve never even considered as a contributor to your weight issues.

Imagine if parasites is your primary issue?!

Do you have problems with constipation, nausea, diarrhea and gas or feeling symptoms that are similar to irritable bowel syndrome without a diagnosis? This has been our experience with parasites…the symptoms feel a tad vague, but are dominated by unknown stomach and digestive issues.

It’s also really interesting that there is such an emphasis on pets and parasites in the United States, but rather limited attention to how parasites can affect humans.

However, European and Native American cultures often focus on powerful parasite cleansing to help people feel and look better.

In fact, you’ll find parasite cleansing specifically for weight loss at prominent and expensive European spas.

So the fact that most Americans haven’t even heard of parasite cleansing remains a bit of a mystery?

The good new is that you can fight parasites with natural tools that have a long track record of success.

Three Ways to Start Fighting Parasites

When it comes to parasite cleansing, using a systematic and a complete approach has been what we have found to be most effective. However, here are three tools to give you a starting point if you are looking to get rid of parasites.

Garlic—Start fighting parasites by adding more garlic to your diet. Garlic contains Allicin and Ajoene—two components that work to kill parasites.

Wormwood –One of the most well-known herbs for parasites, Wormwood, contains the components thujone and isothujone, which help to dispel parasites from the body. Check out Hanna Kroeger’s Wormwood, which is one of the highest-rated Wormwood supplements.

Colon Cleanse—Diets heavy in processed and fast foods can clog up the body. And just like garbage attracts unwanted bugs when left outdoors for longer periods of times, so can waste that sits in a backed-up colon (You get the picture). Thus, a gentle colon cleanse can help dispel waste and parasites from the system.  Some of the most well-known products for colon cleansing include Sonne’s Detoxification Pack— a highly regarded line of products which has been around since 1946.

Of course, you will always want to check with your doctor before adding any new supplement.

These tools are a beginning point if you are interested in learning ways to fight parasites. However, through 20+ years of research and experience, we have found a gentle and consistent approach to cleansing and detoxing parasites to be the best route. In fact, parasite cleansing is one of the most vital and effective wellness tools we have found! Now, we are offering the exact blueprint we use to gently and effectively rid the body of parasites!

Parasite Cleanse Challenge

Do you want to go deeper into your parasite cleanse?  Discover easy natural ways to use foods, drinks, energy healing, aromatherapy and bodywork to fight parasites. The 21 Day Parasite Cleanse Challenge provides a daily guide on how to fight parasites using natural, proven and inexpensive tools!

Articles may contain affiliate links. Please see our disclaimer for more information. 

Attract Money and Success with Natural Remedies

By: Chelsea Vurciaga

As someone who has spent the majority of her life studying natural remedies and natural healing techniques, one of my most asked questions is: “How do I attract money and success with natural remedies?” Along with this question, I’m also asked what to AVOID doing if the goal is to manifest money, success and love.

Both questions are equally as important as what you DON’T DO can be as important as what you DO.

Unfortunately, many people who want to attract money and success have already encountered wrong or incomplete info like what is found in ‘The Secret.’ Based on my experience, ‘The Secret’ teaches methods that are completely misleading. So I guess I would say that for me The REAL secret of ‘The Secret’ is that it doesn’t teach any sort of actual secret.

Yes, it would be nice to simply wish for something and then have it come to you, but that doesn’t respect the laws of the universe.

So how do I know the universal laws to attracting money and success?

Well, I was born into a very fortunate situation where I grew up learning from some of the world’s most prominent natural healers. This was long before an Instagram feed, when healers where truly driven by a deep desire to help people and not by any sort of fame.

I’m so thankful that I was able to study with some of the masters of healing.

The basics of using natural remedies to attract money and success

The most important component to attracting money and success with natural remedies is to increase and unblock your energy flow.

First, think of someone in your life who is really lucky. This could be a relative or a friend who just always seems to have everything go his or her way.

Have you ever stopped to really think about what makes a person lucky?

Probably not, as we are fairly programmed to look at anyone who has amazing energy flow with jealous thoughts. Don’t judge yourself for this. Social Networking can make it really difficult to view people in an impartial or real way.

Instead, think about the energy of a lucky person and how you can bring more positive energy to your OWN life.

When you are in a low energy place, you get low energy results.

When you have energy blocks, you cannot draw the right energy to you.

Thus, when you increase and unleash your own energy flow, you increase your ability to attract the right things into your life.

Simple natural tools that help to increase and unblock your energy flow

A wonderful thing about natural remedies is that simple tools can be really effective. This can be hard for some of us who think that the most complicated solution has to be the best one. At the same time, natural remedies are often harshly judged. Its like “I did that once and now I’m not immortal. I guess natural remedies don’t work…” Wait a second! Give natural tools and methods a chance to work for you!

Start by browsing these simple natural tools to increase your energy flow. Don’t judge, but rather encounter them as you would someone you see in a crowded bar. In the same way that you would look at that person and feel either attraction or no attraction, focus your thoughts in a similar fashion. Are you naturally attracted to using any of these simple natural tools to increase your energy flow?


According to ancient mystics, ginseng and parsley attract success, romance and money. Both of these simple herbs are purity herbs which means that they help your mind, body and spirit to heal and renew. In fact, ancient folklore talks about using a combination of parsley and ginseng to attract love and success.

Also, the Greeks highly regarded parsley as a magical food to honor and protect people. Try eating a little fresh ginseng and parsley each morning as soon as you wake up or have it as a tea. Another option is to ground both together, bundle in a small cloth and put in your purse or pocket.


According to Feng Shui, elephant sculptures attract money and success. The Chinese pronunciation of the elephant’s name is “Hsiang” which means revenue and prosperity. When choosing an elephant sculpture, opt for one that you want to look at and place it in an area of your home where you will see it often.


The Mayas, Aztecs and Egyptians all thought highly of pyramids and used them to attract prosperity and good luck. When you think of all the mystic power associated with pyramids it is no wonder that they help to attract great things!

One tip to heighten the power of your pyramid is to put it in a high place, like on top of tall bookshelf, and move it around your house. This simple act honors and ignites the energetic nature of the pyramid.

Feng Shui Colors and Decorations

The colors purple, red and green are thought to bring good energy and luck into a home. Also, according to Feng Shui the southeastern corner of the home governs cash flow. Therefore, decorations in that corner of your house should be a direct reflection of attracting financial success. For instance, maybe you inherited a prized piece of furniture or artifact that represents financial abundance to you. If so, consider placing this prized object in a prime spot in the southeastern corner of your home.

Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise jewelry is inexpensive, beautiful and has a long history of attracting good energy. Ancient people believed turquoise protects, inspires and promotes harmony and success. Native Americans call turquoise the stone of life.  Navajos have used it to protect warriors going into battle and give it as a prominent gift in coming of age ceremonies.


Visualization can be an extraordinary tool for attracting positive outcomes. One of our favorite stories about the power of visualization is when the comedian Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for 10 million dollars and then made his vision come true. Please note that visualization is a lot more focused and intentional than making a wish!

Shakti Gawain teaches the art of creative visualization to use mental imagery and affirmation to produce positive changes. His beloved book speaks to those in diverse fields, including health, education, business, sports, and the creative arts.

My favorite natural tool to increase energy flow and attract money and success

In my experience, crystals and stones are simply the MOST powerful tool to use to increase and unblock energy flow.

Since ancient times, people have been using crystals and stones to attract success and abundance.

I have appeared on major network TV discussing how to use crystals and stones for love, luck and romance.

These clips remain my most popular TV appearances.

However, few people these days know how to properly use crystals and stones. In fact, nearly all the information that I’ve come across COMPLETELY MISSES the key steps to using crystals and stones!

I love crystals and stones because they help heighten and build our energy, remove blocks, bring new opportunities our way, are easy to find and inexpensive.

BUT…with crystals and stones it’s important to get started in the right direction and respect the ancient energetic rules!

Summer Recipe Makeovers Free Download

Free Summer Recipe Makeovers

Summertime provides the perfect setting for spending time with friends and family while enjoying great food.

This summer, upgrade those boring and bland summer recipes by putting a new twist on your longtime favorites!

We are so excited to bring you FREE Summer Recipe Makeovers!

You’ll find a variety of recipes to put a new delicious spin on those summer classics including scrumptious summer salads, hotdogs and burgers, sizzling sides and more!

Just download our free Summer Recipe Makeovers below!

But first, here are some additional easy natural wellness tips to make your summer even more enjoyable!

Fight Heartburn the Natural Way

We all know the feeling…you’re at an amazing BBQ celebration and suddenly heartburn strikes!

This time plan ahead by stocking up on homeopathic heartburn relief that’s easy to throw into your purse or summer activities bag.

Acidil’s meltaway tablets are made with plant-based active ingredients and melt easily in the mouth to relieve acid indigestion, bloating, and upset stomach.

Easy to take without water, Acidil can be used anytime so you don’t miss out on the fun! Make sure to grab your $2 off coupon!


Get an Amazing Sunscreen

Since we first started the Natural Products Network more than a decade ago, natural sunscreen has come a LONG way!

What was once essentially white messy paste, has transformed into advanced formulas that really work. Our absolute favorite brand in this space is Coola.

At Coola, you will find technology mixed with organic goodness. Yes, most products are NOT 100% natural and organic, but Coola is dedicated to making effective products that are as clean and healthy as possible!

Essentially, Coola represents a huge advancement in the sunscreen space and we continue to love their products as the brand grows and evolves.

Plus, you can easily navigate their website to find formulas that work best for your individual needs. Yes, we wish that everything they offered was 100 percent organic, but understand that products also have to perform.

Don’t forget the Scalp and Hair Mist Organic Sunscreen SPF 30% to protect your head as well!

Best Natural Sunscreen

Keep Bugs at Bay, Naturally

Natural bug spray is another category that has really struggled in the natural space, but there are still some natural standouts.

At the top of the Natural Bug Repellents we’ve tested, we definitely recommend Quantum Buzz Away Extreme Insect Repellent! This is one of the oldies, but goodies in natural bug repellents. This product uses three powerhouse essential oils that drives bugs away: geranium oil, cedarwood oil and citronella oil to offer a DEET-free solution that you can feel good about. DEET is linked to a variety of adverse affects including skin reactions, brain malfunctions and even cancer.

One thing to note, we have found that in order to get the desired results we apply this natural bug repellent every two hours. While that might be a tad more often than we would like, we love the smell and feel of this product on the skin more than other natural bug repellents that we’ve tried.

For another natural fix to help keep mosquitos away, try simply adding a high-quality and portable outdoor fan! Mosquitos are horrible flyers and thus a well-placed outdoor fan can really help prevent them from coming around!

Best Natural Bug Repellent

Drink Hot Tea to Cool Down

During the summer, there is such an emphasis on making every drink ice cold! Thus, you have probably never considered sipping on hot tea during a sweltering day…to actually cool down!

Come to find out that there are taste receptors in our tongues that actually trigger a cooling down effect when we drink something that is hot.

Therefore, don’t put away your helpful hot tea blends this summer for a sugary cold soda! Instead, try sipping on a hot herbal tea on a warm morning and enjoy the sensation.

So many people enjoy their tea ritual in the winter and find that it protects their health. Why not take this positive experience into your summer?

Also, consider adding some local raw honey to your tea blends to get even more benefits. Honey is known to be a natural “wound healer” so it can be especially soothing when combined with your morning tea!

Our very favorite go-to hot tea for summer has to be Organic Peppermint Tea. Peppermint boast a myriad of health benefits from promoting good digestion to soothing sinus congestion and even upping your energy level! All great things for summer!

Organic Peppermint Tea

Summer Recipes Makeover Guide

Enjoy delicious summer recipe makeovers that help you turn the bland to brilliant and the sub-par to superb!

Best of all, all of our summer recipes are easy to make! There’s no exotic or hard to find ingredients…just delicious recipes that we think you’ll love!

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How I Attract Love, Protection and Success with Crystals

By: Chelsea Vurciaga

Few know about crystal healing, yet those who use crystals to heal and attract good things report amazing experiences.

I’ve been very fortunate to grow up with some of the world’s most prominent healers. This has given me a lifetime of experience learning the best ways to use crystals and stones to enhance my life.

I love using crystals and stones because they are inexpensive and effective and help build my intuition, instincts and bring powerful energy to help me achieve my goals.

I use crystals and stones regularly (especially now!) to drive my passions and purpose forward.

How Rose Quartz Protected Me

This story demonstrates the power of crystal healing and might make you want to delve further into the possibilities of using crystals in your own life.

The story goes like this: Years ago I got two matching rose quartz crystals. I was attracted to rose quartz because at the time I was seeking love, self fulfillment, protection and new opportunities.

I felt that I had to have two identical carved rose quartz stones. This is one of the most important aspects of crystal healing. Your stones need to choose you!

Afterward, I was involved in a horrible car accident that could have easily taken my life, but I miraculously escaped, nearly unscathed. While cleaning out my totaled car, I discovered one of the rose quartz crystals in the heaps of metal and broken glass. It was completely intact. This shocked me for a number of reasons, but mainly because I do not recall placing this crystal in my car.

After the crash, I was guided to find the twin crystal and located it in one of my purses.

When I held the two crystals together, I had a strong feeling of love and peace and knew that they had served as powerful protection stones in my life.

How I Use Crystals for Career, Success, Money and More

I also use crystals to attract new career opportunities. In fact, using crystals helped opened up the opportunity for me to appear on TV segments all over the country speaking about natural products and wellness. To date, I have appeared on well over 100 TV segments.

Sometimes when I am looking for an answer with my business, money or to just need to unblock energy I use crystal meditation to help me.

Recently, I’ve used crystals and stones to meet new people to bring new love, romance and friendship into my life.

I’ve also used crystals and stones to find beautiful soulmates along the way.

My life experience has shown me that I can use crystals and stones to attract so many positive things!

However, I know that I’m very lucky because I grew up learning the core rules and steps to using crystals and stones from the ancient teachings.

Do You Want to Learn How to Use Crystals?

It can be frustrating because there is SO MUCH crystal information online, but most of what I’ve seen is misleading or downright wrong!

I’ve talked about using crystals on various TV segments and found that these are some of my most popular segments. People are intrigued by crystals and stones…even if they have never used them.

After years of being asked about crystals, I’ve decided to teach the core principles and steps that I’ve learned from some of the world’s top experts.

Here is the VITAL first step so you know EXACTLY how to get started with crystals and stones! This is crucial to get you started in the right direction!

Best Crystal Healing Course for Beginners

The Best Crystal Healing Course for BeginnersLearn How to Use Crystals and Stones From a Crystal Expert with a Lifetime of Experience!

This easy-to-follow guide teaches you the information you need to use crystals and stones to attract what you want in life.

The Natural Products Network Founder, Chelsea, has spent her entire life studying with experts in natural healing.

She has appeared on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC and THE CW sharing information about natural products and wellness strategies.

One of her passions is using crystals and stones to attract success and abundance.

She developed this course based on her own powerful experiences attracting success, romance, new career opportunities, money and more using crystals and stones!

Discover the Ancient Secrets in Seven Targeted Steps

Chelsea grew up around some of the world’s most prominent natural healers. She started attending healing classes with her mom when she was only 10 years old. Since then, she has devoted her life to studying and advocating for natural healing.

Here is Chelsea on the Everyday Show talking about crystals for romance.

Why Seven Steps to Crystal Success?

Chelsea created The Seven Steps to Crystal Success because visitors to Natural Products Network expressed interest in learning THE RIGHT WAY to use crystals and stones. Specifically, people want to learn the secrets and key information to quickly teach them what they need to know.

Since Chelsea couldn’t find this information in another online course, Chelsea decided to create one!

The Seven Steps to Crystal Success is the most efficient and complete way to learn the crucial information you need to succeed with crystals and stones!

This digital course includes an introduction to the course that includes all the basics and all Seven Steps to Crystal Success complete with subsections within each section so you know exactly what to do to propel your practice forward.

The digital course also includes Four Downloadable Guides:

How to Set an Intention Step by Step Guide – Learn how to set an intention within your crystal practice. Most people have never heard of this, but it is crucial to your success!

Cleanse, Detox and Align Crystal Energy – Learn how to prepare your crystals before you use them. This is a very important and often missed step!

Clearing Energy Chakras – Learn a modern approach to clearing energy chakras to remove blocks. This is easier than you think if you have this information.

Money Magnet Crystal Energy – Find out how to use your crystals to shift and create positive energy surrounding money. This is essential to know if you want to use crystal energy to attract financial abundance!

Why the Seven Steps to Crystal Success is the Best Crystal Healing Course for Beginners…

Start IMMEDIATELY in the Right Direction:

>>>Find out how to get started with crystals and stones by setting an intention. This is trickier than you think UNLESS YOU KNOW THIS KEY INFORMATION!

>>>Learn WHAT TO DO and WHAT TO AVOID if you want to utilize crystals and stones to ATTRACT MONEY OR LOVE.

>>>Learn why common practices like building crystals grids are NOT EFFECTIVE and MORE EFFECTIVE WAYS TO USE CRYSTALS AND STONES!

>>>Discover how you can get your stones and crystals to CHOOSE YOU. At first this may seem hard to grasp, but it’s actually easy to do!

Understand How to Build Your Intuition and Attract Success with Crystals and Stones:

>>>Find out how to ALIGN YOUR CRYSTALS AND STONES with YOUR ENERGY for the best results.

>>>Learn how to meditate with your crystals and stones and use them to clear stubborn energy blocks to reach your goals.

>>>Learn how to use crystals and stones to tap into your intuition and uncover the answers you ALREADY have within!

>>>Discover how to use your crystals and stones to create an energetic shift to REMOVE NEGATIVE PATTERNS in your life AND DEVELOP POSITIVE ONES INSTEAD.

Learn the KEY Secrets of Using Crystals and Stones:

>>>Find out why you need to be VERY CAREFUL about giving and receiving crystals and stones.

>>>Find out why going to a crystal “expert” for a reading could be the worst thing you can do and why YOU are BETTER than an expert!

>>>Learn how to integrate other common natural healing tools into your crystals and stones practice.

>>>Learn what to do if you are using crystals and stones and it’s NOT WORKING and how to easily readjust your practice!

>>Get THREE PRINTABLE GUIDES and a wealth of insider knowledge that you’ll ONLY find in this course!

10 Incredible Health-Boosting Uses of Aloe Vera

By: Dayna Copeland Schaef

The Aloe Vera plant is a spiny, gelatinous shrub most famous for soothing red, blistered skin after too much fun in the sun, but it’s list of health benefits extends far beyond that. There are so many uses for this hearty botanical – from scalp treatment to arthritis relief, is there anything that Aloe Vera can’t do?

1. Drink Aloe Vera Juice for Digestive Health: Drinking Aloe Vera Juice can help to replace the natural flora of bacteria in your stomach, helping you to feel like yourself again, sooner. According to a  2013 study published in the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, 33 IBS patients found aloe vera juice beneficial in combating the pain and discomfort of IBS.

2. Apply Aloe Vera Gel to Cuts, Bruises and Scabs to ease pain and prevent scarring: Most know that Aloe Vera gel is a great natural tool for a painful sunburn, but it is also can be helpful to apply on cuts, bruises and scabs. It soothes pain and discomfort and also promotes healing and can reduce unsightly scarring. According to 23 studies and medical trials, Aloe vera prevented skin ulcers and successfully soothed burn wounds.

3. Apply Aloe Vera Gel to Prevent Wrinkles and renew skin elasticity: Some studies have shown that Aloe Vera can stimulate cell regrowth. Applying a little Aloe gel to your face and neck after a shower can leave you with a youthful, natural glow. We especially love to mix 2 Tbsp of Aloe Vera with 2 Tbsp of honey to make an invigorating face mask.

4. Use as an Acne Treatment, and on stubborn pimples and breakouts: A little Aloe gel applied to your breakouts can reduce redness and inflammation, as well as prevent pimple scarring. The secret to using your Aloe Vera plant is to take the leaves from the base of the plant and cut close to the stem.

5. Stimulate Hair Growth in balding spots: Use Aloe gel in place of a conditioner in the shower. Apply it after shampooing, or in lieu of, and either rinse it out then, or let it sit overnight, to stimulate regrowth. Some researchers believe that the aloenin found in Aloe Vera is helpful for hair growth.

6. Treat Dandruff flakes as a conditioner in the shower: The gel not only helps your hair to grow, but it moisturizes your scalp and treats itchy dandruff at the root. Aloe vera contains fatty and amino acids and is a rich source of vitamins A, B12, E and C.

7. Drink Aloe Juice to relieve arthritis and rheumatism discomfort: Taken orally, Aloe acts as an anti-inflammatory, and can help with the pain of arthritis and rheumatism.

8. Aloe Vera for your private parts: Aloe Vera helps to relieve vaginal dryness and can help soothe jock itch. Also, as noted by Health Library, aloe vera was used successfully to help quickly clear herpes sores.

9. Use in toothpaste for impeccable gums and teeth: Healthy teeth start with healthy gums, so using a toothpaste fortified with Aloe encourages a pristine mouth. Try chewing on a bit of the gooey inside of the plant and holding it on your gums. Feels amazing!

10. Drink to manage your blood sugar: Those suffering with diabetes have attested to how aloe vera can positive influence healthy blood sugar levels. A 2015 study in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine found that Aloe Vera can help with blood glucose levels and reduce body fat and weight.

We provide information and not medical advice. Please consult your doctor about your individual needs before using Aloe Vera. 

Are you interested in learning the Seven Steps to Crystal Success? Check out the best crystal course for beginners that will teach you the ancient secrets to using crystals and stones>>>

Five Ways to Use the Sky as an Energy Healing Tool

Are you interested in learning new ways to help yourself using easy tools that are readily available?

If you are like many people looking for new sources of help, the answer is probably yes.

Lots of us can think of times that we gazed at a beautiful sky and felt a sense of wonder and comfort. However, you probably never thought to use the sky as a healing energy tool.

Using the energy of the sky dates back to ancient times, yet many people nowadays have never heard of it. In fact, the Mayans, Celts, Native Americans and Egyptians all developed ways to utilize the stars and the sky. Although their methods varied, they held the common belief that there was a powerful and profound force above.

But, you are probably wondering how YOU can use the energy of the sky to have a positive impact nowadays?

Interestingly, there are easy ways that you can put sky energy to work for you that require little effort.

Check Out These Five Easy Ways to Use the Energy in the Sky.

1.  Accurately Chart Your Astrology

A lot of us have at least one person in our lives who might regularly reference astrology. Has anyone expressed to you that “mars is in retrograde” or “that he or she is only compatible with fire signs” or that “their horoscope is good that day??” Unfortunately, some of the astrology that we encounter nowadays tends to focus on limiting beliefs, negative outcomes and broad horoscopes that have nothing to do with our actual astrology charts. The truth is that the essence of astrology is specific, empowering, positive and enlightening.  But, the first step is to accurately chart your astrology. To do so, you need to utilize your full name, your place of birth and your time of birth.

Most of the time people easily know everything EXCEPT their exact time of birth and think that it is OK to guesstimate when they do their chart. The simply answer to this is NO.

In fact, being off by mere minutes can give you an entirely different chart. Thus, take the time to find that pesky birth certificate and talk to your parents or relatives to really nail down the time you were born.

Also, instead of paying someone to do your chart, you will get more benefit if you do it yourself. The main reason is that you will approach it with much more of an open mind rather than having someone TELL you what they think that everything means.

Not to say that you can’t use a reader to delve in deeper once you have a basic understanding. However, it is good that you start from a place that feels natural and right. Sometimes astrology readers can be pushy with their own interpretations that might throw you off your mark. Remember it is YOUR chart and YOUR life.

Discover your Sun and Rising Signs and What it Means to You

To start understanding your astrological chart, find out your sun sign and rising sign and work from there in a way that feels good. While, you probably know your sun sign (Aries for instance), most people do not know their rising sign or what means. Simply put a rising sign “is the Zodiac sign that appears on the Eastern horizon at a person’s birth, more precisely: the intersection of the Eastern Horizon with the Ecliptic.”

Pay careful attention if you are born on a cusp (the intersection of two signs), a holiday, a family members’ or important friends’ birthday and explore that that means to you.

Once you open yourself up to astrology, you might be surprised what shows up in your life. For instance, you might see a poster for a workshop that feels right to you or gleam some helpful information from a random series of events. It can be exciting when you open yourself up to new messages.

One thing to be careful of is misusing astrology to LIMIT your life. For instance, if you find yourself believing that you can never date a certain sign or that all people that are a sign are one way, you are really missing the nuances of astrology. Also, astrology should never make you feel fearful. Never. If you interface with any information that upsets you, that is not true astrology and should be immediately discarded.

Make your astrology a positive and broadening source of information and see what happens!

2. Practice Sky Reiki

You may have heard of Reiki healing and wondered what it means. Simply put, Reiki is healing through “laying of the hands” or when one person puts their hands strategically on another person to help them. While this might seem too simple to be effective, scientific studies have found various powerful benefits of Reiki.

Sky Reiki uses similar principles of Reiki healing, but instead of utilizing a “laying of the hands” for energetic healing benefits, you utilize the energy from the sky for healing benefits. A simple way to do this is to incorporate Sky Reiki into your outdoor activities in a way that feels healing and nourishing to you.

How to Perform Sky Reiki

To do this, start by thinking of the sky as a healing force above you. If you hold certain religious beliefs, you might think of it as a “heavenly” force. Honor your own individual customs and belief system to think of the sky in a powerful way that suits you. Next, reach your hands up over your head and imagine the energy from the sky as feeding you deeply from within. You might even ask for a specific way that you would like the energy to help you. Next, honor the stillness and breathe deeply as you invite positive energy from above to help and feed you.

For even more benefits, try doing relaxing yoga poses under a beautiful sky with positive intentions. You can utilize yoga to connect with the sky and stars in a meaningful way.

Finally, when you encounter a sunset or sunrise that feels magical, take a moment and breathe that good feeling into your body. Ask the universe and sky to help you. Make sure to be specific and positive in your thoughts and think of all the good things in your life. Take a moment gazing at the beautiful sky and utilize it to lift your mood and surround you with love.

3. Visit a Healing Energy Vortex

Chances are that you have already visited a Healing Energy Vortex and not even known it. What!!!???

A Healing Energy Vortex is thought to be a swirling center of energy that is conducive to healing, meditation and self-exploration located in such places as Sedona Arizona.

The great news is that energy vortex locations are not just found in exotic places. In fact, a healing energy vortex can literally be right in your own backyard. And by that, we actually mean right in your own backyard.

Sometimes a Healing Energy Vortex is a Familiar Place in Your Life!

That is right, a healing energy vortex can be in your own yard under your favorite tree or in your garden by your favorite rose bush.

Find a place that is meaningful to you and that makes you feel calm, collected and supported by nature and use it to refuel and recharge.

Practice your Sky Reiki exercises in your favorite Healing Energy Vortex and see how that feels to you!

4. Drink Biodynamic Wine

Biodynamic agriculture is a form of farming that has been on the rise in all areas of agriculture, in recent years. Not only does biodynamics encompass all the practices of organic farming, but it also places a priority on being in synch with the natural flow of the stars and the sky. The lunar calendar, for instance, is just one of the many earth cycles that biodynamic viticulturists pay close attention to for its effects on their grapes. Much like the practice of Ayurveda, biodynamic farmers strive to have as little impact on their environment as possible, which allows them to yield a product that is as close to nature as one can get.

However, Organic Wine is Not Necessarily Biodynamic Wine

Some people assume that if they are buying organic wine, that this means that it is biodynamic, which isn’t always the case. Biodynamic honors the energy of the sky in addition to utilizing organic growing practices. This makes it different than organic wine. Many people describe biodynamic wine as honoring the rhythm of the sky, stars and environment.

In addition to being better for the planet, biodynamic wine is good for your health, too. Studies show that these wines, grown without pesticides, following the cycle of the moon, the sun and the stars are more pure and nutrient dense, making that glass of merlot an asset to a well balanced diet and a healthy, long life. So, say cheers to your health!

5. Do a Crystals and Stones Sky Cleanse

While many people practice crystal healing techniques, it’s astounding how many do not properly cleanse their crystals and stones before use.

Failing to properly clear crystals and stones means that you are using crystals and stones with mismatched energy and intentions!

How can you properly attract the right energy if the tools you are using are attuned to someone else or not attuned at all?

You can align your crystals and stones by placing them under a beautiful night sky and setting an intention that they clear previous energy and align to your own frequency.

Simply place them under the moon, state your purpose for them and then gather them in the morning. The sky will clear and recharge them just for you.

You can also carry a special stone or crystal to a healing vortex and perform a sky cleanse to recharge it.

Remember that crystals and stones are personal and must be consistently attuned to your energy for best results.

Are you interested in learning the Seven Steps to Crystal Success?

Do you wonder how you can use crystals and stones to attract what you want in life? If so, check out the targeted online course hosted by our Founder, Chelsea! Chelsea has a lifetime of experience in natural healing techniques. She developed this course to be the most targeted and informative course online. In fact, she has even been featured on major network television discussing how to use crystals and stones!

Sign up to be notified about the launch of the Seven Steps to Crystal Success!

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The Best On-The-Go Products

We are so excited to introduce you to products carefully designed to make eating, drinking and snacking on the go a breeze! Kid Basix by New Wave Enviro features a full line of eco-FUNctional™ food and beverage products made of durable, environmentally friendly materials like stainless steel.

Products are easy to clean and offer lock-in-place lids to protect food and drinks. Not just for kiddos, the Safe Sporters and Safe Snackers are great for any active adult on-the-go.

For instance, we love to use the Safe Snacker to stash a healthy daily snack. Developing a small habit of carrying around a snack in your workout bag or purse can save you tons of money. Plus, it helps you to eat healthier during your busy day!

Kid Basix Products come in vibrant colors to coordinate with each family member to get you quickly out the door. The line includes a Safe Sippy Cup, a Safe Sippy 2, a Safe Sporter 12 oz, a Safe Sporter 16 oz, a Safe Snacker 23 oz, a Safe Snacker 13 oz, and a Safe Snacker 7 oz.

Safe Sippy

Stainless sippy cups, so basic, yet full of unique features that make the cups easy for your little ones to hold. The Safe Sippy 2, the first convertible sippy to a straw cup.

Safe Sporter

Stainless water bottles with easy-pull sport tops in two convenient sizes, 12oz for the little ones and 16oz.

Safe Snacker

Favorite features include a single flap collared lid that is easy to open and close, lid attached on one side, and won’t get lost, the lid is also removable for easy washing, stainless steel base, and silicone gasket. Check out the video to see the products in action!

About New Wave Enviro

New Wave Enviro was established in 1993 with the idea of providing high quality water filtration products. The company focuses on sustainability, knowledge, quality, and customer service. From stainless steel food containers to spa-experience shower filters, New Wave Enviro has something for everyone.



The Important Healing Benefits of Bitters

Healing Bitters Drink RecipeDoing a lot of cleaning at home these days? How about doing some internal cleaning as well?! The old saying “you have to take the bitter with the sweet,” may have deeper meaning than first thought. For thousands of years the healing group of bitter herbs has helped promote good health. Particularly, the healing benefits of bitters can combat the ill effects of American diets that are often too focused on sweets.

What are Bitters?

Bitter herbal remedies can vary, but commonly utilize naturally cleansing herbs traditional to liver and blood cleansing. Some examples are Dandelion, Blessed Thistle, Artichoke, Orange Peel, Yarrow, Gentian, Fennel, Ginger, Chamomile and Wormwood.

You can utilize any or all of these herbs in a variety of ways. From teas, tinctures, capsules, elixirs or tablets, you can enjoy the benefits that bitters offer in whatever way you find to be most convenient and effective.

How to Use Bitters

Bitter formulas passed down throughout the ages are often used in the dietary supplements you see on your health food grocery store shelves. The 19th century apothecaries utilized the powerful intestinal comforting benefits of these bitters in cocktails and mixed drinks. Throughout the ages, these bitters found their way into many drink concoctions and medicinal configurations to help prepare the palette and digestive system for optimal digestion.

What Can Bitters Do For Me?

Many bitter herbs provide ample anti-inflammatory properties, to help relieve bloating and swelling within the body. For instance, orange peel and dandelion assist the body in lowering blood pressure and help balance cholesterol, boosting healthy cholesterol levels. Dandelion also works with the bodies’ chemistry to help reduce or even eliminate the factors that cause acne and PMS. The herb Fennel provides aids digestion and is known to reduce anxiety, respiratory issues and depression.

Bitters to Fight Parasites

Bitters can also be helpful when it comes to fighting parasites. While it is common knowledge that our pets can have parasites, people can get them, too. And, unfortunately you don’t have to travel to an exotic place to get parasites. Thankfully, nature has given us tools we can use to fight these unwelcome guests. Bitters are antiparasitic, which means that this group of herbs naturally removes parasites and the harmful toxins that they emit in the body. If you are interested in delving more into removing parasites, discover how you can get rid of parasites.

The Best Bitters

Bitter herbs are widely available in easy-to-take solutions. Two products worth checking out that boast high ratings and a track record for success include NatureWorks Swedish Bitters and Herbal Bitters from Urban Moonshine.

We love NatureWorks Swedish Bitters because of the healing history of the product. In fact, NatureWorks Swedish Bitters has been utilized by millions of Europeans and is a favorite herbal elixir.

Herbal Bitters from Urban Moonshine is gaining a powerful reputation for producing a quality product that makes a healthy difference. It inspires your body’s own production of digestive juices and enzymes and helps keep healthy blood sugar levels in the normal range. 

***We provide information, not medical advice. Remember to speak with your health provider before adding any new herbs or supplements to your daily routine.

The Best Crystals and Stones to Attract a Soulmate

Are you focused on adding some passion to your current relationship or looking for that special someone? These carefully chosen stones and crystals help create a magnetic energetic attraction between you and your soulmate to pull you together in love and life.

Each bundle contains three (5) crystals and stones including (1) Blue Goldstone (1) Rose Quartz, (1) Snakeskin Agate, (1) Botswana Agate and (1) Tiger Eye.

Blue Goldstone – Do you lack confidence when it comes to dating and finding new friends? Blue Goldstone is known for ambition, intention and drive toward what you want. It also helps to clear negative patterns that might be preventing you from venturing out of your comfort zone. It is known as a stone of action and results.

Rose Quartz – This is the eternal heart stone for promoting openness and healing the pain from past relationships. If you find yourself living in a past relationship, than this could be the stone that helps you move onto something better. It’s also great for opening up your energy so that others know that you are ready for love. If you are in a relationship, rose quartz can help you dive deeper and discover new passion and romance. If you constantly feel like something is holding you back from love, this stone could be exactly what you need.

Snakeskin Agate – This rare crystal is known as a “skin healing” crystal and is a great fit for anyone who wants to beautify their appearance, shed a bad situation or feel more comfortable in their own skin. The beautiful snakeskin markings on the crystal bring the energy of renewal, even in the hardest circumstances.

Botswana Agate – Do you sometimes feel like you have some sort of blockage that is preventing you for receiving the love that you want and need? Botswana Agate is all about letting the energy flow, enhancing your intuition and reminding you that love is all around you. This activates your internal radar to help you find the special person that is the right fit for you and restore your confidence. This stone also helps you remove blocks in current relationships that are holding you back. This could even mean coming to the realization that your soulmate is not the person you are currently dating.

Tiger Eye – Think of the potent wisdom in the eyes of a tiger and that helps you understand the “all-knowing” ability of this stone. It brings confidence, courage and action in your life. When it comes specifically to love, it emboldens action and romantic connection.

Each kit includes a handy carrying pouch. You will not get these exact stones as no two stones are exactly alike. Images so the actual lots of stones so you can see the high quality. 

Also, unlike other kits that you will find online, we are sourcing high-quality crystals and stones that are sometimes hard to find AND we are clearing them in the proper way SO THAT THEY ARE JUST FOR YOU. We have not found another crystal shop online where they care about properly clearing the stones which means that people are using stones that are full of other people’s energy and intentions! You NEED the stones cleared just for you for the best results!

One-of-a-Kind Red Rocks Clearing

All stones and crystals have been specially cleared for use at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre to further enhance their energetic power. As a special extra step, sand from Red Rocks will be sprinkled on your crystals and stones so that they are protected as they travel to you. This makes your crystals and stones more powerful and special.

If you sourced these stones, the pouch and had them cleared individually it could cost you $40!

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The Dangers of Undercooked Beans

It’s always a shock to learn that something considered healthy—like beans—can pose risks that are not widely known. You may be surprised to learn that several types of everyday beans can make you sick if not cooked thoroughly. In fact, consuming undercooked beans can lead to abdominal complaints, like vomiting, diarrhea and gas, and even hospitalization in rare cases.

Cooking beans properly is vital because beans contain natural insecticides in their core. The chemical found at the center of beans is often referred to as lectin or phytohaemagglutinin and must be cooked in order to neutralize. This chemical is found in various concentrations depending on the bean type. The highest concentration of lectin is found in red kidney beans.

So why do people often consume undercooked beans? The reason is simple—we smell the delicious aromas coming from our crockpots and we don’t want to wait out the full cooking process. However, it’s fairly simple to check if your beans are cooked properly.

Remember that soaking beans before cooking can help make them more digestible and when you think that they are done check to make sure they are fork tender. Undercooked beans will often have a chalky consistency and will feel too firm under your fork. Also, you can take a spoonful of beans out of your cooker and blow on them. If the skin on the beans’ wrinkle and then start to peel, they are most likely cooked properly. You will also notice on that the skin on properly cooked beans looks a tad loose in appearance.

If you feel like you are experiencing poisoning from undercooked beans, please consult your physician as soon as possible. Luckily, most recover very quickly, but don’t wait if you feel you need immediate medical attention. Also, please note that sprouting beans has separate risks and challenges that are different from cooking beans. Thus, you want to follow completely different practices for sprouting vs. cooking and remember that only certain beans can be sprouted.