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Natural and eco-friendly products for Back-to-School

Can you believe that back-to-school is already here?! Neither can we! Check out some of the best natural and eco-friendly products to start the school year off on the right foot!

Litter Free Lunch from New Wave Enviro
With great colors and fun designs, these are perfect for packing an amazing lunch! This kit has an insulated shell, four BpA-free airtight food containers (2 small, 1 medium and 1 large) and a 15oz BpA-free bottle.

Crocodile Creek Ice Packs
Crocodile Creek offers a variety of eco-friendly products for back-to-school including reusable ice packs to keep lunches cold. Packed in sets of two. Ice Packs are 5″H x 5″W x 2.5″D. Non-toxic and kid safe.

Everyone Hand Sanitizer
Help prevent the spread of germs at school and at home. Everyone sanitizers are naturally effective against 99.99% of common germs and have zero yucky chemical ingredients. Made with pure non-GMO alcohol and the essences of Coconut and Lemon. Kids under six should be supervised when using the product.

Natural Halloween Candy

Do you know what can be scarier than ghosts, goblins and ghouls? The ingredients in some Halloween candy! Make this year healthier by handing out goodies made with more wholesome ingredients. Check out some of our favorites and then check us out on Everyday to see us talk about them!

Justin’s is one of Colorado’s most beloved brands. Their delicious, single wrapped Peanut Butter Cups are certified organic, gluten free and vegan. Besides being delicious, their chocolate is Fair Trade, which means that the hardworking people who harvest the cocoa beans are paid a fair price for their labor. This positively impacts families and gives them the resources they need to thrive.

YumEarth was born out of a commitment to feed families a diet rich in delicious, healthful foods that are free of chemicals. YumEarth candies and lollipops taste great because they use real fruit extracts to sweeten products. Plus products are certified organic, contain no artificial colors and flavors and are fat and nut free.

Glee Gum
Glee Gum is natural chewing gum made with sustainably harvested rainforest chicle. Their limited release, special edition pack of ten pops offers a great alternative to conventional Halloween treats. Each pack contains a mix of three delicious flavors: Sweet Strawberry, Crisp Green Apple, and Juicy Orange. Gluten-free and allergy-friendly, these pops are made without artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.


Easy natural one-step meals

Between work deadlines and after school activities, it can be a challenge to prepare healthy meals for you and your family. Thankfully, there are new natural products on the market today that provide easy and delicious one-step meals. Check out our favorites and check us out on Daybreak to see us chat about them!

Modern Table Meals
Modern Table Meals are a new line of healthy and delicious meal kits. They understand that life can get a little crazy at times, and when it does, you shouldn’t have to compromise nutrition for convenience. Each shelf-stable kit contains everything you need to make a complete meal: bean-based pasta, sauce, vegetables, and seasonings. Because the pasta is made from beans, it’s jam packed with protein, fiber, and other nutrients. Ready in just 15 minutes or less, Modern Table Meals are the healthy solution for today’s modern (and busy!) families.

Lotus Foods
Lotus Foods brings you Rice Ramen, traditional Japanese-style noodles made from our heirloom rice instead of wheat! In addition to being gluten free, these savory rice soups feature nutritious ancient grains and are a natural source of antioxidants. You can have a convenient bowl of flavorful and nourishing noodle soup in just 4 minutes.

Love Grown Foods
Fuel your morning with the new craze in natural—superfood cereals! Love Grown Foods® Super Oats Nuts and Seeds is not your traditional oatmeal. Made with grains oats, chia seeds, quinoa flakes, amaranth flakes, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and flaxseed, this hot cereal blends pack a SUPER nutritional punch and cook in 3 minutes.

Healthy after school snack ideas

Now that the school year is in full swing, the kids are coming home from school ready for an amazing after school snack (no pressure!). Fuel their growing bodies and minds with delicious, healthy natural products that they will love

Mother Raw Ranch with Veggies
Did you know that classic ranch can be full of artificial flavors and preservatives? No so with Mother Raw. This stand-out ranch is hand crafted and made with the freshest natural ingredients.  Try serving it alongside an array of raw vegetables as a delicious and healthful snack. Not only is the ranch great, but your kids are also getting valuable enzymes from the raw veggies that are lost in the the cooking process.

Bare Snacks
With Bare Snacks, you get a whole lot more when you add a whole lot less. Just like the philosophy of too many chefs in the kitchen, Bare Snacks believes that too many ingredients can take away from what they like to call bare bliss. That’s why in their amazing baked fruit products you’ll find 7 ingredients or less, ingredients you can pronounce and nothing artificial EVER. Best of all, their special baking process enables the natural sugars on the fruit to crystalize for the best tasting dried fruit out there!

Easy Natural Snack Ideas Kids Love

Choosing healthy snacks can make a big difference on how you and your kids feel throughout the day. Here are some nutritious snack ideas that will keep you and your kiddos coming back for more! We’ll be talking about natural snack strategies this Tuesday on Everyday! Make sure to tune in!

Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids from Natural Products Network on Vimeo.

The founder of Appleooz began by making dried apples using Golden Delicious apples from his backyard because he was tired of seeing them go to waste. He learned that by soaking the apples in fruit juices, which are natural preservatives, he was able maintain moisture in the product even after it was dried.  He also began to extend the drying time to make the dried apples crunchy.  This created a very unique, healthy product that kids love.

Bobo’s Oat Bars
Made with Natural and Organic ingredients, Bobo’s Oat Bars have a moist and delicious homemade taste that is unlike any other snack bar on the market. These one-of-a-kind bars are available in ten amazing regular flavors including four exciting Gluten Free flavors. Forget artificial ingredients, additives, sweeteners and other harsh chemicals — each tasty treat is baked from the heart using only pure

Justin’s Nut Butters
This Colorado company only uses the highest quality natural and organic ingredients that are sustainably harvested and found as locally as possible to make their delicious array of nutbutters, peanut butter cups and bars. Products include classic peanut and almond butter and innovative varieties such as Chocolate Hazelnut and Maple

Snikiddy Snacks
All lines of Snikiddy Snacks are vegetarian and gluten and wheat free. No artificial colors or preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, hydrogenated oils, or cholesterol. Plus, the best part is that they are absolutely delicious. We especially like Eat Your Vegetables™ which contain a full serving of veggies in each ounce serving (13 chips)

Healthy soda substitutes

Are you looking for an alternative to the soda you drink each day? Well, you are not alone as traditional soda can contain questionable ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup and aspartame.  Good thing that there are more natural options that still quench your cold-soda thirst! Check out some of our favorites and check us out on Daybreak this Thursday to hear us talk about them!

Hansen’s Natural
In the 1970s, Hubert’s grandson brought a new line of Hansen’s beverages into the fold with Natural Sodas. Revolutionary at the time and still today, they have always been free of preservatives, caffeine, sodium, artificial flavors and colors. In 2008 they made a radical shift and said goodbye to high fructose corn syrup and hello to real cane sugar. More than 75 years and 30 real fruit and spice soda flavors later, their Natural and Diet Sodas boast a nationwide following of loyal consumers.

Zevia Cola
Zevia Cola features notes of citrus and spice, the perfect combination for a cola and a rare find in natural soda. When you find out that their naturally sweetened cola has zero calories, no sugar (it’s sweetened with the Stevia Plant) and nothing artificial, you may even find yourself reaching for a second can. Whether you have special diet needs, health concerns, or are just looking for a low carb drink that is all natural, Zevia is a good choice.  Make sure to check out all the other delicious flavors as well!

Buchi Kombucha
Buchi advances 2,000 years of kombucha craft brewing tradition with the finest fair trade organic teas, fruits, spices, wholesome herbs and ancient mountain waters.  They have created boldly flavored, refreshing and restorative probiotic tonics for the body, mind and spirit that feature the same great fizz that you get with soda. Make sure to check out the Earth flavor that has the taste reminiscent of a traditional soda and root beer blend. Delicious!

Best natural frozen foods

When it comes to stocking your freezer with tasty products, make sure to add some natural foods to the mix. Not only are they easy to prepare when you are short on time, they are also a healthy choice because they are free of artificial ingredients. Here are some of our favorite natural freezer finds to look for and make sure to tune into Daybreak to see us chat about them.

EVOL Foods
EVOL, or love spelled backward, is a line of carefully crafted foods that tastes as delicious as they are convenient. The company started by producing the first deli-style burritos created for the grab-and-go section of grocery stores, convenience stores and universities. Besides making the burritos taste as fresh as possible, they also focus on utilizing natural ingredients including rBGH free cheese and sustainably and humanly sourced proteins. Today, EVOL is known not only for their superstar cast of burritos, but have also expanded into meals, flatbreads and pizzas.

Engine 2 Foods
THE ENGINE 2 DIET was created and implemented by Rip Esselstyn, a former world-class professional tri-athlete and the son, grandson and great-grandson of renowned physicians, after he discovered the dangerously high cholesterol level (344!) of one of his fellow firefighters at the Austin (TX) Engine 2 Station. The results of his revolutionary, plant-based diet were so dramatic – and the food so delicious and easy-to-prepare – that Rip started a food line. Make sure to check out their new delicious veggie burgers in stand-out blends like Curried Lentil and Poblano Black Bean. You’ll find them in the Whole Foods freezer case. Yum!

Boomerang’s Handheld Aussie Pies
Boomerang’s offers a fast-casual experience with a unique product. Aussie meat pies are handheld, flaky pastries filled with delicious meats and vegetables and are an Australian favorite. Hours of preparation go into creating each pie to ensure the best product is immediately available to hungry customers. The light, flaky crust is made from scratch and only the freshest vegetables and ingredients are used.  Products do not contain trans-fat, artificial flavors, colors, MSG or preservatives and they use only unbleached, untreated flour when making their delicious dough.

DIY natural energy drinks

Everyone wants to feel more energized during the day, but typical energy drinks can be loaded with artificial ingredients and tons of sugar. Thankfully, you can make your own delicious natural energy drinks to help you focus, fight infections and fuel your body. Make sure to tune into Daybreak this Wednesday to hear us talk about them.

Concord Grape Breakfast Booster
Start your day off on the right foot by making yourself a powerful breakfast drink. Simply start with a glass of organic concord grape juice (get the good stuff) and add two tablespoons of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar. Finally, add one scoop of acai powder, goji power, or a superberry powder such as PhytoBerry and mix it all together. Concord grape juice is a heart healthy juice that has shown in studies to be one of the most nutritious juices. In fact, according to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, concord grape juice ranks among the highest of all juices in antioxidant activity. Apple cider vinegar is rich in enzymes and potassium and promotes digestion, weight control and a healthy immune system.

Better Thinking Tonic
Need to clear your mind and focus better on your tasks at hand? Try making a Better Thinking Tonic that can help give you the brainpower that you need. First start with the juice of two organic lemons and two organic limes and and add two cups of fresh, pure water. Next, take a handful of fresh rosemary and sage and tear slightly to activate the herbal juices. Then, add the herbs to your lemon and water mixture and simmer slightly to combine the ingredients. Drain the herbs from your drink and consume warm. The lemons help to promote oxygen intake and brain function and the limes are a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants to protect your noggin. Furthermore, rosemary has shown in studies to help boost brain function and sage has shown in studies to help promote good memory.

Banana Almond Butter Smoothie
Finish your day off with an indulgent smoothie dessert that is actually good for you. Start with two frozen bananas(no peels), add four heaping spoonfuls of almond butter and a cup of plain kefir and place into your blender and combine until frothy. We recommend trying some of the more exotic almond butter blends, which tastes great and is packed with vital vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. To make the smoothie even more nutritious, the bananas are loaded with beneficial potassium, which helps to protect against high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and stroke. Finally, the Kefir is a unique fermented milk that helps to promote better digestion and stomach and intestine health. It also contains powerful probiotics (good bacteria) to help fight infections.