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How I Beat Anxiety Naturally

By Chelsea Vurciaga I remember it very clearly. It was shortly after I started College and suddenly I felt a huge wave of anxiety and panic wash over me. I had no idea what was happening, so I went to the emergency room. While waiting for the physician to see me, the anxiety started to […]

Summer Recipe Makeovers Free Download

Free Summer Recipe Makeovers Summertime provides the perfect setting for spending time with friends and family while enjoying great food. This summer, upgrade those boring and bland summer recipes by putting a new twist on your longtime favorites! We are so excited to bring you FREE Summer Recipe Makeovers! You’ll find a variety of recipes […]

Unbox the Secrets to Better Health Giveaway

Do you feel like there’s a key product you’re missing that could really make a difference in your overall health? Great news! We have unboxed the most effective products to take your wellness to the next level! Check out each box filled with targeted products to discover new secrets for optimal health. Plus, enter to […]

The Best On-The-Go Products

We are so excited to introduce you to products carefully designed to make eating, drinking and snacking on the go a breeze! Kid Basix by New Wave Enviro features a full line of eco-FUNctional™ food and beverage products made of durable, environmentally friendly materials like stainless steel. Products are easy to clean and offer lock-in-place […]

The Important Healing Benefits of Bitters

Doing a lot of cleaning at home these days? How about doing some internal cleaning as well?! Maybe you should consider integrating the healing benefits of bitters! The old saying “you have to take the bitter with the sweet,” may have deeper meaning than first thought. For thousands of years the healing group of bitter […]

The Best Crystals and Stones to Attract a Soulmate

Are you focused on adding some passion to your current relationship or looking for that special someone? These carefully chosen stones and crystals help create a magnetic energetic attraction between you and your soulmate to pull you together in love and life. Each bundle contains three (5) crystals and stones including (1) Blue Goldstone (1) […]

How to Use Crystals and Stones to Enrich Your Life NOW

Do you want to know how to use crystals and stones to attract money, love, success and new opportunities into your life. . . . . . and do you want to learn KEY aspects of using crystals and stones without paying for an expensive and exhausting online course? Announcing our new Seven Steps to […]

The Dangers of Undercooked Beans

It’s always a shock to learn that something considered healthy—like beans—can pose risks that are not widely known. You may be surprised to learn that several types of everyday beans can make you sick if not cooked thoroughly. In fact, consuming undercooked beans can lead to abdominal complaints, like vomiting, diarrhea and gas, and even […]

Crystals to Attract Romance

Are you single and ready to mingle or attached and want to add some fire to your relationship? Using simple crystals and stones helps to revive the energy around you and invite great things into your life—even love and romance! Check out some of the best crystals and stones to attract romance and share your […]