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FINALLY! The Complete Full Body Parasite Detox Cleanse From the Leader in DIY Natural Wellness!

Experience a deep parasite cleanse with the ONLY full-body method that shows you how to utilize a variety of targeted, proven and easy natural tools to get results.

Most people do not have the time, nor the inclination to research cleansing and detoxing or even know what to look for. That's why our Founder, Chelsea, created The 21 Day Parasite Cleanse Challenge!

For decades, Chelsea has been studying cleansing and detoxing. She has appeared on more than a hundred TV segments sharing natural wellness strategies. Parasite cleansing is her go-to cleanse and detox when she wants to make a big and an immediate impact on her wellness.

Why? Because parasite cleansing works more effectively than any other cleanse or detox she's tried.  Now, Chelsea and Natural Products Network is sharing all the secrets and insider information about how to effectively cleanse and flush parasites to increase wellness.  

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Keep in mind you would have to spend decades researching and studying with top experts to replicate what you will learn in this course!

Did You Know?

It is estimated that 80% of people have parasites living in their gut. Not only are parasites creepy, but they can cause a host of chronic issues including inflammation, nagging fatigue, restless anxiety and stagnant digestion issues that cause heaviness and weight gain. But, what's more alarming is how parasites can affect the way we feel, think and even act.

Are Parasites Affecting Your Thinking?

One of the most alarming aspects of parasite invasions is how they can affect our minds. Since parasites depend on hosts to survive, research is showing that parasites can actually affect how we think and behave.

The Course Creator, Chelsea, has found that one of the most compelling indications someone is in need of a parasite cleanse is nagging and consistent brain fog. This phenomenon of parasites manipulating their host is written about in length in the book: This Is Your Brain on Parasites.

Beyond parasites potentially manipulating our thinking, there is growing and compelling evidence the mind-gut connection impacts our behaviors and moods! Using parasite cleansing to increase gut health can boost and heal the mind-gut connection!

Intense Parasite-Driven Cravings

When you have specific and intense food or drink cravings (particularly sugar/carb/soda cravings) this is an indication that you can benefit from a parasite cleanse.

Also, WATCH OUT for supplements, health shakes and nutrition bars too as parasites can feast on these nutrients and rob you of the benefits! From our extensive experience, it is wise to be suspicious of any intense craving you are experiencing as a sign of a parasitic infection. When you use a parasite cleanse to conquer a parasite-fueled food or drink craving it can literally transform how you eat and your relationship with food.


Find a complete DIY Parasite Cleanse method focused on results:

1. Utilizes more than 20 years of successful parasite cleansing research. This is the only parasite cleanse you'll find that is NOT from a supplement company trying to sell you products. You'll find an effective full body cleanse that utilizes a variety of effective natural tools for the best results! 

2. Teaches you the most streamlined approach that fits your busy life! No complicated instructions...just simple, straightforward info that is easy to implement...and most importantly WORKS! 

3. Shows you how to cleanse and detox while feeling great at the same time! No more dangerous harsh detox diets! FINALLY learn a targeted and effective approach to cleansing and detoxing your body! 

4. Leads you step-by-step through 21 days and contains SIX—YES SIX—BONUS Guides!

5. Gives you an array of cleansing tactics and methods that you won't find elsewhere. In fact, you would have to spend at least 20 years and travel the globe studying with top experts to replicate what you will learn here!  Start your 21 Day Parasite Cleanse now with a special limited-time New Year New You discount!


Discover how to use parasite cleansing for powerful wellness results!  You'll learn how to:

  • Easily prepare for your cleanse and the secrets to cleansing successfully. *HINT* It does NOT include starving your body or using harsh methods! In fact, you'll learn why harsh methods get you further away from your wellness goals! 
  • Connect with a whole body cleanse that you will love doing that will teach you easy natural cleansing methods to improve your life. 
  • Align your wellness goals (and even create new ones!) with the most effective cleansing tactics built from a lifetime of research and experience. 

It’s time to discover a new way to nurture yourself! Check out all the new knowledge you will gain from this cleanse...


Easily find out how to prep for your cleanse. Don't worry, this is simple after you learn this key info! Most people don't realize how easy it is to fail unless you know the simple, but important way to prep for your cleanse! This will show you how! 


This is a complete 21 day parasite fighting guide that will show you quickly how to perform your daily cleansing tasks so you can get results and get on with your busy life. You'll learn an exact sequence to build a consistent cleansing state to release toxins and fight parasites developed from 20 years of research!


Learn all the insider cleansing secrets that will completely transform your approach to wellness! Find out the exact information and tactics you need to know to cleanse and detox effectively! 


Find out how to utilize the most powerful natural cleansing tools to increase your cleansing results, while living your life. This cleanse is built for busy people and to give you energy so you will NEVER feel deprived while doing it! You'll love uncovering parasite cleansing secrets and easy natural methods from our decades of experience! 


Discover the missing link in most cleanse programs: how to build and protect your body to complete your parasite cleanse. Without this step, most slip back after doing a cleanse! This info enables you to get the very most from your cleanse now and in the future! 


Don't you love bonuses?! You'll find SIX Bonus Guides within the course to take your parasite detox cleanse to the next level! You'll learn:
1. Cleansing secrets uncovered from decades studying with world famous wellness experts.
2. Targeted parasite cleansing tools to combat aging. 
3. The ultimate key steps to making super detox smoothies.
4. Targeted parasite fighting ninja tactics to save time while getting real results.
5. How to use parasite cleansing to amp up your fitness routine.
6. Delicious and easy parasite fighting recipes that are quick and effective and fight destructive food cravings!


Unlike other wellness courses, during the 21 Day Parasite Cleanse Challenge you will have the ability to directly ask the creator questions and get an individual response. Typically, direct access to course creators is not possible or costs thousands of dollars! 

Not only is this individual support unique, but it demonstrates the dedication to help you learn how to cleanse and detox parasites effectively.

Please keep in mind that questions must be related to the cleanse and detox materials and Natural Products Network will not give medical advice.

The 21 Day Parasite Cleanse Challenge is a focused roadmap to teach you the most effective, complete and full body approach to flushing parasites and reaching your wellness goals!  

We can’t wait for you to experience it!


Since 2009, the Natural Products Network has been a vital source for innovative and cost-effective natural solutions to improve your life.

We feature the best wellness companies, introduce fresh solution to help you help yourself, appear on major network TV segments, and have reached millions of people. 

Chelsea Vurciaga is the creator of the 21 Day Parasite Cleanse Challenge and Founder of the Natural Products Network. 

Chelsea has a lifetime of experience in wellness and has studied with prominent experts from all over the world. She has a BA from the the University of Colorado and is a published author, researcher and natural living expert. 

Lost Weight and Gained Focus

"This is simply the coolest wellness cleanse that I have done! Not only did it show me how to use simple tools to cleanse parasites, I also learned that cleansing does not have to be hard! It helped me achieve my fitness goals and my skin is glowing! "

Kathy E.

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"I've always thought of cleanses and detoxes as something really harsh and difficult. Not only did this teach me a new approach, but it's absolutely the best feeling cleanse I've ever done!"

Chloe P.


Parasites build up in the body over time thus it is important to use a systematic and complete approach to eliminating them. Our goal is to spread good energy and wellness by giving you access to new knowledge and cleansing tactics to improve your life. If you don't love this cleanse, just ask for a complete refund within 7 days...no questions asked! 

Get the ONLY cleanse that teaches you THE EXACT SEQUENCE to get rid of parasites developed from 20 years of research and results!

In fact, this is the only parasite cleanse we know of that is not selling a particular supplement. Instead, you'll find a variety of effective natural tools used in this complete full body cleanse!

Most importantly, the cleanse is flexible to accommodate any dietary need or restriction.


Experience the #1 paracleanse for humans! Put decades of research and results to work for you!



Course Value $1,500!

  • Immediate access to the #1 Paracleanse for Humans - The 21 Day Parasite Cleanse Challenge. 
  • Six BONUS guides to give you decades of insider secrets to take your cleanse to the next level.
  • Individual support on material with ability to ask course creator questions and clarifications. 
  • Membership to Natural Products Network for special product discounts.
  • Full access anytime you want to view course. 


Please browse our FAQs and if you have any additional questions, please email sales (at) naturalproductsnetwork.com and we will promptly get back with you! 

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