Centered Naturals CBD and Hemp Products $400 Giveaway

We are thrilled to bring you an amazing giveaway featuring high-quality Centered Naturals CBD and Hemp Products. Centered Naturals is led​ by a small diverse group of people committed to​ educating and connecting the public with the highest quality​ CBD and hemp infused products at the best possible prices. All products are 100 percent THC-FREE!

Leading Technology and Quality You Can Trust

Centered Naturals constantly strives to improve systems and processes, using the best technology available to ensure the best products. They offer a full line of wellness-focused products carefully crafted for people and pets.

CBD and Hemp Product Benefits

Centered Naturals products feature a multitude of benefits including focus, pain management, anxiety and depression management, better sleep and improved overall wellness. Products are hand-made in small batches with love and care!

Enter to win a Centered Naturals Prize Pack Worth more than $400! The Pack includes a variety of best-selling products including:

  • Fruity Gummy Hearts – 250 mg
  • Lemon Burst Hard Candy – 250 mg
  • All-Natural Avocado Oil Tincture – 1,000 mg
  • Organic Sunflower Seed Oil Tincture – 500 mg
  • Joint and Muscle Rub – 500 mg 2 oz Tin
  • Recovery Balm – 500 mg 2 oz Tin
  • Mend Spray Bottle – 500 mg
  • All Natural Workout Support – 250 mg
  • Wild Alaska Salmon Oil Tincture for Cats – 75 mg
  • Pumpkin Peanut Butter Biscuits for Dogs – 150 mg

The Important Healing Benefits of Bitters

By: Colleen LeeAnn Meheen

Healing Bitters Drink RecipeGetting ready for some Spring cleaning? How about doing some internal Spring cleaning as well?! The old saying “you have to take the bitter with the sweet,” may have deeper meaning than first thought. For thousands of years the healing group of bitter herbs has helped promote good. Particularly, the healing benefits of bitters can combat the ill effects of American diets that are often too focused on sweets.

What are Bitters?

Bitter herbal remedies can vary, but commonly utilize naturally cleansing herbs traditional to liver and blood cleansing. Some examples are Dandelion, Blessed Thistle, Artichoke, Orange Peel, Yarrow, Gentian, Fennel, Ginger, Chamomile and Wormwood.

You can utilize any or all of these herbs in a variety of ways. From teas, tinctures, capsules, elixirs or tablets, you can enjoy the benefits that bitters offer in whatever way you find to be most convenient and effective.

How to Use Bitters

Bitter formulas passed down throughout the ages are often used in the dietary supplements you see on your health food grocery store shelves. The 19th century apothecaries utilized the powerful intestinal comforting benefits of these bitters in cocktails and mixed drinks. Throughout the ages, these bitters found their way into many drink concoctions and medicinal configurations to help prepare the palette and digestive system for optimal digestion.

What Can Bitters Do For Me?

Many bitter herbs provide ample anti-inflammatory properties, to help relieve bloating and swelling within the body. For instance, orange peel and dandelion assist the body in lowering blood pressure and help balance cholesterol, boosting healthy cholesterol levels. Dandelion also works with the bodies’ chemistry to help reduce or even eliminate the factors that cause acne and PMS. The herb Fennel provides aids digestion and is known to reduce anxiety, respiratory issues and depression.

The Best Bitters

Bitter herbs are widely available in easy-to-take solutions. Two products worth checking out that boast high ratings and a track record for success include NatureWorks Swedish Bitters and Herbal Bitters from Urban Moonshine.

We love NatureWorks Swedish Bitters because of the healing history of the product. In fact, NatureWorks Swedish Bitters has been utilized by millions of Europeans and is a favorite herbal elixir.

Herbal Bitters from Urban Moonshine is gaining a powerful reputation for producing a quality product that makes a healthy difference. It inspires your body’s own production of digestive juices and enzymes and helps keep healthy blood sugar levels in the normal range. 

***We provide information, not medical advice. Remember to speak with your health provider before adding any new herbs or supplements to your daily routine.

Crystals and Stones to Attract Love and Success

Crystals and Stones have been used since ancient times to bring good things into people’s lives. Throughout time, many cultures including Egyptians, Chinese and Native Americans have utilized various stones to focus energy, bring good luck and to attract love. It is thought that crystals and stones emit energy fields that can encourage positive physical and mental health. Here are some of our favorites and uses!

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is known as the love crystal because it helps to comfort and heal the heart. It is also thought to help to balance emotions and facilitate love with self and others by producing a gentle, constant love that fills a space with warmth. You can find rose quartz in many jewelry pieces including necklaces and charms. It is also available as loose cut polished and raw stones.

Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye is known to help bring focus and insight so you can better approach important situations. It is called the “all-knowing” stone because people use it to help them gain better clarity. Therefore, people find it helpful to use for business dealings and to help to ground themselves in difficult situations where a clear mind is needed. It also makes for beautiful jewelry pieces because of its luminous golden appearance.

Known as one of the luckiest stones, Carnelian is a powerhouse for success, productivity and prosperity. It’s beautiful, bright orange tones are thought to bring courage, energy and creativity to the wearer while helping to get rid of fear. The stone is also known to be good in situations where someone wants to take a stand or give an important presentation.

Rhodonite is a unique purple and pink speckled stone that helps to promote self love and empowerment, especially after a betrayal of some kind. It helps to eliminate feelings of negativity and bring forgiveness. It is known to help heal the heart chakra to encourage someone to make peace or move on after a break-up. You’ll find Rhodonite in various heart shaped pendants since it is considered a heart stone.

This sparkling light yellow stone is known as the “merchants stone” because Citrine is thought to help increase sales. In fact, some say to put a citrine in the cash drawer to bring in more business. It also helps to promote confidence, self-assurance and prosperity and open the mind. People also use citrine as a protection stone and to dispel negative energy.

Aventurine is known as the stone for luck and chance. Some say that this is a good stone to have handy if you play the lottery. It is also said to promote independence, originality, creative visualization and emotional tranquility. People also use it to promote a positive attitude and confidence.

IMPORTANT – Before using your stones and crystals, make sure to “clear” them by bathing them in sea salt overnight. This is thought to remove all previous energy so that they are free for your use. Simply put them in sea salt so that it covers them completely and leave while you sleep. This is an important step that is a recommended as an absolute must. People use crystals and stones in different ways including carrying them in a left pocket, using them in meditation or simply placing them in their surroundings.

Happsy $1,000 Organic Mattress Giveaway

Are you ready to take your rest and relaxation to the next level? We are so excited to introduce you to Happsy, which offers a better approach to getting the vital sleep you need. Happsy is the only truly organic mattress under $2000 that is completely free of polyurethane foam, glues/adhesives and flame retardants, which are known to off gas chemicals into the air. With Happsy you can eliminate toxic and questionable chemicals for a healthier home.

When you lay down on a Happsy, you know you are resting on the best materials that mother nature has to offer! Imagine how much more productive you can be after getting better sleep!

Why We Love Happsy!

The ONLY Organic Mattress in a Box – Happsy is the only fully certified organic mattress-in-a-box. That means that not only is Happsy healthier, but it’s more affordable, easy to deliver and and quick to set up! Plus, Happsy doesn’t just meet the highest organic standards, but exceeds them. Each mattress is made from materials that you know and can trust: organic cotton, organic wool and organic latex.

Amazing Sleep Environment – Breathable and non-toxic natural materials mean a more comfortable sleeping experience.

Handcrafted in the USA – Happsy mattresses are handcrafted here in the USA! Plus, they give back and support organizations such as 1% for the Planet, Women’s Voices for the Earth and more.

20 Year Warranty – Happsy believes in customer satisfaction and making a product that lasts. That is why they offer a 20 year warranty AND a 120 night trial!

Now is your chance to enter to win a Happsy Mattress of your own up to a California King size below! We are including a $25 VISA gift card to help the winner compete his or her amazing new sleeping experience. Perhaps you can use the gift card to buy new sheets or pillows to go with your amazing new mattress? US Only. 18+ Ends 2/17/20. Good Luck!

Congratulations to the winner Scarlett from Oklahoma! Please look for new giveaways from the Natural Products Network! 

Take the AquaLiv Hydration Challenge and Enter to Win!

Increase your water intake and enter to win an amazing water purification system from AquaLiv valued at $600!

AquaLiv is a revolutionary water purification system because it DOES NOT strip the water of beneficial nutrients. This means that you enjoy a variety of essential minerals with every drink of pure water, which makes drinking water more enjoyable.

Water Intake and Your Health

>>>As many as 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.

>>>Lack of hydration is a major cause of daytime fatigue.

>>>Lack of hydration can trigger fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty reading.

>>>Studies show staying hydrated decreases your cancer risk.

>>>Chronic dehydration is one of the easiest health conditions to reverse.

Easy Tips to Increase Water Intake From Aqualiv:

  1. Track It – Having a goal is only effective if you track how much you are drinking. The simplest way to track consumption is to know how much water your bottle or drinking glass holds and divide that number into your goal.
  2. Find a Water Bottle You Love – Having a water bottle you find cool, colorful, fun to use, and suited to your lifestyle will help significantly. The most optimum bottle size is 22-33oz (650mL-1L). Avoid plastic water bottles even if BPA free.
  3. Eat Your Water – Fill a small jar with slices of carrots, cucumbers, celery, or your favorite veggie and top off with water. Break out these water-logged veggies at snack time to hydrate, mineralize, and stave away hunger, all at the same time.

<<Read all the Twenty Sure-Fire Tips Drink More Water by AquaLiv>>

Take The AquaLiv Hydration Challenge

To participate in the challenge simply pledge to do one important thing this month to increase your hydration and follow the steps below!

Parathyroid Imbalance Causes Anxiety and Depression

If you’re like us, you probably don’t think of your parathyroid glands very often…if ever. However, these pea shaped glands are very important to our overall health. An imbalance it can cause a host of problems including anxiety, lack of concentration, loss of energy, depression, high blood pressure, trouble sleeping, gastric reflux, headaches, osteoporosis and even mental instability.

So what does the parathyroid do and why is it important? The parathyroid glands are part of the Endocrine system. In short, they help to regulate calcium and phosphorus in the body. The work of the parathyroid helps to:

  • normalize blood clotting
  • promote bone and teeth health
  • increase cell membrane permeability
  • protect the health of the nervous system

It’s surprising that symptoms of a parathyroid issue can be anxiety and depression, however, this is not something that is normally discussed. Most likely, many of you reading this have never even considered that your parathyroid might be giving you trouble.

The most common problem people encounter with the parathyroid is hyperparathyroidism, or hyper-activity of the parathyroid glands which can produce a calcium imbalance. Thankfully, there are steps that you can take to help correct a parathyroid imbalance once you are aware that you have a problem. For instance, Kelp easy to find and is known to help feed the parathyroid.

Learn more about hyperparathyroidism and remedies that help balance the parathyroid. Getting the information you need will help you take control of your health and feel your best!

AquaLiv $600 Water Purification System Giveaway + VISA Gift Card!

We are so excited to bring you the AquaLiv $600 Water Purification System Giveaway + $25 VISA Gift Card!

Discover water like nature intended that is one step beyond purification! We know firsthand as we have enjoyed our AquaLiv water system for several years!

We are extremely excited about sponsoring this giveaway as we have experienced the amazing benefits of AquaLiv water over an extended period of time! It all started about a decade ago when we got an AquaLiv Water Purification System. Since then, we have enjoyed a variety of stunning health benefits from AquaLiv. Simply put, it is the BEST and most healthful water that we have ever experienced.

In fact, even our pets have noticed the difference! Seriously! They became healthier, happier and calmer after drinking AquaLiv!

The major difference with AquaLiv is that the purification process DOES NOT strip the water of beneficial nutrients like inferior purification systems. This means that you enjoy a variety of essential minerals with every drink of pure water – just like nature intended!

Here’s what we noticed after drinking water from AquaLiv:

Amazing Lightness and Taste. We didn’t notice how HEAVY other water is until we tasted AquaLiv. It is invigorating and quickly absorbed into the body for a lightness and energy that we can FEEL.

Healthier Skin and Hair. Our hair become more bouncy and shiny and our skin more dewy, glowing and supple after drinking AquaLiv! Even a few wrinkles disappeared!

Vanishing Health Problems. After consistently drinking the water, we noticed huge positive health impacts including finally getting rid of a lingering cough and sore throat that was nagging us for years! Also, we noticed healthy weight loss and brown age spots fading from our skin!

Saving Money and the Planet. We replaced all bottled water with AquaLiv in a reusable bottle and no longer crave high-priced “designer” water.

AquaLiv Revolutionary Purification System

The secret is that the AquaLiv purification system uses a completely different and progressive purification process! A blend of medias including activated coconut carbon are used in massive quantities to remove contaminants without also removing the beneficial minerals.

Naturally Alkaline

With AquaLiv you can skip the side-effects of drinking artificially alkaline water. AquaLiv makes water alkaline with minerals; just like you’ll find in Mother Nature. This includes magnesium, the miracle mineral that is known for its wonderful positive health effects!

Now, you can enter to win an AquaLiv System of your own AND a $25 VISA Gift Card so you can buy a nice water bottle to take AquaLiv on the road! Simply enter your information below and follow the directions for your chance to win. US only. Ends 1/17/20. Must be 18 to enter. Good luck! 

How to Get Rid of Parasites

While we tend to accept that our pets can contract parasites that disrupt overall health, the notion that humans can also have parasites living in the body tends to be a foreign one. The truth is that most of us will have unfriendly parasites in our systems at one point in our lives. For some time many believed that humans only got parasites if they traveled to exotic countries, but unfortunately that isn’t true. Anyone can get parasites—even those who don’t travel far from home. Do you have parasites? If so, there are easy things you can do to help yourself.

Types of Parasites

Types of parasites include roundworms, protozoa (one-cell parasites), flukes and tapeworms. Before you start to imagine huge worms crawling around your body, keep in mind it is estimated that 70 percent of all human parasites are microscopic—which means that they can’t be seen with the naked eye. Despite the type of parasite, the good news is that there are lots of things that we can do to get rid of them and we don’t have to feel “creeped-out” by their existence.

How Do You Know if You Have Parasites?

How to Get Rid of Parasites - Natural Products Network

While the symptoms vary widely, some more common signs include nervousness, stomach bloating, fatigue, fuzzy thinking, itchy anus, sinus trouble and feeling hungry, tired and malnourished—even after eating a large meal. And while you should always consult your health care provider if you believe you might have parasites and need advice on a course of treatment, below are some more common tools people have used to rid their bodies of unfriendly critters.

Easy Ways to Fight Parasites

Garlic—Perhaps the easiest thing to do to help get rid of parasites is to add more garlic to your diet. Garlic contains Allicin and Ajoene—two components that work to kill parasites.

Wormwood –One of the most well-known herbs for parasites, Wormwood, contains the components thujone and isothujone, which help to dispel parasites from the body. Check out Hanna Kroeger’s Wormwood, which is one of the highest-rated Wormwood supplements.

Colon Cleanse—Diets heavy in processed and fast foods can clog up the body. And just like garbage attracts unwanted bugs when left outdoors for longer periods of times, so can waste that sits in a backed-up colon (You get the picture). Thus, a gentle colon cleanse can help dispel waste and parasites from the system.  Some of the most well-known products for colon cleansing include Sonne’s Detoxification Pack— a highly regarded line of products which has been around since 1946.

Whatever path you choose to rid your body of parasites, remember to talk to your health care provider before starting any supplement or cleansing program.

Articles may contain affiliate links. Please see our disclaimer for more information. 

SPECIAL Platinum Crystals and Stones Set

THIS BUNDLE IS SOLD OUT! Join the NPN to be the first to find out about limited edition bundles!

NEW Platinum Crystals and Stones Set is a special limited edition set that we created to celebrate our wonderful supporters, like you! You will receive one (1) of each of our nine (9) most popular stones.

If you sourced these stones and had them cleared individually it could cost you $50 or more!

Here are the Crystals and the Stones in the Set:


Opalite – This powerful stone helps to remove communication blocks, even blockages that have been building for years. It is especially good if you have been holding hurt emotion inside for too long.


Malachite – Many people are attracted to the vibrant, swirling green of Malachite because it is full of vitality! This stone is known to attract business opportunities, success and even attract your soulmate. It is also a powerful protection stone.

Goldstone Blue

Goldstone Blue – The rare blue hue of this goldstone makes it extra special! It is considered a magical stone with mystic properties and promotes courage, ambition, positive attitude, career possibilities and helps you uncover your “calling.”

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz – Rose Quartz is known as the love crystal because it helps to comfort and heal the heart. It is also thought to help to balance emotions and facilitate love with self and others by producing a gentle, constant love that fills a space with warmth.

Botswana Agate

Botswana Agate – Botswana Agate is all about letting the energy flow, enhancing your intuition and helping you overcome phobias. It challenges fearful and obsessive thoughts and negative mental patterns to promote a new feeling of inner peace.

Stichtite in Serpentine

Stichtite in Serpentine – Also known Atlantasite, this dual stone is all about healing unresolved issues and letting go of anger. It helps you to tap into your compassion and see new perspectives for growth and abundance. It is also really helpful to let go of past relationships that no longer serve you.

Zebra Jasper

Zebra Jasper – This cool looking stone helps to calm scattered energy so that you can focus on important tasks. It’s known as a grounding stone and brings optimism and new possibilities. It is especially great for those going through transitions with relationships or work.

Snakeskin Agate

Snakeskin Agate – This rare crystal is known as a “skin healing” crystal and is a great fit for anyone who wants to beautify their appearance, shed a bad situation or feel more comfortable in their own skin. The beautiful snakeskin markings on the crystal bring the energy of renewal, even in the hardest circumstances.

Leopardskin Rhyolite

Leopardskin Rhyolite – This stone is all about progress and moving forward in the best way possible. It helps clear past money mistakes so that you no longer dwell on them. It also helps alleviate financial stress and builds self-love and confidence so that money flows more easily.

The images of the stones show the high quality lots of stones that will be used to create your set. 

One-of-a-Kind Red Rocks Clearing

All stones have been specially cleared for use at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre to further enhance their energetic power. As a special extra step, sand from Red Rocks will be sprinkled on your stones to protect them as they travel to you. This makes your set even more powerful and special. Results from crystals and stones cannot be guaranteed, but info is based on thousands of years of use throughout many cultures.

Each kit also includes a handy carrying pouch.

About Natural Products Network

Since 2009, Natural Products Network has become a vital source for information about the latest and greatest natural products. We have appeared on over 100 TV segments on major networks, worked with more than 300 natural product companies and reached more than 10 million people.

Good Bacteria for Better Skin

Did you know that there is growing evidence that bacteria can actually be good for your skin? Just as we need good bacteria internally, more experts are agreeing that so does our skin. Skincare featuring probiotics, or good bacteria, helps to rebalance the bacterial ecosystem of the skin to beautify complexions in new ways.

Eminence Organics

Cool and balance your skin with Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser, Moisturizer and Masque. These clarifying  products treat oily and problem skin with cucumber, shea butter, tea tree oil, willow bark extract, sweet almond milk and probiotic-rich yogurt to reduce the visible signs of problem skin and breakouts without stripping the skin of moisture. Products are cruelty-free and formulated without parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs and triclosan.

Mother Dirt

At AOBiome, the parent company of Mother Dirt, they research probiotics of the skin, specifically ammonia oxidizing bacteria (AOB), which are essential to restore skin to a natural state. They have developed a live probiotic, AO+ Mist, which contains the good bacteria, AOB. This soil bacteria is the best probiotic for your skin, as AOBs act as peacekeepers for the bacterial ecosystem of your microbiome, helping the other bacteria live in harmony with each other. Within two weeks of use, the AO+ Mist improves the appearance of skin issues including sensitivity, blotchiness, roughness, oiliness, dryness, and odor by replacing essential bacteria lost by modern hygiene & lifestyles.

Andalou Naturals

Andalou Naturals offer a variety of probiotic-based skin care products including their popular Kombucha Enzyme Exfoliating Mask featuring grapefruit Kombucha to help gently exfoliate dull, dry surface cells and their Priobiotic + C Renewal Cream, which uses a skin-friendly probiotic microflora for a more luminous complexion.

Make Your Own Kombucha Toner!

You can also make your own revitalizing Kombucha toner featuring live probiotics by simply using some of the unflavored Kombucha that you drink and combining it with equal parts aloe vera juice in a mister to spritz over your face and hair. Make sure to check the expiration of your Kombucha drink after it is opened, as that is how long your toner is good for. Thus, it is a good idea to make a small amount of toner for misting at a time (like a third of your small mister bottle) so that you are using the most vital and vibrant probiotics.

Fitness Tips from TV Personality and Volleyball Star Jacki Jing

Jacki Jing is quickly becoming a well-known celebrity interviewer and fitness personality after a successful career as a volleyball star, TV anchor and commentator. Currently she works at IGN covering gaming, tech news and movies while interviewing stars such as Ryan Reynolds on the red carpet. Recently, we asked her to share some of her favorite fitness tips to inspire your summer workouts!

What are your secrets to staying in such great shape?

“I play way too much sand volleyball! Play five times a week, more if I can! It’s a complete body workout and is extremely fun! I also like running and kettlebell weights. A healthy diet with the proper supplements definitely help, too!”

How do you integrate exercise into your busy schedule? Can you share a workout tip for those short on time?

“The hardest part about working out or going to the gym is just getting there. I’ll be extremely tired after work and I’ll tell myself, just go for 30 minutes. Sometimes it’s a short workout, sometimes I stay much longer! But I’m always happy I at least got there! Good for the body and mind.”

What do you love most about your job?

“It’s really not a “job” it’s extremely fun and entertaining, never boring. I have incredible, supportive co-workers. I am blessed. I don’t know how I am getting paid for video reports on nerdy and gaming topics and red carpets on movies that I adore!!!”

What was your favorite celebrity interview?

“Tom Hanks and Halle Berry. I was just so in awe of both of them and they were so down to Earth, funny and sweet!!”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“No idea. Hopefully, still working away at IGN because I absolutely love it here!”

Make sure to follow Jacki on Instagram for more fitness tips and celebrity, tech and gaming news! 

Unbox the Secrets to Better Health Giveaway

Do you feel like there’s a key product you’re missing that could really make a difference in your overall health? Great news! We have unboxed the most effective products to take your wellness to the next level! Check out each box filled with targeted products to discover new secrets for optimal health. Plus, enter to win one of the boxes and a $100 VISA Gift Card to jumpstart your wellness quest! Dig in and get ready to find the game-changing products you’re looking for!


Did you know that 80% of adults suffer from digital eyestrain? You probably feel like one of them, but don’t know there is something that you can do about it. Twinlab Blutein acts as a nutritional filter against blue light and helps fight eye strain and fatigue. You will also find a unique formula for our kids who are the first generation that is growing up looking at screens for hours a day. Not only can you help protect your eyes, but you can do something to protect your kids!

Also, make sure to check out Twinlab’s award-winning Nightly One supplements that also fight the effects of daily digital exposure. This targeted product helps you find powerful deep sleep, de-stress, lighten your mood, and reap the benefits of cellular repair while you sleep!


Adding a lean muscle builder as a tool to help you look and feel younger can be LIFE CHANGING. Unfortunately, many people think that muscle builders are only for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

But this isn’t the case. Think about it: The heart is a muscle and healthy muscle tone and maintenance improves not only our physical appearance, but our overall health.

REAAL is a patented product that provides the optimal ratio of essential amino acids to optimize lean muscle. It increases the health of tissues and organs including brain health, metabolic function, and every physiological process in our bodies.


Years ago, we featured Reserveage in a TV segment because we found it to be one of the only collagen boosting products that REALLY works! The secret is the one-of-a-kind Deluxe Peptide that promotes smoother and more supple skin in mere weeks. In fact, studies show The Collagen Replenish Powder reduces volume of eye wrinkles by 20% in 8 weeks!

Since we first discovered Reserveage, they have introduced more amazing products! For instance, Reserveage Fibeher Powder with prebiotic fiber and collagen protein helps support digestion and manage weight and their Freshwater Collagen Powder supports firm skin and an active lifestyle. This is definitely a line of products to check out to help you realize your health goals!

This promotion has ended! Please join the Natural Products Network to be the first to find out about new giveaways and special offers.

This post is for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. Also, posts may contain affiliate links. Please see our disclaimer for details. 

5 Secrets to Younger Skin Giveaway

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and are still seeking new, powerful ways to achieve younger looking skin? Discover 5 secrets to younger skin and enter to win our $500 Giveaway below!

Lemon Water

You probably know that hydration is important for healthy skin, but did you know that drinking lemon water can enhance the positive effects? Lemon water is loaded with Vitamin C which removes toxins and fights free radicals. Instead of coffee, try drinking an invigorating cup of hot lemon water in the morning a few days a week. Another little known secret is that drinking hot beverages on a hot day can actually help cool the body off due to the receptors in our tongues!

Bentonite Clay

Nothing feels quite like a bentonite clay mask on your face! This pulsating mask goes deep into the pores to remove impurities and has been used for centuries to promote beautiful skin. Bentonite is a naturally occurring volcanic ash chalk full of a high concentration of minerals including silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and potassium. Make sure to mix the clay with a little apple cider vinegar before applying to your face to get the best results. Users report that they have cleared long-term adult acne and other annoying skin issues with bentonite clay!

Skin Microbiome

You probably are thinking…what is a skin microbiome? Simply put, this is the healthy bacteria that lives on your skin. This may be a new concept to you, as many of us our taught to rigorously clean our faces. Turns out that we need healthy bacteria and probiotics on the surface of our skin in a similar way that we need healthy bacteria in our gut. Lately, an array of targeted probiotic products for the skin are starting to make a mark.


Not only is yoga a vital tool for overall health, it is also a wonderful way to increase circulation to the face for a healthier complexion. In fact, the term “yoga glow” is a real thing as simple inverted exercises can improve circulation for better skin elasticity and tone. Plus, you don’t have to be a yoga pro to get the benefits. Start with beginner postures like forward-fold and downward dog to get the blood flowing.

Collagen and Resveratrol

Have you wanted to find a clinically-proven, yet natural way to fight aging? Collagen and Resveratrol are two beauty-breakthrough ingredients that are game-changers when it come to natural beauty. As we age, we experience the gradual decline of collagen, which is found abundantly in healthy skin and joints. Biocell collagen is a premium collagen complex that helps renew components of skin’s precious collagen matrix for NEW results. Resveratrol, found in red grapes, rejuvenates skin on a cellular level to activate the ‘longevity’ gene. This provides unparalleled protection against the effects of cellular aging.

Now, enter to win our giveaway below to discover the benefits of skincare from within from ResVitale! US Only. Ends 6/7/19! 

Information purposes only. Please consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise or supplement.

Make a REAAL Change Giveaway

Are you ready to Make A REAAL Change? Jumpstart your wellness goals here and now!

Why REAAL Muscle?

You might have the misguided notion that products that nourish muscles are only for bodybuilders, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Feeding our muscles with essential amino acids is an important (and often missed) key step to increasing and maintaining overall health. Think about it: The heart is a muscle and healthy muscle tone and maintenance is vital for how we feel.

REAAL is a patented and clinically proven product that provides the optimal ratio of essential amino acids to optimize muscle growth, restoration, and maintenance. It also improves the health of tissues and organs, brain health, metabolic function, and every physiological process in our bodies! Best of all, it is 3Xs more effective than whey protein, only 20 calories AND vegan!

How Do I Participate?

1. Follow Natural Products Network and REAAL Muscle on social networking for inspiration and tips! Look for the hashtag #MAKEAREAALCHANGE to find specific posts celebrating how people are making a positive change.

2. Join in with the fun and post about your REAAL Change for another chance to win! If we repost your #MAKEAREAALCHANGE post (with your permission) we will send you an amazing product package.

3. Look for Make a REAAL Change updates featuring amazing tips from REAAL wellness stars to keep you motivated. We will also send you perks such as special product discounts to help you complete your positive change.

Make sure that you are following Natural Products Network and REAAL Muscle to follow the action!


The Best Crystals to Attract Your Soulmate

The Best Crystals to Attract Your SoulmateAre you focused on adding some passion to your current relationship or looking for that special someone? These carefully chosen stones and crystals help create a magnetic energetic attraction between you and your soulmate to pull you together in love and life.

Each bundle contains three (3) crystals and stones including (1) Rose Quartz, (1) Snakeskin Agate and (1) Botswana Agate.

Rose Quartz – This is the eternal heart stone for promoting openness and healing the pain from past relationships. If you find yourself living in a past relationship, than this could be the stone that helps you move onto something better. It’s also great for opening up your energy so that others know that you are ready for love. If you are in a relationship, rose quartz can help you dive deeper and discover new passion and romance. If you constantly feel like something is holding you back from love, this stone could be exactly what you need.

Snakeskin Agate – This rare crystal is known as a “skin healing” crystal and is a great fit for anyone who wants to beautify their appearance, shed a bad situation or feel more comfortable in their own skin. The beautiful snakeskin markings on the crystal bring the energy of renewal, even in the hardest circumstances.

Botswana Agate – Do you sometimes feel like you have some sort of blockage that is preventing you for receiving the love that you want and need? Botswana Agate is all about letting the energy flow, enhancing your intuition and reminding you that love is all around you. This activates your internal radar to help you find the special person that is the right fit for you and restore your confidence. This stone also helps you remove blocks in current relationships that are holding you back. This could even mean coming to the realization that you are better off finding someone new.

Each kit includes a handy carrying pouch. You will not get these exact stones as no two stones are exactly alike. Images so the actual lots of stones so you can see the high quality. 

Also, unlike other kits that you will find online, we are sourcing high-quality crystals and stones that are sometimes hard to find AND we are clearing them in the proper way SO THAT THEY ARE JUST FOR YOU. We have not found another crystal shop online where they care about properly clearing the stones which means that people are using stones that are full of other people’s energy and intentions! You NEED the stones cleared just for you for the best results!

One-of-a-Kind Red Rocks Clearing

All stones and crystals have been specially cleared for use at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre to further enhance their energetic power. As a special extra step, sand from Red Rocks will be sprinkled on your crystals and stones so that they are protected as they travel to you. This makes your crystals and stones more powerful and special.

If you sourced these stones, the pouch and had them cleared individually it could cost you $30!

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