Five Best Detox Teas to Help You Cleanse Your Body Fast

Chelsea here, Founder of the Natural Products Network :) Are you interested doing a tea detox, but have no idea what teas to use or how to do it? Check out the five best detox teas to help you cleanse your body fast and discover new wellness benefits!

Please make sure to check with your doctor before adding teas to your daily routine AND don’t be persuaded by the word “Teatox” or “Detox” in the title when choosing a tea.

Too many people look for the words “detox” or “teatox” on the label. Don’t be one of them!

There are many great teas that are beneficial to your body that are not labeled as a detox tea!

In fact, most of the more effective teas will not be labeled as a “cleansing” or “detox” tea at all.

What the best detox teas have in common is that they all have a long term track record of success and some teas even have scientific studies that back up benefits!

Here are some of our favorite detox teas and how to use them! You are guaranteed to be surprised about some of what you find here!

What Exactly is a Detox Tea?

The term detox can be a vague term that hints at something really good for you, but not with specific details about results.

You’ll probably never even really thought about exactly what it means to do a great detox or the results that you can expect.

In fact, it’s likely that when you think of detoxing or cleansing, you think of starvation methods such as drinking only juice or eating a very limited amount of food for a specific period of time.

This is not detoxing at all…this is participating in dangerous diet trends claiming to be a “detox.”

The Problem With Most Detox and Cleanse Methods

The problem with the “juice only” or “starvation” detox methods is that they don’t work with today’s modern lifestyle. Let’s fact it, we are surrounding by fast food, unhealthy drinks and have very busy lifestyles.

While it’s true that some of the detox diets and cleanses came from methods that used to be sound and achievable, that isn’t the case in our modern world.

Most of us are not eating even close to a clean diet and we need to take that into consideration when cleansing and detoxing.

It’s never a good idea to “shock your system” with a harsh cleanse or detox. Plus, some of us have medical issues that make it dangerous to stop eating. Particularly, blood sugar issues.

How to Do an Effective Tea Detox

What you want out of your detox is a constant and consistent cleansing state that releases toxins, works within your busy lifestyle and honors the way you normally eat.

Keep in mind that you are going to go back to eating the same way you were before..even if you did a harsh cleanse for a few days.

Thus, participating in a harsh “cleanse” or “detox” method can actually be harder on the body as we can tend to binge on unhealthy foods right after it is finished.

What good does that do!?

Instead, opt for a detox or cleanse approach that works with your lifestyle and honors your body.

The great thing about utilizing tea to detox is that tea drenches your body with benefits in a way that your body can recognize and utilize.

Also, you don’t have to starve yourself or drink only tea to get results.

In fact, teas are an ideal method to deliver vital cleansing nutrients that help to detoxify and heal the body.

Also, keep in mind that you can use detox teas on your body as well!  We include an idea for a healing body compress below!

Here are the top five best detox teas we love and the benefits.

Five Best Detox Teas To Use Right Now

Kroeger Herb Teas

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Hanna Kroeger, master herbalist, created over 350 products, wrote more than 20 books, lectured extensively, helped thousands of people and has a great following.

Her line of teas target specific parts of the body to help to detox and heal. We especially love these two detox teas.

NRV Tea (Nerve tea)_helps to rebuild exhausted nerves, which can be welcome relief for stressed-out bodies! You’ve probably never thought of detoxing your nerves before, but in today’s times, it can be a welcome relief to focus on cleansing your nerves!

FML Tea (Female tea) is another knock-out tea from the Kroeger line. It features a trifecta of herbs that are particularly helpful for female issues. We love to use it to help our female organs and have found it beneficial for a smoother period. This is definitely one to take a look at!



The Republic of Tea

Get Clean is a great herbal tea for detoxing for those of us who may party like rock stars every once in awhile (or multiple times a week….lol)

We especially love Get Clean when we are feeling a bit puffy from overindulging. Particularly, we love how this gentle naturally caffeine-free herbal detox blend works to stimulate the liver.

Keep in mind that liver cleansing is one of our greatest natural mechanisms to promote detoxification and healing!

Traditional Medicinals

Did you know that regular old dandelions are great for detoxing and cleansing? It’s true!

Dandelions have been used for thousands of years as a wonderful detoxifying tool.

Please note that most dandelions that you might encounter outside can potentially have pesticides or other chemical residues, so it’s best to buy an organic blend.

Organic Dandelion Leaf and Root Tea supports kidney function and healthy digestion in every cup. It helps to flush out the kidneys to support the body’s natural detoxification process. Doesn’t that sound great?!

Mountain Rose Herb Teas

Mountain Rose Herbs offers a number of bulk, organic teas at amazing prices! Using tea compresses on the body is another way to perform a Tea Detox.

To make a tea compress, simply simmer some of the herbs in water and then use cheesecloth and an ace bandaid to apply the warm herbs to the body.

To help fight bloating, we especially like the duo of horsetail and mistletoe (don’t drink Mistletoe) applied as a compress to the outside to the stomach. Mistletoe compresses are also known to be helpful for varicose veins and horsetail massaged into the scalp can be beneficial for stimulating hair growth.

See, you can do more with tea than just drink it!

Interested in checking out our favorite full body detox cleanse?

Head here to see the Ultimate Detox Cleanse

Make sure to talk to your doctor before drinking or using any new tea on your body. Article contains affiliate links that may give us a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

How to Use Crystals for Beginners

Chelsea here, Founder of the Natural Products Network. If you are reading this you are probably wondering…is it really possible for me to use crystals and stones?

Also, you might be thinking…won’t it take a long time to learn how to use them? What if I’m a complete beginner?

Based on my lifetime of experience, crystals and stones are a powerful tool. Plus, just about anyone can learn how to use them…especially beginners!

In fact, I’ve found that beginners who learn the right techniques from the start are a lot more successful than those who have been practicing wrong techniques for years.

It all comes down to learning how to use crystals…

Ancient Crystal Success Teachings

Several ancient writings and cultures as far back as 4000 BC mention the powers of crystals.

It’s important to distinguish between using crystals and religion. Although there are positive references to crystals in the bible, using crystals is not a religion and does not have a religious affiliation. Crystals and stones are simply natural energetic tools that are utilized by many different cultures.

For instance, in Plato’s account of Atlantis, the Atlanteans used crystals to amplify thoughts and the Ancient Sumerians used crystals in healing formulas.

In fact, you’ll find prominent accounts of crystals in scriptures from Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and Native America.

Crystals, Science and Success

If you are wondering if there is any science that supports crystal energy, the piezoelectric effect gives us a window into how crystal energy works.

Simply put, the piezoelectric effect describes how crystals harness and emit energy. For instance, quartz crystal watch movement utilizes crystal energy to keep time.

I’ve spent nearly my entire life studying with prominent crystal and wellness experts to learn how to successfully utilize crystal energy…and I have had awesome results!

In fact, I feel strongly that using crystals has helped me find valuable career opportunities, meet instrumental people (especially in the love category!) and find powerful investments.

I even used crystals to help me book more than 100 TV segments…some of which I actually talked on-air about using crystals. Here I am on some of my TV segments!

But you can’t get any results out of your crystals unless you actually use them!

The Truth is the Vast Majority of Crystal Collectors Don’t Actually Use Their Crystals…

You’ll notice in crystal forums, most posts revolve around building and displaying large crystal and stone collections.

However, having beautiful crystals around you is like gathering vibrant paints and never painting a picture with them!

What good does that do?

Or like buying your dream car and never driving it…

You get the picture.

Thus, it is vital to cleanse, align and interact with your crystals in order to bring their energetic quality to your goals.

Also, if your crystals are simply in your environment, these crystals and stones may be absorbing the energy of other people or the energy of the actual environment.

Not at all what you want! Instead, you want your crystal energy to be pure, powerful and focused on your goals! This is the key to using crystals!

how to use crystals for beginners

The Problem with Crystal Grids

Often Crystal Grids are simply a gigantic mess of crystal energy.

Yes, they make for beautiful photos, but they are not actually bringing any focused crystal energy to your goals.

First, you need to learn how to attract, cleanse, detox and align crystal energy with your goals before you can build an intricate and complicated crystal grid!

Thus, relying on crystal grids is another reason many people using crystals never get any real results.

Especially if you are building a grid someone ELSE recommends and NOT one from your heart that aligns with your own unique circumstances and goals.

It all starts with finding the right crystals and stones and attuning them to your energy…

How to Find the Crystals and Stones for YOU

Unfortunately, most people read long descriptions of crystals and stones to select them.

Doing this leads to acquiring a bunch of crystals and stones that aren’t aligned to your goals AT ALL.

It is similar to choosing a spouse by reading a description of him/her…we all know those “looks good on paper” types who aren’t actually a match.

Just like you find that special spark with someone, you must share a spark of energy and attraction with the crystals and stones that you use for your goals!

I assure you that isn’t complicated to attract and choose the right crystals for you. All you have to do is learn the attraction method for choosing the right crystals. Here’s how you do it! 

Removing Energetic Blocks When Using Crystals and StonesCrystal Success Bundle

One of the most powerful ways I use my crystals is to help me clear energetic blocks.

The truth is energetic blocks are fairly common.

Often these blocks manifest from trauma, abuse or limiting beliefs and rest in our Chakras, or the energetic centers of the body.

Do you feel like something is holding you back from your goals?

Almost like an invisible force is working against you in a way that feels like you are hitting an invisible wall?

The great news is that you can use crystals and stones to help you remove these energetic blocks.

Stagnant feelings of hurt and unresolved issues can block Chakras or energy centers.

Using crystals to help clear this stagnant energy can make a profound positive impact!

Learning The Exact Secrets and Steps to Using Crystals and Stones

Of all the 100+ TV segments I’ve done on natural living, my TV segments featuring crystals and stones remain my most popular.

In fact, I get a lot of questions about crystals and stones from people who want to find easy, inexpensive natural tools to help themselves.

For the first time, I am taking the decades I’ve spent studying with crystal and wellness experts and sharing the key secrets and steps right here. 

Why a Parasite Cleanse is the Best Detox Cleanse for Women

Chelsea here, Founder of the Natural Products Network. I’ve spent decades studying with prominent wellness experts to find the best detox cleanse for women. 

What’s interesting is that most of the women I speak with have never even heard of this detox cleanse and know nothing about this approach.

However, once I introduce women to the benefits of parasite cleansing, I often get feedback that it has life-changing results! That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about it!

Why a Parasite Cleanse is the Best Detox Cleanse for Women…

Did you know that about 80% of people have parasites in their gut? This may come as a shock to you as many people are unaware that parasites are this common.

Also, I’ve found parasite cleansing is absolutely a key wellness tool that I can use to look and feel my best.

But first, let me back up a bit and tell you more about myself.

When I was a baby, my mom had Rheumatic Fever and was desperate to help herself.

This lead her to discovering New Age Foods in Boulder, which was one of the first health food stores in the US owned by the legendary natural pioneer, Hanna Kroeger.

Thankfully, my mom got better and I grew up immersed in learning about natural wellness strategies.

Starting as a child, I began attending classes featuring wellness experts from all over the world.

Learning different techniques, research and results became my passion and my purpose.

One of my core focuses is learning how to detox and cleanse effectively.

During my extensive research and experience, I’ve found that parasite cleansing is simply the best detox cleanse.

Best of all it is simple, utilizes common natural tools AND is easy to fit into a busy lifestyle.

That’s why I can’t wait to share the top three reasons why women should consider a parasite detox cleanse and how to do one!

Reason One: Parasite Cleansing and Overcoming Wellness Plateaus

Do you feel like you are somewhat “stuck” in your wellness journey and looking for something to get you over that hump and focused in the right direction?

Maybe this means losing that stubborn 10 pounds, finally feeling more energized and/or improving the dull appearance of your skin and hair.

We all have issues that can seem to linger, even when trying to make a positive change.

One of the issues that I deal with the most is bloating and weight around my core.

Parasite cleansing has helped me overcome my bloating more than anything else! In fact, I actually feel the heaviness in my stomach disappear after doing a parasite cleanse!

The truth is that since most parasites tend to thrive in the gut and digestive tract, a parasite infection can mean constant inflammation and nagging stomach issues.

When I flush parasites out of my system, I always feel a sense of renewing and healing to my entire digestive system!

The trick is that I never do anything harsh to try and get rid of parasites, but rather utilize a systematic series of targeted cleansing activities.

Most women don’t realize this, but harsh cleansing methods can be dangerous and get you even further away from your wellness goals!

That is one of the keys elements I’ve discovered during my lifetime of learning how to cleanse and detox effectively!

Reason Two: Parasite Cleansing and Food Addictions

Do you sometimes feel like your food cravings are beyond your control? To me, this feels almost like I am eating to feed something that is stronger than my own will power.

You have to keep in mind that parasites use human hosts to survive. Thus, there is a link between parasites and food addictions.

Typically these cravings center around sugar and specific foods that fuel parasites…even some supposedly healthy foods you might not suspect!

When I simply recognize and eliminate some of the more problematic foods during a parasite cleanse, I find that I can better deal with any food cravings that might be driven by a parasitic infection.

I’ve found that making this connection can have really powerful results when it comes to overcoming food addictions.

Reason Three: Parasite Cleansing and Hormone/Women Issues

There is interesting research that indicates parasites may be drawn to specific hormonal cycles, which it turn means that parasites can affect women more often.

This link is compelling as research has already proven that parasites form patterns around other cycles, notably the full moon cycle.

While it might sound like something out of a novel, it is a proven fact that parasites are more active during the full moon.

Due to our circadian rhythms during the full moon, we naturally produce less melatonin and more serotonin which fuels parasites.

The interesting thing that I have experienced is that parasite cleansing seems to have a positive impact on my overall menstrual cycle.

When I’ve drilled down into this with scientific research, I have found correlations between gut health/hormones, which helps to explain this potential link!

Do You Want to learn the EXACT 21 Day Cleanse and Detox Sequence I Use to Get Rid of Parasites?

I’ve create a helpful guide to make it possible for all the pieces of the “parasite cleansing puzzle” to come together…which can be life-transforming for anyone wanting to overcome health plateaus.

In this Complete Parasite Cleanse Challenge you’ll discover the secrets I’VE SPENT MY LIFE LEARNING to help you power up your wellness goals.

(…even if you have never cleansed before and are a complete beginner!)

The Complete Parasite Cleanse Challenge

In this challenge, you’ll learn step-by-step how to cleanse and detox your body of parasites with easy natural tools.

You don’t need exotic ingredients, costly supplements or prescriptions to get results.

You’ll also learn how and why parasite cleansing can be life-changing and help you reach an “ah-ha” moment in your wellness journey.

Plus, this cleanse and detox is flexible so that it can be easily adapted to meet your dietary needs or restrictions. Here is what is inside:

21 Day Cleanse and Detox Challenge:

In this complete day-by-day course…you’ll get 21 days of targeted activities to cleanse and detox your body of parasites and reap the benefits.

This digital guide is fast-paced, exciting and info-packed so you can quickly get the information you need. You’ll also find scientific research to back what you are learning.

Plus, you’ll find a gentle, yet effective, approach to cleansing that builds each day to facilitate a constant state of detoxing, renewing and rebuilding.

This is NOT 21 days of torture, but rather 21 days of targeted activities that you will actually love. Yes, you can and SHOULD love to cleanse and detox your body!

By the end of this challenge, you’ll have MASTERED the art of cleansing and detoxing parasites…this will help you reach your wellness goals in a new way!

If you want go from “stuck” to “unstuck” and take your wellness to the NEXT LEVEL…this is the BLUEPRINT you are looking for.

I can’t wait for you to check out the 21 Day Parasite Cleanse Challenge!

After you take a look, make sure to check out another of my favorite easy wellness tools you probably haven’t heard about.


Three Things You Need to Know About Parasites and Weight Gain

parasites and weight gainChelsea here, Founder of the Natural Products Network. Have you heard of the parasites and weight gain? Most people struggling with weight issues probably have never even considered parasites are a contributing factor. In fact, most people don’t even know that humans can easily contract parasites.

The fact is parasites can have a variety of detrimental effects on our health.

This includes causing weight gain and contributing to food addictions.

That’s why parasite cleansing is one of my all-time favorite ways to help myself feel my best from my lifetime of experience in natural health.

What I love most about parasite cleansing is that it is easy to do and it makes an immediate impact on how I look and feel. I have literally seen wrinkles disappear from my face after completing a cleanse!

But my favorite thing about parasite cleansing is that it helps me fight stubborn belly bloat, weight gain and stomach heaviness.

Here are three things you need to know about parasites and weight gain.

First off, how do you know if you parasites?

Parasite infections are common. In fact, notable sources such as Victoria Health estimate that 80% of people have parasites living in their guts. The CDC recognizes that parasite infections affect millions and are largely ignored.

One of the biggest hurdles with recognizing and tackling a parasite infection is that symptoms can be chronic, but vague.

Also, most physicians are not educated about parasitic infections and how parasites affect humans.

Therefore, parasite infections are often left completely untreated.

Sneaky Parasite Symptoms and Sources of Infection

The first thing you need to know about parasites is that they primarily live in the gut and digestive tract. Thus, you might feel a stagnant or “backed-up” feeling after eating that, to me, always feels like a heaviness in my belly.

One of the first things I always notice after a parasite cleanse is that I feel so much lighter in my stomach and my digestion feels so much better! I find that the “weight” I thought I was carrying in my belly is bloat and inflammation caused by parasites!

Also, if you love your animals and commonly hold and kiss your dogs and cats, there is a good chance that you’ll pick up parasites from your furry friends.

In fact, whipworms, pinworms and threadworms are commonly found in our beloved companions and easily passed onto humans.

Common worm symptoms are an itchy anus, crawling and itchy skin and nervousness and anxiety.

You can also get parasites from undercooked meat and from environmental toxins. You do not have to travel to exotic places to get parasites!

The good news is that you can do something about it!

Eliminating parasites may be the key to help you lose stubborn weight and beat belly bloat.

Three Things to Know About Parasites and Weight Gain

When it comes to parasite cleansing for weight loss, I have found that it is important to take a targeted and systematic approach.

Unfortunately, when most people think of cleansing, starvation methods come to mind. Starving yourself is the last thing that you want to do if you are fighting parasites!

The truth is that starvation “cleanses” are hard on your body, do not recognize our modern lifestyle, and don’t actually kill parasites.

Instead, consider these helpful tips!

1 – Parasites and Weight Gain: Use Targeted Tools Like Probiotics

You probably already know about probiotics, but what you don’t know is that a lot of people use them incorrectly. The whole point of introducing more probiotics into your system is to increase the health of your gut microbiome (stomach environment) which in turn thwarts parasites. However, to do so, your body needs to recognize and utilize the probiotics.

Commonly our diet today is no longer rich in probiotic foods, which is a big issue if we want to increase our gut health. After all, when is the last time that you ate some fermented foods?

Thus, it is important to recognize your source of probiotics and how well your body is able to use it. Also, stay clear of probiotic sources and are full of sugar! I recommend this highly-rated probiotic that is focused on weight loss

2 – Parasites and Weight Gain: Use a Whole Body Approach to Fight Parasites

You might think that perhaps you can just take a parasite supplement or ingest more parasite fighting foods and call it a day. However, I’ve found that utilizing a variety of easy natural tools really helps boost the success of my cleanse.

The great news is that the natural tools I utilize are inexpensive and easily found.

For instance, certain yoga poses help to compress and heal your digestive tract, which can be great to move your cleanse forward by flushing parasites from your system.

Also, I really love to use reflexology to stimulate and heal my midsection.

There are various whole body tools like these that can help you be more successfully with your parasite cleanse!

3 – Parasites and Weight Gain: Use Parasite Fighting Ninja Secrets

Throughout my decades of experience learning how to effectively fight parasites, I’ve recognized what I call, “parasite fighting ninja secrets.”

I use these targeted and easy methods to get rid of parasites and flush them from my system.

For instance, parasite affect our Circadian rhythms. These are our physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow certain cycles.

When you understand the interplay between parasites and these cycles it can make it easier to fight them effectively.

How to Do a Parasite Cleanse

Do you want to learn the secrets to effectively cleansing parasites? Learn How to Do a Parasite Cleanse from my lifetime of experience and discover easy natural tools to get rid of parasites.

Plus, it’s easy and effective and perfect for beginners! In fact, this is the best detox cleanse for women!

Super Spices for Weight Loss Plus Easy Recipes

You have probably heard of super foods, but have you ever heard of super spices? Super spices such as cinnamon, coriander and cayenne are full of nutrients to help boost the body and even encourage weight loss. Check out some of our favorite super spices and learn how to use them to lose weight.


Cinnamon is an easy everyday spice that has shown to have positive effects on insulin to help the battle of the bulge. According to WedMd, some research has shown that cinnamon may lower blood sugar by decreasing insulin resistance. In one study, volunteers ate from 1 to 6 grams of cinnamon for 40 days. (One gram of ground cinnamon is about half a teaspoon.) In this study, researchers found that cinnamon reduced cholesterol by about 18% and blood sugar levels by 24%.

Try adding some cinnamon to your breakfast meals such as making cinnamon and honey toast or sprinkle some cinnamon on your morning oatmeal. Please note: If you are diabetic please do not try to treat yourself with cinnamon. This is information for those non-diabetic folks who are looking to help their blood sugar. As always, consult your doctor! 

Cayenne Pepper

Spicy peppers like cayenne contain dihydrocapsiate, a compound that has shown to increase our capacity to burn fat. Multiple studies, including one written about in Cell Metabolism show that another ingredient in chili peppers—capsaicin—also helps to lower blood pressure. However, as beneficial as this spice can be, it can be a challenge to find ways to utilize it.

Spicy Trail Mix Recipe

One of our favorites is to incorporate cayenne into a spicy trail mix.

Simply take a handful of mixed nuts, a handful of pretzels, a handful of sesame sticks and a handful of dried plantains or bananas and mix them in a bowl.

Then melt 3 tablespoons of butter and add a tablespoon of cayenne, a teaspoon of paprika and a dash a soy sauce or teriyaki sauce  to your butter and stir it into your trail mix to coat.

Next, spread your trail mix onto a baking sheet and lightly salt if needed.

Finally, roast it in your oven for about 20 minutes and add raisins to finish it and you have a fabulous spicy trail mix to eat whenever you want a healthy snack.

Super Six Spice Mix – Turmeric, Cumin, Ginger, Coriander, Cardamom, Mustard Seed

Our “super six” spices are wonderful to eat together because their flavor profiles compliment each other. Each of these super spices boasts a variety of benefits.

  • Turmeric is known to help with inflammation
  • Cumin is helpful in fighting belly fat and helping overall metabolism
  • Ginger helps to reduce appetite and cravings
  • Coriander help to increase metabolism
  • Cardamom helps to lower blood glucose and fight bad cholesterol
  • Mustard Seed has a thermogenic effect, which encourages the body to burn more fat

One of the best recipes to utilize to incorporate all of these fabulous spices is to make some Khichdi. Considered the “chicken soup of India,” Khichdi is known for its healing benefits which fall in line with Ayurveda healing techniques. There are variations of this recipes, but here is our favorite that incorporates all of these spices.

Easy Khichdi

1 cup Green Mung Beans (look for these in the bulk aisle)
1 cup brown Basmati Rice
1/2 cup yellow lentils
2 Tbsp Coconut Oil
1 Clove Minced Garlic
1 Tbsp Turmeric
1 Tbsp Cumin
1 Tsp Mustard Seeds
1 Tsp Coriander
1 Tsp Cardamon
1 Tsp Ground Cloves
1 Tsp Minced Ginger, Cilantro, Avocado Slices and One Sectioned Lime or Lemon


1. Clean and wash rice, green mung beans and lentils and soak in water together for two hours
2. Drain and set aside
3. Heat the coconut oil in a pan and add the minced garlic. Heat until fragrant.
4. Add rice and beans and saute in the pan for a few minutes, stirring frequently.
5. Add mixture to a pressure cooker or deep pan with 4 cups of water.
6. Add remaining spices (except ginger) and bring to a boil, lower heat to medium and cover with lid
7. Cook for about 20 minutes or until rice is fluffy
8. Add salt and pepper to taste and serve hot with fresh ginger, fresh cilantro, avocado and lime or lemon juice.

Optional: Add veggies to your rice when it is cooking like carrots or squash. Delicious!

Learn another innovative way to fight stubborn weight and promote weight loss.

How to Get Rid of Parasites

Are you interested in learning how to get rid of parasites? Parasite cleansing and detoxing can be a very effective wellness tool, but most people have never considered it.

While we accept that our pets can have parasites, humans also can develop problem parasites. (Also, our furry friends can actually be a source of worms in humans!)

The truth is that most of us will have unfriendly parasites in our systems at one point in our lives. And you don’t have to travel to an exotic country to get parasites. Many folks pick up parasites close to home.

Do you want to get rid of parasites and detox them from your body? If so, here are easy natural strategies you can utilize to help yourself.

Types of Parasites

Types of parasites include roundworms, protozoa (one-cell parasites), flukes and tapeworms. Before you start to imagine huge worms crawling around your body, keep in mind it is estimated that 70 percent of all human parasites are microscopic. However, even though parasites cannot be seen with the naked eye, parasites can still cause a host of issues.

In fact, prominent sources such as Medscape and Healthline note that intestinal parasite infections are on the rise and can cause an array of troubling symptoms such as headache, abdominal pain, gas and bloating.

The good news is there are lots of things you can do to get rid of parasites and detox them from your body!

In fact, parasite cleansing just may be the health breakthrough you are looking for!

Our Founder, Chelsea, has witnessed and experienced great healing from parasite cleansing and detoxing throughout her lifetime.

Chelsea has had the rare experience of studying with prominent natural wellness experts since she was just a kid.

How Do You Know if You Have Parasites?

While the symptoms vary, common signs include nervousness, stomach bloating, fatigue, fuzzy thinking, itchy anus, sinus trouble, unhealthy cravings, and feeling hungry, tired and malnourished—even after eating a large meal.

You may also notice drab skin and hair…as if it’s not being nourished from within. We have noticed a stunning decrease in wrinkles and age spots and brighter, healthier hair and skin after a parasite cleanse and detox.

One of the most common symptoms we have found is digestive issues that center on constant stomach bloating that never seems to go away.

Through decades of experience, we have discovered that parasite cleansing can really help with stomach heaviness and stomach weight gain. In fact, parasite cleansing is the go-to tool that our founder, Chelsea, uses to combat stomach bloat.

The Parasite and Weight Gain Connection

If you are trying to lose weight, you’ll be interested to learn that there is a strong correlations between stubborn weight gain and parasites.

Keep in mind parasites affect gut health by causing chronic inflammation and digestive issues.

Also, most of the time a parasitic infection is not even considered when addressing belly weight and belly heaviness.

Thus, parasites may be something that you’ve never even considered as a contributor to your weight issues.

Imagine if parasites is your primary issue?!

Do you have problems with constipation, nausea, diarrhea and gas or feeling symptoms that are similar to irritable bowel syndrome without a diagnosis? This has been our experience with parasites…the symptoms feel a tad vague, but are dominated by nagging stomach and digestive issues.

It’s also really interesting that there is such an emphasis on pets and parasites in the United States, but rather limited attention to how parasites can affect humans.

However, European and Native American cultures often focus on powerful parasite cleansing to help people feel and look better.

In fact, you’ll find parasite cleansing specifically for weight loss at prominent and expensive European spas.

Do you want to know the EXACT sequence we use to combat parasites based on 20 + years of research and results? If so, check out the parasite cleanse here.

The fact that most Americans haven’t even heard of parasite cleansing remains a bit of a mystery?

The good new is that you can fight parasites with natural tools that have a long track record of success.

Three Ways to Start Fighting Parasites

When it comes to parasite cleansing, using a systematic and a complete approach has been what we have found to be most effective. However, here are three tools to give you a starting point if you are looking to get rid of parasites.

Garlic—Start fighting parasites by adding more garlic to your diet. Garlic contains Allicin and Ajoene—two components that work to kill parasites.

Wormwood –One of the most well-known herbs for parasites, Wormwood, contains the components thujone and isothujone, which help to dispel parasites from the body. Check out Hanna Kroeger’s Wormwood, which is one of the highest-rated Wormwood supplements.

Colon Cleanse—Diets heavy in processed and fast foods can clog up the body. And just like garbage attracts unwanted bugs when left outdoors for longer periods of times, so can waste that sits in a backed-up colon (You get the picture). Thus, a gentle colon cleanse can help dispel waste and parasites from the system.  Some of the most well-known products for colon cleansing include Sonne’s Detoxification Pack— a highly regarded line of products which has been around since 1946.

Of course, you will always want to check with your doctor before adding any new supplement.

These tools are a beginning point if you are interested in learning ways to fight parasites. However, through 20+ years of research and experience, we have found a gentle and consistent approach to cleansing and detoxing parasites to be the best route. In fact, parasite cleansing is one of the most vital and effective wellness tools we have found! Now, we are offering the exact blueprint we use to gently and effectively rid the body of parasites!

Parasite Cleanse Challenge – The Exact Sequence to Teach You How to Get Rid of Parasites!

Go Deeper into Your Parasite Cleanse

Discover easy natural ways to use foods, drinks, frequency healing, aromatherapy and bodywork to fight parasites.

The 21 Day Parasite Cleanse Challenge provides a daily guide on how to fight parasites using natural, proven and inexpensive tools!

Get access to cleansing and detoxing secrets learned from a lifetime of studying with world famous natural wellness experts.

Discover the exact cleanse and detox blueprint used to fight stubborn weight, renew energy, obtain better clarity and focus, get glowing hair and skin… and more.

Click here to check out the 21 Day Parasite Cleanse Challenge.

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Natural Secrets to Reduce Puffy Eyes and Face Fast

By Chelsea Vurciaga

Dealing with a bloated face and puffy eyes is no fun! Furthermore, it’s even more aggravating when you try creams, face packs and other methods that simply don’t work.

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about my three favorite natural secrets to reduce puffy eyes and face fast!

Best of all, these methods are simple and easy to do!

1. Pressure Points Around Eyes

Simply put, pressure points are meridians or channels in the body that when “pushed” stimulate and heal corresponding areas. The practice of pushing pressure points is called acupressure.

Some of my favorite pressure points are located on the side of the head and around the eyes.

Often, these pressure points are used for eye strain. However, I’ve found activating these points can feel like a healing draining of the entire face.

In fact, I’ve found that doing this simple method can make a complete and noticeable difference right away.

Some have even found that activating certain pressure points around the eyes alleviates headaches.

When working on pressure points, be gentle! If you are new to pressure points, there are a number of cool pressure point products that can help you locate and stimulate various areas of your body.

You never want to overwork a pressure point, nor do you want to cause pain. Also, you never want to do acupressure on a bruised or injured area. The best method is to apply a focused and easy pressure that hits exactly on the right spot.

An easy way to tell that you are on a pressure point is that you feel more of an intense sensation that resonates in your body.

When working on my eyes and face, I use the knuckles of my thumbs to push into the points as precisely as possible.

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns about acupressure, please consult your doctor about your individual needs.

OK, let’s get started…

First, sit in a comfortable position. Take a moment to relax and take a deep, intentional breath. If you are thinking of something stressful, push it out of your mind and focus on relaxing your face.

First, use both thumb knuckles and find the spot that is located where the thickest part of your eyebrow begins above your eye (dark green on image). To help me get on the right point, I push with my knuckles around the eyebrow area until I feel that I am on the points on both sides.

Breathe deeply as you work your knuckles gently into these spots on both sides.

Next, I take my knuckles and move them along each eyebrow with gentle pressure (light green on image), so that I’m starting at the inner corner and moving to the outer tip of my eyebrows. Again, this is light pressure and should feel intense, but good.

After that, I bring my knuckles down on each side and push below my eyes on either side of my nose (red on image). This pressure point is known for being an area of deep emotional release.

Now, run your knuckles from this point along the bone ridge under your eye from the inside to the outside of your face (pink on image).

Finally, locate the pressure point on the left side of your head and gently push it up (blue on image). It’s the area that is like a nook right where the very top of your jaw connects to your head. This point may be very tender, but I’ve found that it can be the most impactful pressure point for eye and face puffiness.

Hold it for about 20 seconds that then release it. Do this a few times and then you are done!

You might find that a certain area feels like it “needs it the most.” If so, you can do another round on this specific area. Just make sure not to overdo it and to respect your body. Afterward, drink lots of great filtered water!

2. Parasite Cleanse

You probably never considered that your puffiness might be connected to a parasite infection. However, one of the main symptoms of parasites is inflammation and bloating.

Particularly, I’ve found that worms and protozoa parasites can cause strange and continuously face bloating and eye puffiness.

In fact, I’ve often found that if I’m experiencing face puffiness, this is a great indication that it’s time for me for to complete a parasite cleanse.

You might have never even considered that parasites can be impacting your health. However, according to research it is estimated that 80% of people have parasite living in their guts.

But wait, how do parasites in your gut affect your eyes and face?

One of the most fascinating (and frightening) aspects about parasites is that they use tactics to dominate their host to survive. This includes stealing our nutrients, influencing our food and sugar cravings and disrupting vital processes in our body.

Often parasites will cause a stagnant, backed up condition in the body that will bring on swelling and bloating.

I’ve also found that the most successful way to get rid of parasites is with a full body and complete approach.

Really, parasite cleansing is one of my very favorite ways to help myself from my lifetime of experience in natural wellness!

If you are interested in learning this method, check out the 21 Day Parasite Cleanse Challenge.

3. Red Potatoes + Lymphatic Drainage

One of the best things about natural remedies is that simple tools can be super impactful!

Another way that I fight face and eye puffiness is with an easy spa-like massage and eye treatment THAT FEELS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

First, make sure that you remove ALL your eye makeup as this will mostly likely cause the eyes to drain. You do NOT want leftover makeup to burn your eyes.

Next, take a raw organic red potato and cut it into slices so that they are big enough to fully cover each eye. I like to use a bandana to tie the red potatoes slices in place over my eyes before lying down.

Raw red potatoes contain powerful nutrients and enzymes that fight inflammation and swelling. People also find that that they help combat dark eye circles.

Once the raw potato slices are in place, you will probably find that your eyes immediately begin to water and drain.

While you are enjoying this powerful healing sensation, lightly pinch your neck on both sides.

Start right below your ears and work down on each side. This will encourage lymphatic drainage, which you can promote via a number of targeted products.

Enjoy this exercise for about 5 minutes and then remove the potatoes and slowly sit up.

While in a seated position continue to lightly pinch the sides of your neck. Afterward,  hydrate your body with room temperature filtered water.

This exercise FEELS great and helps to reduce and drain lymph along the jawline.

Please note that articles may contain affiliate links. We give info and not medical advice. Please consult your healthcare advisor with any medical questions. 

How to Do a Parasite Cleanse

By: Chelsea Vurciaga

How to do a parasite cleanseHave you ever wondered how to do a parasites cleanse? If so, you are not alone as this is probably one of the most powerful wellness tools that few people know about!

My childhood was very unique as I had the fortunate experience to grow up learning from prominent natural wellness leaders.

In fact, some of my earliest memories include attending natural wellness events with my mom at one of the first natural living stores in the US.

As I got a bit older, I realized how lucky I am to begin learning about natural healing at such a young age!

Since then, I’ve devoted my life to continuing to study and share natural wellness tools and strategies.

To this end, I have appeared on more than 100 TV segments on various morning shows on FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC and THE WB and I have worked with hundreds of natural and wellness companies.

When thinking of the most effective natural tools I’ve discovered, parasite cleansing remains at the top of my list!

Why I love Parasite Cleansing

Parasite cleansing helps me to feel more vibrant, eliminate wrinkles, beat brain fog, heal my digestive track and discover new energy and vitality.

Best of all, parasite cleansing is easy to do once you have the right info!

Also, regardless of what you might have heard, parasite cleansing does NOT require expensive supplements to get results!

I’m so excited to share the EXACT parasite cleansing blueprint!

Plus this blueprint isn’t just an opinion, it’s also backed by scientific research and decades of experience and results.

Best of all, this parasite cleanse is flexible to meet various dietary needs and restrictions.

Contrary to what you have heard, cleansing does NOT have to be harsh or require expensive exotic ingredients to get results.

In fact, I have seen and experienced AMAZING healing from simple ingredients found in my kitchen!

Why Most Cleanses Fail to Achieve Results

Unfortunately, most of the cleansing and detoxing diets I encounter online are JUST PLAINbest parasite cleanse WRONG AND EVEN DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS.

You should NEVER feel weak, deprived or sick while cleansing your body!

Unfortunately, when many think of cleansing and detoxing, starvation diets come to mind.

The great news is that cleansing does not have to be difficult or painful to work!

Think about it: even if you get through a harsh “cleansing” diet, you will most likely over-indulge once you finish.

What good does that do?

This parasite cleansing blueprint introduces a gentle, but effective day-to-day guide to target all types of parasites. Also, from my experience I strongly feel that this is the very best detox cleanse for women.

Types of Parasites

Types of parasites include roundworms, protozoa (one-cell parasites), flukes and tapeworms. Before you start imagine huge worms crawling around your body, keep in mind about 70 percent of all human parasites are microscopic.

However, even though parasites cannot be seen with the naked eye, it doesn’t mean that they still can’t do a lot of damage.

In fact, prominent sources such as Medscape and Healthline note that intestinal parasite infections are on the rise and can cause an array of troubling symptoms such as headache, abdominal pain, gas and bloating.

How Do You Know if You Have Parasites?

While the symptoms vary, common signs include nervousness, stomach bloating, fatigue, fuzzy thinking, itchy anus, sinus trouble, headaches, unhealthy cravings, allergies, and feeling hungry, tired and malnourished—even after eating a large meal.

The Parasite and Weight Gain Connection

If you are trying to lose weight, you’ll be interested to learn that there is a strong correlation between stubborn weight gain and parasites.

Keep in mind parasites affect gut health by causing chronic inflammation and digestive issues.

Also, most of the time a parasitic infection is not even considered when addressing belly weight and belly heaviness.

Thus, parasites may be something that you’ve never even considered as a contributor to your weight issues.

Do you have problems with constipation, nausea, diarrhea, gas and bloating?

This has been my experience with parasites…the symptoms I feel are dominated by stomach and digestive issues.

It’s also really interesting that there is such an emphasis on pets and parasites in the United States, but rather limited attention to how parasites can affect humans.

However, European and Native American cultures often focus on parasite cleansing to help people feel and look better.

In fact, you’ll find parasite cleansing offered at prominent and expensive European spas.

So the fact that most Americans haven’t even heard of parasite cleansing remains a bit of a mystery?

The good news is that you can fight parasites with natural tools that have a long track record of success AND you don’t have to visit an expensive spa to do it!

What You Can Expect During a Parasite Cleanse

When it comes to parasite cleansing, I’ve found that a systematic and a complete approach is VITAL to success.

That’s why the Parasite Cleanse Blueprint I’m sharing with you lasts 21 Days.

DON’T panic though…this is NOT 21 Days of torture. This is 21 Days of key daily activities to dispel parasites from the body.

Again, you should never feel weak or deprived while doing a cleanse or detox.

Also, this parasite cleanse is NOT MEDICAL ADVICE and utilizes simple, but effective natural ingredients and tools that are readily found.

Think of it as taking decades of research and experience and condensing it into a handy and easy cleansing program!

Yes, you can love to cleanse and detox your body!

In fact, I love that as I move through the cleanse, each day I feel more vibrant, healthy and happy.

With parasite cleansing, I find an improved version of myself every single time that I complete a cleanse!

Check out the EXACT 21 day parasite fighting blueprint right here!

Ready to Start?

If you’re ready to start improving your health, cleansing is a great place to start.

The 21 Day Parasite Cleanse Challenge gives you all the insider information you need to gently and effectively cleanse and detox parasites from your body.

It provides detailed instructions and modifications if you have special dietary restrictions.

Best of all, it utilizes easy and simple natural tools that are easily found.

Click here to start your Parasite Cleanse Challenge!

You’ll find the most difficult part of doing this cleanse is simply STARTING. Yes, cleansing your body can be both easy and rewarding!

You deserve this, and your body will thank you!

Attract Money and Success with Natural Remedies

How to Attract money and success with natural remediesChelsea here, Founder of the Natural Products Network :) Using natural remedies to attract money is one of my primary areas of study. In fact, it’s something that I’ve studied nearly my entire life. 

Unfortunately, many who want to use natural remedies to attract money and success have already encountered wrong info or methods.

The focus of these wrong methods always revolves around changing your mindset, manifesting money or thinking about the law of attraction.

While it might sound great to simply wish for money and have it drop into your lap, there is more to it than just thinking about it.

So how do I know how to use natural remedies to attract money and success?

Well, I was fortunate to grow up learning from some of the world’s most prominent natural wellness experts.

This was long before an Instagram feed, when healers and wellness pioneers were driven by an authentic desire to help people and not by a desire for fame.

I’m so thankful to study with various masters and experts and share these teachings!

The Basics of Using Natural Remedies to Attract Money and Success

The first thing that you need to know about attracting money and success is that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Also, you need to know the key element is ALIGNMENT.

I know that this is a confusing idea for all who have heard “gurus” claiming that once you think about money the “right way” it will simply come to you.

In my experience and research, this isn’t the case.

I’ve found the key to attracting money is to focus on your own individual path and use natural remedies to enhance, heal and propel you on your OWN powerful road to success.

This is when you create the most powerful synergy and alignment with your money.

Now you might be thinking: hey that sounds like work, I just want money to fall into my lap…NOW!

It might be hard to believe, but getting money that isn’t aligned with you can be really destructive to your life, happiness and future.

The Truth About the Wrong Kind of Money…

Did you know that many lottery winners actually go broke and/or regret that they won in the first place?

While it might seem great to suddenly find yourself with a lot of money, when the money does not align with your purpose, potential and greater good it can actually bring you down.

Another example of the wrong kind of money is money that is gotten by illegal means or shady activities. Now you might be thinking that you would never do anything truly illegal to get money, but sometimes we find ourselves pushing moral boundaries when it comes to getting money.

I know that if you are reading this, you might be in a hard place and need money NOW to make ends meet.

Please do not be discouraged by what I’m sharing, as aligning your money and success with your integrity, path and purpose is not difficult…nor does it take a lot of time!

Using natural remedies to attract money

A wonderful thing about natural remedies is that simple tools can be super effective. You just need to find the right tools for you!

At the same time, natural remedies are often judged too harshly. It’s like “I did that once and now I’m not immortal…I guess natural remedies don’t work.” Wait a second! Give natural tools and methods a chance to work for you!

Start by thinking about how you feel about money. What are the emotions that come to your mind?

Quickly write down the emotions that you feel surrounding money.

Now think about what you love doing, think about your talents and everything about you that makes you the wonderful person you are.

Sadly, we are often brainwashed to only think of our supposed flaws!

Push yourself to recognize your strengths, what you are good at, and what you bring to the table. Now, jot this down. Make this exercise quick and simple.

You might feel so beat down that it is hard for you to think good things about yourself. Many people feel like this at this moment. Take some time to delve in and rediscover yourself. You got this!

Once you write down your emotions about money and your unique strengths, you have created your roadmap.

Now, use this roadmap to identify the right natural remedies to help you align YOUR STRENGTHS with money and success and fight negative emotions or MONETARY BLOCKS.

Natural Remedies to Attract Money: Healing the Pineal Gland

Although I don’t know exactly what emotions you wrote down about money, I have a good idea that your emotions revolve around fear.

Fear of not paying bills, fear of not having enough money to live, fear of not being in control…

Living in fear paralyzes us from realizing alignment and obtaining abundance.

However, I have found that healing the pineal gland can be an amazing way to combat fear and take back control.

You might have never really thought about your pineal gland. If so, you are not alone.

The truth is that science doesn’t fully understand the pineal gland or the true impact it has on our bodies.

However, what science DOES know is that the pineal impacts important elements of our mood, awareness and intuition.

The Pineal and Our Inner Self

Particularly, scientific studies have found a link between the pineal gland and mood and stress disorders.

Basically, what science says is that the interplay of dopamine within the pineal gland has an impact on how we feel.

Interestingly, the Pineal Gland is the only other part of our body beyond our eyes that perceives light.

Melatonin is also produced by the pineal gland, which affects our sleep patterns, internal rhythms and hormones.

The pineal gland is often referred to as the “third eye” and thought of as an important center for intuition, emotional wellness, grounding and perception beyond visual sight.

I’ve found that healing the pineal can have an immediate and powerful positive impact on my confidence to make money.

What is even more fascinating is that the actual pineal gland is often depicted in ancient art as an all-knowing eye. Here is a photo of a cross section of the pineal gland within the brain next to art that it seems to have inspired.

When the pineal gland is “closed,” or not functioning properly, it can result in a feeling of confusion, a lack of perception, fear and overall stress.

Thankfully, there is a lot of natural ways to heal and activate the pineal gland and in turn activate our alignment.

Healing Your Pineal Gland

So how does one ensure that their pineal gland is in good working order?

People refer to healing the pineal gland as “decalcifying the pineal,” which means to remove excess fluoride from the pineal gland.

There are different natural methods to help your pineal gland.

Raw organic apple cider contains malic acid that works to detoxify the pineal gland.

Also, foods high in chlorophyl such as dark leafy vegetables help to detox the pineal.

Another way to positively impact the pineal gland is through focused meditation. Simply visualize bright lights of blue and yellow swirling at the center of your third eye as a healing meditation for your pineal.

Herbs known to detoxify the pineal include milk thistle, ginkgo biloba and guta kola. Make sure to check with your doctor before starting a new supplement.

Also, take a look at the beauty, bath and oral care products you are using and consider products that feature non-toxic, natural and fluoride free ingredients.

Lastly, you might opt for a high quality, but affordable water pitcher that reduces fluoride and toxins in your drinking water.

Once you work on your pineal gland, you might notice a positive shift in your stress and fear about money.

Cleanse and Detox to Align and Attract…

Chances are that when I asked you to write down what you love about yourself, you struggled or immediately thought instead about what you do not like about you.

Often, we are so programmed against ourselves that it can make it difficult to find our passion, purpose and power.

Think about it: How can you attract that money and success you desire if you don’t love yourself or recognize your strengths?

Cleansing and detoxing can really help to get back in touch with your inner strength, resources, drive and determination.

I’ve found that doing my favorite parasite cleanse really helps me to get my motivation and self-love back.

Often, when I feel stagnant and stuck in my life it is because my body is actually stagnant and stuck!

When I need a cleanse and detox, symptoms might include a backed up digestive system, dull skin and hair, bloating, fatigue, fuzzy thinking and trouble concentrating on tasks.

Also, I’ve found that another common symptom I have when I need a cleanse is not having the right amount of self confidence about my work.

And the great news is that cleansing does not have to be difficult. In fact, harsh cleansing and detox diets can actually do more harm than good!

The fact is that you should never feel deprived, hungry or weak while cleansing or detoxing your body. And even if you get through a harsh cleanse you are bound to over-indulge once you are finished…

It’s like, “Give me an extra cheeseburger NOW!”

How does starving yourself and then overeating cleanse or detox your body?!

That’s why I recommend a cleanse the facilitates a constant state of healing that makes you feel GOOD both during and after the cleanse!

Simply doing a gentle, yet effective cleanse can help you rediscover yourself and find “ah-ha” breakthroughs when it comes to your money and success!

It can also help you get back in touch with those positive qualities you just wrote down about yourself!

Energetic Tools for Money and Success

Another easy natural tool that I’ve found to help me effectively align my path and purpose with money and success are crystals and stones.

I’ve found that just about anyone can learn how to use crystals, and you don’t have to be a ‘healer” to use them.

Keep in mind, several cultures utilize crystals in powerful ways dating back thousands of years.

Plus, you don’t have to invest in an expensive course, pour through ancient books or try to build elaborate crystal grids to learn the right approach.

If you are thinking that crystals and stones are too “out there” for you to take seriously, there is scientific evidence of how crystal power works.

I’m sure that you have heard of the quartz moment in most watches, but never really thought much about it. Quartz crystal watch moment depends on crystal energy.

This is the piezoelectric effect.

While the piezoelectric effect doesn’t completely describe how crystals energize our life path and purpose, it gives us a scientific glimpse into their raw energetic potential.

When it comes specifically to using crystals to align your power and purpose, there are Seven Steps to Crystal Success

I can introduce you to the EXACT roadmap to fully understand how to use crystal to clear energetic blocks, energize your monetary goals and create alignment.

I especially love to use crystals to help me build my intuition when it comes to money and opportunities.

The key is to learn the components of frequency healing and specific crystal methods. Sometimes you have to unlearn all the crap that is found online about crystals…there is so much wrong info out there!

Once you learn the right techniques it can make a HUGE difference in what you get out of your crystals and stones.

Want to delve in deeper? Check out these posts:

Crystal Healing for Beginners
Parathyroid Imbalance and Anxiety and Depression
How to Do a Parasite Cleanse 


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How to Do a Reflexology Meditation to Detox and De-stress

Often people struggle to meditate because it can seem boring. However, when you include reflexology within your meditation it can become a new and rewarding experience!

Reflexology Meditation Beginner Basics

Start by sitting cross-legged on the floor or in a comfortable chair. Breathe deeply to relax and calm your mind and body.

Think of your foot as an extension of your entire body from head to toe… 

According to the principles of reflexology, the bottom of the feet give access to every part of the body through the nervous system. Thus, you can use your feet to “reflex” or activate the corresponding organs.

Here is a guide to give you a better understanding of how pressure points on the bottom of the feet correspond to different parts of the body.

Reflexology can be helpful to stimulate the parts of your body that you want to detox, renew and heal.

In fact, many find that reflexology is a new and exciting way to access the nervous system to relieve stress, find better sleep and reduce anxiety!

Best of all, when you perform your own reflexology meditation it is a completely free way to help yourself!

How to Do a Reflexology Meditation

Start by exploring the bottom of one foot with your fingers. As you do this, you will find that some areas are very tender…this is where you want to focus your reflexology massage.

A lot of people find the areas of the bottom of the foot that stimulate the pancreas, adrenal glands and stomach especially tender to any pressure. Keep in mind that there is a proven scientific connection between the adrenal glands and feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.

When you begin your reflexology treatment, you’ll find the sensation is likely a very different feeling that you’ve ever experienced! Many describe this pronounced sensation as both intense and deeply healing.

Use your fingers to apply pressure to tender areas and make sure to massage both feet equally.

Work your fingers slowly and steadily into these areas and breathe deeply. Make sure to respect your body and slow down if your massage feels TOO intense!

Giving yourself a reflexology massage during your meditation is an amazing way to turn inward and really connect with yourself.

You might want to put on soothing music or set the mood with lights or candles.

Another idea is to have your partner or friend give you a reflexology massage and then trade off.

During your reflexology meditation, make sure to avoid tensing your muscles and drink lots of pure water afterward!

You can even explore easy reflexology tools for your meditation. These products make welcome and unique gifts!

Finally, make sure to consult with your doctor about any questions or concerns you have about reflexology.

Take the 6 Day Wellness Challenge

Are you interested in learning easy natural ways to increase your wellness in just six days? Simply take the 6-Day Wellness Challenge!


Revisiting reflexology: Concept, evidence, current practice, and practitioner training. J Tradit Complement Med. 2015 Oct; 5(4): 197–206. Nurul Haswani Embong et al.

Please note that content contains affiliate links that may give us a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps us to provide this challenge to you at no charge. 

Parathyroid Imbalance Can Cause Anxiety and Depression

If you’re like us, you probably don’t think of your parathyroid glands very often…if ever. However, these pea shaped glands are very important to overall health.

An imbalance it can cause a host of problems including anxiety, lack of concentration, loss of energy, depression, high blood pressure, trouble sleeping, gastric reflux, headaches, osteoporosis and even mental instability.

Why the Parathyroid is so Important

So what does the parathyroid do and why is it so important? The parathyroid glands are part of the Endocrine system.

In short, the parathyroid works to regulate calcium and phosphorus in the body. It is instrumental in:

  • normalizing blood clotting
  • promoting bone and teeth health
  • increasing cell membrane permeability
  • protecting the health of the nervous system

So obviously the parathyroid is an important part of the body! Why don’t we discuss it more often?

It’s interesting as the parathyroid was one of the last organs to be discovered. Maybe its late discovery contributes to the fact that it is rarely mentioned?

The most common problem with the parathyroid is hyperparathyroidism, or hyper-activity of the parathyroid glands which can produce a calcium imbalance.

According to research, primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) is the third most common endocrine disorder and the most common cause of hypercalcemia in the outpatient setting.

Since the main function of the parathyroid is to help regulate calcium in the body, it performs a very delicate job. Even a small parathyroid imbalance may cause an issue.

Calcium in the body is integral for our nervous system, muscular system and skeletal symptom to function properly. Please note that mere calcium supplementation may not address or even help a parathyroid imbalance.

Think of it like trying to refuel a car with an engine problem…you need to address the engine problem to actually find a solution.

The Parathyroid and Anxiety/Depression Connection

Symptoms of a parathyroid issue can be anxiety and depression, however, this is not something that is normally discussed. Most likely, many of you reading this have never even considered that your parathyroid might be giving you trouble.

However, research in the October 2012 issue of Archives of Surgery found a compelling link between hyperparathyroidism and anxiety and depression.

Another study found in the American Board of Family Medicine, also established a link between parathyroid issues and depression.

Thankfully, there are steps that you can take to help correct an imbalance and nourish the parathyroid.

Natural Tools to Feed the Parathyroid

When looking at natural tools to help the parathyroid, you want to look toward tools that boost and feed your glandular system.

For instance, Kelp is nutrient rich, easy to find and is known to nurture the parathyroid. The great thing about using foods to feed our organs is that the body automatically recognizes food and can utilize it.

This is not always the case with supplements, as it is important that the body recognizes and utilizes the nutrients.

High-quality supplements with long track record of success are always the best choice.

We especially love the Dr. Christopher line of supplements with a healing history dating back to 1945. His philosophy of “getting back to the cause of the disorder” was his driving force in creating amazing herbal blends that are still popular today.


When it comes to nourishing the parathyroid, Dr. Christopher makes a supplement called Glandular System. This specially formulated herbal product feeds the entire glandular system.

Another stand-out Dr. Christopher product is Blood Stream, which is discussed in our Winter Wellness article.

An easy exercise to help stimulate the parathyroid is to gently lower your chin down to your neck to compress the gland. This feels especially good during meditation. Make sure to be gentle and not jerk your head down! You want to create a soothing compression on the gland.

Please talk to your doctor before starting any supplement. Getting the information you need will help you take control of your health and feel your best! 

New Digital Self Healing Courses

Make sure to check out our new healing courses! The courses are taught by our Founder, Chelsea, who has spent nearly her entire life studying with world renowned natural healers.

The Best Fall Cleanse and Detox

By Chelsea Vurciaga

With the arrival of fall, you might be thinking of new ways to boost your health.

What you might not realize is that fall is an IDEAL time to do a cleanse and detox.

During fall, there are natural changes in our bodies that make it a perfect time to cleanse.

According to Harvard Business School, studies have found people are more productive and dedicated as the weather cools.

Thus, fall is a great time to commit to a cleanse because you will be more focused and determined to see it through.

Simple Natural Tools Are Powerful

When it comes to cleansing and detoxing some people have a hard time believing that simple natural strategies are impactful.

While growing up learning from the world’s most prolific natural healers, I discovered that a lot of time the most straightforward natural tools are actually the most effective.

I also found people have a hard time believing easy, inexpensive natural tools are the key..until they experience it for themselves!

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard firsthand stories from people about how they achieved REMARKABLE healing results from items commonly found in their kitchen!

I’ve also experienced this throughout my lifetime.

Healing, cleansing and detoxing does not have to be complicated to get results!

My Favorite Fall Cleanse and Detox

I developed this cleanse and detox from my own extensive experience utilizing simple, yet effective, natural items to rid my body of parasites.

In fact, I’ve found parasite cleansing to be THE most effective way to help me get rid of stubborn belly fat, renew my focus, look younger and feel more energy.

This is the EXACT blueprint I’ve learned from my lifetime studying with world famous healers.

Now, I am sharing it with you…

Best of all, the natural items needed are inexpensive and easily found. You probably already have most of them at your home…you just need to learn how to use them!

There are NO complicated recipes or exotic supplements. Who wants to make a bunch of complicated recipes or buy expensive supplements?

What you’ll find is a simple, straightforward approach to experiencing the best cleanse and detox I’ve found!

About the 21 Day Parasite Cleanse Challenge

With the 21 Day Parasite Cleanse Challenge, you’ll learn easy natural ways to help you eliminate parasites.

It focuses on using simple, inexpensive and effective natural tools to cleanse, detox and renew.

This is my very favorite cleanse based on my lifetime in natural healing. I love it because it is gentle, easy to accomplish and effective.

Within the challenge, sections include scientific notes and educational data to demonstrate that this cleanse challenge isn’t just my opinion, but rather a comprehensive and well-researched approach to fighting parasites.

If weight loss is your goal, I’ve also included the BONUS 21 Day Cleanse Challenge Weight Loss Guide. Here, you will learn 25 easy-to-do weight loss hacks to complement your cleanse!

I’m confident that you will find weight loss tips, backed by research, that you have never heard about before. 

Also, as another special BONUS you will receive a membership in the Natural Healing Network. This means that you will receive special discounts on amazing natural products and wellness tools.

Since we have been working with wellness companies since 2009, we have the inside scoop and can bring you special discounts through the Natural Healing Network.

These special discounts are ONLY for those who participate in our digital courses. 

What Makes the 21 Day Parasite Cleanse Challenge Different?

The 21 Day Parasite Cleanse Challenge is a holistic approach that utilizes a variety of natural tools with a focus on complete parasite elimination.

Keep in mind parasites build and grow in the body over time.

The 21 Day Challenge aims to give you the knowledge and time you need.

Plus, the challenge is streamlined, simple and effective. It utilizes common foods and techniques that are easy to accomplish.

Furthermore, the 21 Day Parasite Challenge is supported by a lifetime of experience in natural healing.

It is also backed by scientific and educational research.

The challenge features foods, drinks, energy tools, bodywork, sound therapy, aromatherapy, flower essences and yoga.

These tools work synergistically to fight parasites and cleanse, detox and rebuild the body.

I’m confident that you will LOVE doing this cleanse this fall!

Just sign up if you want to learn more about it!

I’m so excited to share the 21 Day Parasite Cleanse Challenge with you!

Three Sneaky Signs You Have Parasites FREE Guide

Check out our completely free guide to learn three sneaky symptoms to help you determine if you have parasites. Click here to get the free guide now.

How to Choose the Right Crystals

By Chelsea Vurciaga

Do you find yourself wondering how to choose the right crystals and stones for your goals?

If so, you are not alone.

Most people choose crystals and stones from reading descriptions online….which is the WRONG way to choose the right crystals and stones for you.

How do I know this?

I have spent nearly my entire life studying with master of crystal and energy healing.

What I’ve experienced is that most people choose crystals and stones in a very disconnected way from their energy, intuition and intentions.

Nowadays, purchasing crystals and stones usually starts with reading crystal descriptions and then choosing from the descriptions alone.

In fact, there probably isn’t even a second thought about whether the stone or crystal aligns to YOUR specific energy or goals.

Sound familiar?

How to Connect with Your Crystals

Connecting with your crystals does not mean that you can’t buy crystals and stones online!

In fact, we offer some carefully curated crystal sets in our shop.

What it does mean is that you need to take an active approach to choosing the right crystals that has nothing to do with reading online descriptions!

In fact, if you simply buy crystals and stones from reading the descriptions, you are bound to acquire a bunch of crystals and stones that don’t actually resonate with you.

This is similar to choosing a boyfriend or girlfriend from simply reading a description of him or her…imagine how strange that would be!

You need to feel that special spark with your crystals and stones in the same way that you feel a special spark with someone you find attractive!

How to Use the Attraction Method to Choose Your Crystals

The absolute best way to find the right crystals and stones FOR YOU is to use attraction.

This is where you let the right crystals and stones CHOOSE YOU.

At first, this might sound hard to understand.

How do I let crystals and stones choose me!?


We often attract things into our lives and don’t even think about what we are attracting or how we are attracting it.

This is because we often taught to ignore or disbelieve our own intuition.

However, just like any skill it is possible to develop and utilize your own innate abilities…this is especially important when you are using crystals!

Seven Steps to Crystal Success

I created the Seven Steps to be the definitive guide to using crystals and stones based on 30+ years of experience studying with legendary energy healers.

In this guide, I show you the exact seven steps that I’ve learned from my lifetime of experience.

Keep in mind, that is absolutely crucial that your crystals align with your energy, intuition, attraction and intention.

The great news is that once you learn the steps, you can actually draw the right crystals TO YOU.

Maybe you have already experienced this and didn’t even know that you were doing it.

Can you recall a time when a crystal or stone seemed to appear in your life? Maybe you found one on a nature walk? This means that you are on the right track…and now you just need to learn how to channel this amazing energy!

In the Seven Steps I show you how the attraction method works and how to use it to bring the right crystals and crystal energy your way.

The Problem with Collecting Crystals

Another common issue I encounter is when people collect a large amounts of crystals and stones, but never actually use them.

This is like buying a bunch of vibrant paints and never painting a picture!

You have to actually use your crystals…not just collect them!

Keep in mind that crystals are an energetic tool for you to utilize. Simply putting them in your surroundings is not actually utilizing crystal energy.

In fact, having crystals in an environment can absorb the energy of the environment and therefore not even be a tool for you!

Are you interested in learning how to use crystals and stones?

If so, check out the very first thing that you need to do to start in the right direction!

Discover the Steps to Crystal Success Now! 


Natural Fall Fragrances

According to the Environmental Working Group, an average of 14 chemicals secretly lurk in common fragrances; some of which have been linked to hormone disruption and allergic reactions while others have not even been assessed for safety in personal care products.

Thankfully, there are natural options that smell delicious and feel good on your skin.

Natural Fall Fragrances We Love

ZENTS products are a sensual choice that feature the purest ingredients like organic shea butter and nourishing botanicals like chamomile and green tea. Each product is carefully crafted without parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl/eth sulfate, propylene glycol, or dyes.

We especially love the fall Ore and Earth scents. Crafted with love, each scent represents a liquid memory of a cherished moment. The fragrances bridge the powerful connection between scent and memory, especially Ore, which we wore for years and still reminds us of great gatherings and fun nights out on the town.

Objects with Purpose Wearable Candles
Objects with Purpose offers an array of great smelling candles made with organic coconut wax that you can both wear and burn.

Their candles are a solid perfume that works as both a personal scent and a delightful candle. What a cool idea!

Pacifica Perfume Roll Ons
Pacifica offers an intoxicating aura of scents, featuring elements of whimsical magic that is captured in their natural roll-on scents.

Wearers love the light, yet commanding quality of each fragrance with stand-out combos such as Indian Coconut Nectar and Tuscan Blood Orange. Each scent is 100% Vegan and cruelty-free and reflects their vision to reduce environmental impact.

Dasein makes our absolute favorite natural fragrances. Their unisex scents are so delectable and beautiful that it is hard to even describe them. We especially love Winter Nights, which boasts the most unique layers of aromas including coastal forrest, cardamom and a subtle musk that it makes you feel beyond sexy as soon as you put it on.

It’s like something James Bond would wear when he was the Sean Connery James Bond. However, these days it is rather difficult to get your hands on a bottle. To keep in the know, follow Dasein Instagram and click the link to fill out a form to get notified when the next batch drops!

Make Your Own Natural Fall Fragrance!

It’s easy to create your own custom scent for fall. Start with a great carrier oil like jojoba or avocado and a custom bottle to use to make and store your scent. The essential oils should make up about 5% of your finished fragrance, so use your drops sparingly.

We love to use the empty roll on and spray bottle options from Aura Cacia and fill it with a carrier oil. Then, simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the carrier oil to make your scent, keeping the 5% rule in mind. For fall we can’t get enough of essential oil scents like Cinnamon, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Geranium. Keep in mind that some oils have a stronger scent than others and it may take you a few attempts to get the right fragrance combo.

To get inspired, think of the scents you love from nature and work from there! Make sure to be careful handling full strength essential oils as they can burn the skin. Also, check with your doctor if you are concerned about possible skin irritation from handling essential oils. If that is the case, perhaps you want to stick with buying an already made and fabulous natural blend.

Regardless, you are sure to find a natural scent that you will love!


10 Incredible Health-Boosting Uses of Aloe Vera

By: Dayna Copeland Schaef

The aloe vera plant is a spiny, gelatinous shrub most famous for soothing red, blistered skin after too much fun in the sun. However, there are numerous aloe vera health benefits. Learn new ways to use aloe vera in your life!

10 Ways to Use Aloe Vera

1. Drink Aloe Vera Juice for Digestive Health:

Drinking aloe vera juice can help to replace the natural flora of bacteria in your stomach, helping digestive complaints like IBS. According to a  2013 study published in the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, 33 IBS patients found aloe vera juice beneficial in combating the pain and discomfort of IBS.

2. Apply Aloe Vera Gel to Cuts, Bruises and Scabs to Ease Pain and Prevent Scarring:

Most know that aloe vera gel is a great natural tool for a painful sunburn, but it is also can be helpful to apply on cuts, bruises and scabs. It soothes pain and discomfort and also promotes healing and can reduce unsightly scarring. According to 23 studies and medical trials, aloe vera prevented skin ulcers and soothed burn wounds.

3. Apply Aloe Vera Gel to Prevent Wrinkles and Renew Skin Elasticity:

Some studies have shown that aloe vera can stimulate cell regrowth. Applying a little aloe vera gel to your face and neck after a shower promotes a youthful, natural glow. We especially love to mix 2 Tbsp of aloe vera with 2 Tbsp of honey to make an invigorating face mask.

4. Use as an Acne Treatment:

A little aloe vera gel applied to your breakouts can reduce redness and inflammation, as well as help prevent pimple scarring. The secret to using your aloe vera plant is to take the leaves from the base of the plant and cut close to the stem.

5. Stimulate Hair Growth:

Use aloe vera gel in place of a conditioner in the shower. Apply it after shampooing and either rinse it out or let it sit overnight, to stimulate regrowth. Some researchers believe that the aloenin found in aloe vera is helpful for hair growth.

6. Treat Dandruff Flakes:

Aloe vera moisturizes your scalp and treats itchy dandruff at the root. It contains fatty and amino acids and is a rich source of vitamins A, B12, E and C.

7. Drink Aloe Juice to Relieve Arthritis Discomfort:

Taken orally, aloe vera acts as an anti-inflammatory, and can help with the pain of arthritis and rheumatism. According to a PubMed article, aloe vera has similar benefits to some anti-inflammatory drugs.

8. Aloe Vera for Your Private Parts:

Aloe vera helps to relieve vaginal dryness and can help soothe jock itch. Also, as noted by Health Library, aloe vera has been used successfully to help clear herpes sores.

9. Use in Oral Health:

Healthy teeth start with healthy gums, so using a toothpaste fortified with aloe vera encourages a pristine mouth. Try chewing on a bit of the gooey inside of the plant and holding it on your gums. Feels great!

10. Help Blood Sugar:

Some suffering with diabetes have attested to how aloe vera can positively influence healthy blood sugar levels. A 2015 study in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine found that aloe vera can help with blood glucose levels and reduce body fat and weight.

We provide information and not medical advice. Please consult your doctor about your individual needs before using aloe vera. 

Special Feature

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